Chapter 1
Earth Ties

The year was 2501.

Incredibly, the human race was still apart of the ecology of the planet earth. Many things had changed in the past 500 years, and some hadn’t.

Dawn, sat on the overlook, watching transports fly by. It was a beautiful day, a cool breeze blew in from the north. Sunnydale stretched for miles, no matter which way one looked. It was quite different from the beginning. Dawn felt a tear trickle down her cheek as she reminisced about Buffy and the others. A sense of overwhelming loneliness once again edged its way to her conscious.

It was over 400 years since the last of the Scooby gang passed away. But Dawn still clung to those early memories.


“Oh, hi Spike,” Dawn turned and looked at Spike coming up the path.

“I was worried about you, ” Spike said softly as he settled down beside Dawn.

Dawn looked at Spike with her still stunning spectrum blue eyes, leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“I just wanted some time to think.”

Dawn looked at Spike. He didn’t appear much older than he did when she first met him. Incredibly, neither did Dawn. She still looked much like a fourteen year old girl. It was learned several years after the “Beginning,” that Dawn wasn’t aging. Even though everyone else kept getting older, Dawn kept her radiant youth. This was something no one had expected. The Watchers surmised that the mystical energy within Dawn was keeping her from getting older. At the root of her being, she was still “The Key,” which was almost as old as time itself.

“We are going to have to leave, you know”

“I know,” Spiked sighed. “After all these years, who would’ve thought that our biggest worry would be the government of all things.”

Flash! “BANG!”

“Must be 7:30,” said Dawn looking up as she watched the faint vapour stream begin to form as the moon liner descended far above.

“Do we have our tickets?” asked Dawn, looking at Spike.

“Ya, no problems, paid plenty for em. Took most of our reserve.”

“Even though it has changed a lot, I will still miss this place.”

After all these many years Dawn and Spike had to leave. With the newest technology and the government’s ability to track of its citizens, they had become noticed. Some clerk in the bureaucracy had noticed that Dawn should be dead, according to all records, but when it was learned she was still alive and looked like a young girl all hell broke loose. Dawn found herself dealing with some local government officials who were asking too many questions, then the federal investigators showed up and the nightmare started.

Spike and Dawn were escaping. They had their tickets and were scheduled to be on the next moon liner, the onto Mars. Hopefully, they could get lost in the “water rush.” Water had been discovered on Mars and everyone wanted in on it. Fresh water was at a premium, millions could be made. Settlers on Mars were being encouraged. Not many questions asked.

Spike wondered if the new sun block would continue to be effective on Mars. About two hundred years ago a sun block was invented that virtually and completely blocked the sun’s rays. Since that time, Spike had enjoyed something he had had to avoid for centuries, sunlight. However, mid-day was somewhat of a problem as he still had to wear sunglasses, but latter in the day and towards evening, he found he didn’t even need these.

For the past two hundred years life had been good for Spike and Dawn. Although they never married, they lived together and loved each other completely. They had become inseparable. When the government began investigating Dawn, Spike’s presence became an issue. Suddenly, they found themselves running, with the government breathing down their neck. In that crime had been all but abolished, the news groups were always looking for something. The thing with Dawn’s not aging had become “news” and not only were Spike and Dawn hiding from government types, they now were also hiding from the media.

“Lets go Dawn,” checking his carry-on one more time.

Dawn and Spike made it through the preliminary checks, the cost was well worth it Spike was thinking.

As they settled into their comfortable seats the pilot came on over the intercom (some things don’t seem to change). “Welcome aboard Moon 143.” We will be leaving earth in about ten minutes. Our flight to the moon will take approximately twenty-four hours. We hope you will enjoy your trip.” They felt the gentle lift feeling, like being in an old elevator, and the surge of power slowly pushing them back in to their seats.

Dawn took Spike’s hand giving him a nervous smile.

“We’ll be okay, ” said Spike trying to sound more confident than he felt.

Suddenly the whine of the engines began to drown out everything else.

“Um, ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing a minor problem and will be returning to our departure site.”

What had not been told the passengers is that when the moon liner tried to leave the atmosphere, it couldn’t. Something was keeping it from leaving. Everything on the moon liner was working perfectly, but the liner couldn’t seem to get beyond the stratosphere.

As the liner came to rest at its departure pod, word was out. This was news! The media was there to interview passengers and scrambling to put together a story about the aborted flight.

Dawn and Spike, sat looking at each other. They couldn’t believe what was happening. In trying to run they had wound up right in the middle of a news spectacle.

Spike sat for a moment, looking around at everyone getting up and moving towards the exits, suddenly had a plan.

“Dawn,” he whispered, follow me.”

They walked casually towards an exit, then suddenly entered a restroom, quietly closed the door and waited. It didn’t take Dawn and Spike long to find something to do.

After about ten to fifteen minutes, Spike quietly opened the door and took a peek. No one was around. Dawn was busy putting things back on and combing her hair. “Come on, Dawn”

They reached the exit and looked around, no one was there. They walked as casually as they could to the nearest depot exit. Most everyone was about 20 to 30 yards at another exit. Spike hailed a transport taxi.

“Where to?”

“Um, 14th and Cummings, thanks,” Dawn said with a smile and looked at Spike, he nodded, guessing what she was up to.

A few minutes later they were walking close to the old cemetery, one look around, to make sure they were alone, and they went into Spike’s ancient crypt.

“Now what?” asked Dawn, looking at Spike with round eyes. Spike couldn’t help himself.

After another round of lovemaking, which after 400 years they still couldn’t seem to get enough of, they sat, leaning against a dusty wall each smoking a cigarette.

“God, I love you Dawn.”

“I love you too.”

They were truly alone together, all they had were each other and they knew it.

“Really, what are we going to do, Spike?”

“I don’t know. I wonder what happened on the moon liner?”

Dawn turned and looked at Spike. “I think I know. I, I don’t think I can ever leave. Tears began trickling down Dawn’s cheeks as she spoke. I am part of something, something that is as old as time, Spike, and part of this earth, whatever it is, it’s not letting me leave. I just know it. I can feel it from inside. We, we are going to have to stay here.”

Spike looked at Dawn with the understanding that can only come from knowing someone as intimately as he now knew Dawn. He knew that what she said was true. For some reason, he could feel it too.

After all this time, here he was, back in his crypt, destined to live, for god knows how long, a life similar to that which he had lived hundreds of years ago. Only being able to come out at night, when there were few people about. The only thing really different, is now, he had Dawn at his side and they had each other.