Chapter 10
Approaching Danger

4 August 2523
Presidential Limousine
Pulling up outside The Millennium Bookstore.
United States of America

“What is it that you are getting here, Madam President?” her security co-ordinator asked.

“A book that this store said they could get for me.” she snapped.

“Why this store?” the security co-ordinator asked.

“Because I chose it.” she was getting angry, the security co-ordinator couldn’t remember the last time he had seen her angry.

“Madam President? Are you alright?” he asked.

“Open the door.” she demanded.

“Well, looks like we have VIP’s coming.” called the counter person to Cole-Pierce.

“Right, Jennifer, please get this stuff out of here.” he said turning to the slayer he was charged with training.

“Already done.” she said picking up the last of the books and carrying them to the private area out the back.

“Ah, Mr Cole-Pierce, do you have the book I ordered?” the President asked as she approached him.

“Yes, ma’am I do.” he answered as he moved behind the counter and got a brown wrapped package from the bottom shelf, he thumped the book down on the counter and slid it to the President, who ripped open the package to reveal a very ancient book. “You do know this is written in Vampiric, and most cannot read it?”

“Yes I do, thank you.” the President answered, “And here is the payment.” she said sliding a cash card across the counter, “And now I’m afraid I must be going, I have a very busy schedule.”

“I can imagine.” Cole-Pierce said as the President walked towards the door, “Good-bye, and thank you for shopping here.”

“Thank you very much.” the President said walking out the door.

“Well that was different.” Cole-Pierce said to himself.

“The transport pad. Now!” the President snapped as she got in the limo.

“Yes ma’am!” the marine in the drivers seat replied.

“May I ask what you intend to do about the rest of your schedule in this country?” her security co-ordinator asked.

“Cancel everything.” she answered.

“This is most irregular, Madam President.” the security co-ordinator told her.

“Do I look like I care?” she asked looking at him.

“We will be at the Transport Pad in ten seconds.” came the driver’s voice.

“Madam President, I urge you to tell me what you are planning.” the security co-ordinator almost demanded.

“NO!” she cried as her face lost cohesion and morphed back into it’s normal vampiric form, she lunged at the security co-ordinator biting his neck and draining him of blood.

“We are here Madam Pres…” the driver said turning round and seeing what she had done, he screamed as the vampire lunged at him.

Seconds later the President boarded the Transport Shuttle, which took off shortly after, leaving behind the two shrivelled bodies of her companions.

“What can she do with that book?” Dawn asked Jennifer. They were in Spike’s crypt, it was midday and Jennifer had brought them some food, well in Spike’s case some blood, from the nearest Willie’s Place. Since the early twenty-first century Willie’s Place had become the biggest franchise in the country, catering for both the human and non-human population, Jennifer had no idea how the latest law would affect the turnover.

“I don’t know Cole-Pierce is looking into it.” Jennifer answered, “Have you seen the news reports?”

“No, what’s in them?” Spike asked from his seat opposite them.

“There have been over two thousand demonic extermination since the law went into force, but there have also been a couple of hundred human deaths,” Jennifer snorted, “Apparently they were ‘demonic sympathizers’ it’s getting rough out there, I mean I’m meant to kill the forces of darkness but this law means that they’re killing any and all demons.”

“I’m just glad they haven’t gotten this far yet.” Spike said.

“The Watchers Council is pulling strings, they’re trying to protect the demons on the side of good, they’re having only little success.” Jennifer said.

“VIS, cancel everything and deny all calls.” the President said as she walked into her office.

“Confirmed, will there be anything else, Madam President?” the VIS answered.

“Yes, can you access historic records from the year 2026?” she asked.

“Yes, Madam President, which event did you want to view?” the VIS said.

“A preternatural disturbance in Sunnydale, California.” she said sitting in her chair.

“One such disturbance recorded.” the VIS answered.

“Display location.” she demanded sitting forward in her seat.

A map of Sunnydale popped up on the VIS screen with a blinking red dot over the location in question. The location matched perfectly a portal opened by a vampire in 2026.

“Book a Transport Shuttle to that location, departing immediately.” the President ordered.

“You know what the book does?” Spike asked. They were all gathered in the Millennium Bookstore discussing the book brought by the President.

“The book is the same one a vampire used to open a portal, here in Sunnydale, in the year 2026.” Cole-Pierce said.

“Angelus.” Spike said looking at Dawn.

“Buffy.” Dawn whispered.

23 September 2026
Wolfram & Hart Branch Office
United States of America

“Angelus, you cannot do this!” Buffy yelled to the former love of her life.

“Wanna bet, lover?” Angelus yelled back, they were standing on a catwalk about twenty feet above the interdimensional portal that was threatening to destroy most of Sunnydale.

“I seem to be doing it.” Angelus came at Buffy with his sword.

Buffy swung her own sword up and blocked his blow, “Wolfram and Hart are using you, you know that don’t you?”

“No, I’m using them, they think I’ll bring them enough power to take control of the world.” Angelus said with a sneer, “They want power, I want Hell on Earth.”

“You’re insane!” Buffy cried as Angelus thrust his sword at her and she fell back to avoid it.

“Just like you made my sweetheart.” Angelus roared.

“Darla did that to herself, she wanted to get that power and it forced her over the edge.” Buffy yelled at him.

“And Dru, Why did you kill her?” Angelus asked her, his eyes were actually glowing bright blue with the power he had absorbed from the interdimensional trigger.

“She asked for it, she said you were torturing her for losing Spike.” Buffy said getting up, she found she could not meet his eyes anymore, if she did she felt him crawling into her mind and trying to control it.

“But she didn’t lose Spike, did she? He fell in love with first you then Dawn.” Angelus was showing his anger and hatred.

“I will close that portal.” Buffy yelled at him.

“And I will stop you.” Angelus yelled back.

Angelus ran at Buffy with his sword held at such an angle that if it hit her it would mortally wound her. Buffy sidestepped causing him to overshoot her and topple off the catwalk, but as he was shooting past Buffy his hand latched onto her arm and pulled her with him.

“NO!” came Dawn’s scream from below as for the second time in her life she watched her sister dive off a platform and into a dimensional portal.

The gang who were gathered underneath the portal saw Buffy, trapped in the separate gravitational forces of it, push away from Angelus who almost immediately burst into flame and turned to dust.

“Oh god not again.” Willow sobbed as she turned to Tara, they fell to the floor in a tight embrace of shared sorrow, next to them Anya and Xander collapsed as well. Of the gathered group, Dawn and Spike were the only one’s showing little emotion, however inside they were both dieing.

The portal, without the power of the trigger to sustain it, collapsed eventually vanishing completely, however unlike the portal into which Buffy had jumped 25 years earlier, this one left behind no body to be buried nor resurrected.