Chapter 18
Definite Past

It had been many years since Dawn had brought her family back from the dead, and life was treating them all well, Dawn had been appointed to a post as an advisor to the president on matters concerning the demonic races.

Spike was her ever present companion he rarely left her side, Buffy found she still had her slayer powers and so, under the advise of Dawn, the president appointed her to the head of the global police force, Preternatural Investigation Taskforce or PIT as they were known, Giles was their advisor and was now married to Joyce, much to Buffy’s dismay.

Willow and Tara were now the most powerful witches on the planet, and ran the Wicca Council fairly and wisely. Xander and Anya were now respected business people running their own building and magic stores.

The demonic races were now a part of society and were living within the law, with a few exceptions. However things in other dimensions were nowhere near as calm, the war between good and evil had once again been fought to a standstill. The Angel Legions and the Legion Council had been constantly recruiting warriors.

When Dawn had brought her ‘family’ back from the dead she had in essence duplicated their souls. This was a good thing because the Buffy she had brought back was from a time before she had sacrificed herself to save the world a second time in 2026 but Buffy had been recruited into the Angel Legions in 2523, when she had been recovered from a dimensional portal. This meant that for the first time in existence there were two distinct entities that were identical.

It was early in 4525 when Dawn and Spike were having a picnic under the full moon when they felt a rumbling.

“What is that?” Spike exclaimed.

“A portal! It’s opening! Here. Now.” Dawn said as she stood and looked franticly around.

Suddenly about four feet in front of them a swirling vortex appeared. Four figures came tumbling from it, two looked human, with the exception of the battle helmets, but the other two were demons, there was no other name for it. They were both green with purple horns sprouting from their temples. Their glowing grey eyes scanned the area, they had realised that they were no longer in their own dimension.

The two humans stood up and faced the demons with swords drawn.

“Ig if-gg og or’id.” the demons cried in unison as the turned and ran out of the park.

“Ig’gg og irf-nf’qh.” the tallest of the human’s called after them, the voice was male and deep, it had a quality that made the hair on the back of their necks stand on it’s end.

While all this was going on Spike and Dawn had jumped to positions from which they could launch an attack.

“Stay right where you are!” Spike called to them, he was pointing a rifle at the one who hadn’t said anything.

“Who are you?” Dawn asked, she had a gun in her hand and had it pointed at the man who had spoken.

“We come in peace?” said the shorter of the two, it was a female voice which cause goose bumps on their skin.

Spike and Dawn looked at each other, they both remembered that voice.

“Buffy?” Dawn asked in amazement.

“Dawny!” Buffy replied happily as she pulled her helmet off, this was not the Buffy Dawn had brought back from the dead 16 years ago. This Buffy had shimmering gold hair and looked about 21 years old.

“It’s been too long big sis.” Dawn said walking up to her and giving her a big hug.

“You have no idea.” Buffy said with a smile, “You both know Joseph.” she said turning to indicate the male, who had by this point removed his helmet.

“Okay sorry to interrupt this happy reunion but what were those?” Spike said gesturing after the demons.

“They were Gornath demons.” Joseph said, he had toned his voice down so Spike and Dawn were comfortable, “They are foot soldiers for the Legion Council.”

“The Legion Council? Who are they?” Dawn asked.

“The Devil.” Spike said, his voice had taken on a sacred tone.

“And his advisors.” Buffy added.

“The Devil? Lucifer?” Dawn asked, “Are you telling me that he actually exists?”

“Yes.” Joseph said.

“He chairs the Legion Council, they are the ruling body of evil.” Buffy said, “When Wolfram & Hart were in existence they were the senior partners.”

“And you’ve been fighting them? For the past what two thousand odd years?” Dawn asked.

“We plus the Angel Legions, yes.” Buffy said, by this time Dawn and Spike were packing the picnic up.

“I need to speak with you alone at some point soon.” Buffy said looking directly into Dawn’s eyes.

“Oookay.” Dawn said, she sounded a little suspisious.

“So, how long has it been for you?” Spike asked the two warriors.

“Almost four millennia.” Joseph answered.

“Four millennia? That’s a long time.” Spike said conversationally.

“Tell me about it.” Buffy said with a laugh, “Joseph is my lover now, we have shared battle and victory together and that makes the time go by faster.”

Dawn choked a little before asking, “Y-your lover? I thought he was the one who brought you into this angel army?”

“Yes.” Buffy smiled widely, “He was but we found that we had a connection going back many years before I was even born.”

“Okay, um we should probably get going.” Spike suggested as he picked up the picnic basket.

“Okay, our limos at the park gate.” Dawn said.

“Limo?” Buffy asked.

“You don’t know? We work for the government now.” Dawn said.

“Since when?” Buffy asked, “No wait don’t answer that, tell me how the demon population is handling being legal citizens?”

“For the most part they’re being responsible, there are some who weren’t exactly normal to begin with who are raising hell, in the figurative sense.” Dawn answered.

“The Angel Legions want to adopt the idea for the other dimensions they control.” Joseph said as they approached the gate.

“You mean this world is a test case?” Spike asked.

“Correct.” Joseph answered simply.

They all piled into the waiting limo, which was government issue, and headed for the mansion in which Dawn and Spike had lived the last five years, also government issue.

Twenty minutes later they were lounging in the main living room of the mansion.

“My they do treat governmental employees well these days.” Joseph said.

“Yea they do don’t they.” Spike answered.

“Dawn, we need to talk.” Buffy gently reminded her sister.

“Okay, we can talk in my study.” Dawn said leading the way out of the room.

“What’s she needing to talk about?” Spike asked looking at Joseph.

“The future and the past.” Joseph answered cryptically.

“So, what is it you needed to talk about?” Dawn asked as she took a seat and indicated to Buffy to take the opposite seat.

“Your future, and our past.” Buffy answered, “You remember Glory?”

“I still have nightmares.” Dawn said nodding her head.

“Well, what you may not know is that she was actually you or at least a possible future you.” Buffy said, Dawn shot her a confused look so she continued, “In a possible future you lose everything that tied you to this world and you went insane, an accident cost you your looks so you used medical and magical methods to repair your features, this however meant that you looked different.”

“Right, and somehow I got control of a hell dimension?” Dawn looked sceptical.

“Yes, then you were exiled to earth and the rest is history that you already know.” Buffy said.

“Your serious aren’t you?” Dawn asked.

“Deadly.” Buffy said with a poker face, “But like Joseph did for me, we’re here to offer you a choice.”

“A choice?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, now obviously a copy of you will have to remain in this timeline so it can become Glory.” Buffy said, “But we need the power of the Key on our side in order to sway the tide of battle.”

“And so you thought you’d offer me a choice?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, but we need your answer right now.” Buffy said, “Are you with us or not?”