Chapter 3
On The Run

**T minus 96 hours**

“What do we know of this Dawn person?” asked the woman in the stylised military uniform. She is sitting at the head of a table in a nondescript room that, by an extreme coincidence, was in a very nondescript building.

“General, we know that she had to have been born in the late twentieth or the early twenty-first, we also know that she had a sister but her name is still a mystery, because as you know almost all our current records were recovered after the fourth world war from the archive computer on the moon.” the major standing at the display screen, “We have found that she is still in contact with the target, Sir.”

“And what do we know of the target?” the general asked.

“Sir, we have found that during the early twenty-first a United States government team tried to harness the powers of the demonic creatures, it turns out that the target was initially captured by them and was classified as Hostile 17, we have since learned that his name is currently Spike, we are still looking into his possible whereabouts.” the major replied.

A corporal came in saluted and handed a piece of paper to the major, saluted again and left the room.

“Sir, we have just found a reference to a crypt in a Sunnydale cemetery that was frequented by the target.” the major said looking at the general.

“Mobilise an recon-team, and go check it out.” the general said before she got up and left the room.

**T minus 60 hours**

It had been four days since Dawn had travelled back through time and she was feeling a little uncomfortable around Spike, it was as if her subconscious was pleading with her to tell him what she had done. She had tried to tell him the day after she got back but she found she didn’t have the words to do it.

“What is it Dawn?” Spike had asked with that slight upturn of the corner of his mouth that Dawn liked so much.

“Just thinking.” had been her reply and Spike seemed to realise that it was something that she wasn’t ready to share. But that was three days ago and now … Now Dawn was ready to tell him what had happened.

“Spike?” Dawn whispered in his ear.

“Mmm?” Spike said without stopping the nuzzling he was doing.

“Spike. Stop.” Dawn said more forcefully, “I have something to tell you.”

Spike leaned back in the chair he was sitting in. They were where the spent most of their time these days, back in Spike’s old crypt.

Dawn, who was straddling Spikes legs looked at him and remembered the exact moment she realised she was in love with him. She shook her head and went on.

“Spike, I have to tell you, about what happened four days ago…” Dawn told him everything where she had gone what she had done and why she did it.

“So, it’s begun?” Spike said in a funny tone.

“What’s begun?” Dawn asked looking puzzled.

“You can move through time, I was dreading this day.” Spike said picking her up off his legs and standing her on her own legs.

“Why? What’s going to happen?” Dawn asked looking even more puzzled.

“Do you remember about five hundred years ago, when we were attacked by that Devsh’k demon?” Spike asked, he was pacing now looking worried.

“Yea, that was the one that tried to get you to help him right?” Dawn said taking spike’s seat after a moment thinking.

“Yea that’s the one, well just before I got ‘recruited’ by him I was in Willie’s place talking with an old friend, Jimmy, he’s a Corlake’a demon, I first met him about three years after I became a vampire but in 1921 he was in Switzerland, and so was I apparently and I was with a companion that he had never seen before, I didn’t have time back in 2001 to ask him about it but I caught up with him in 2034 and got the full story from him.” Spike paused looking at Dawn, “The companion he described was a young looking humanoid shape, but not human, she, according to Jimmy was powerful and she had the most stunning spectrum blue eyes and brunette hair.” he finished staring at Dawn’s stunning spectrum blue eyes and brunette hair.

“Me?” Dawn asked in amazement.

“Sound’s like it, but the thing of it is I don’t remember anything about it, but just as I was about to find out more a band of Kreblen’r came crashing into Jimmy’s home and killed him and all his family.” Spike actually looked sad over that.

“So what, you’re saying is that I travel back in time to the 1920′s with you and do … What?” Dawn said getting up from where she was sitting.

“From what I could gather we went and heisted some fancy monkish amulet that helps, now let me see, I have to get this right.” Spike said as he stopped pacing, “Ah, yes, it helped Beings Not Born Of The Flame, what ever those are.”

“So you think that because I’ve just found out that I can travel through time we should go back and do what ever it was we were supposed to?” Dawn asked getting a little angry.

“Well I don’t understand temporal physics but yea we kinda have to don’t we?” Spike said.

Dawn realised that he was right they had to go back because if they didn’t then the entire fabric of the universe could collapse in on itself. Those university courses in Temporal Physics had paid off.

**T minus 24 hours**

“So when do we go, Dawn?” Spike said as he clicked of the old fashioned television set.

“Well we need to ma …” Dawn began but was interrupted by the crypt door being battered in by a military battering ram.

There was a metallic clinking as a round metal ball was rolled into the room, when it hit one of the pillars in the crypt it sent out a pulse of energy that paralysed Dawn, it should have paralysed Spike but something went wrong, he felt a small electric shock in his head and as a result when the military swat team came running in Spike had his game face on.

“By order of the Global Military Police you are all under arrest for violations of the Income Tax Statute, the Revenue Collection Decree and the Material Code” yelled the sergeant that appeared to be in charge.

Spike roared and flew at them, he punched the first one in the nose so hard he killed him then took on the rest of the military men and women swinging punches and kicks so fast that any onlookers, had there been any, wouldn’t have been able to keep track.

A few minutes later all twelve soldiers were either dead or out for the count, and Spike was standing in the middle of them looking around.

“Didn’t that hurt?” Dawn croaked from the side of the crypt where she had managed to prop herself up against the wall.

“No, huh it should have, oh well, hey what was that ball they used to knock us down?” Spike asked.

“A concussion grenade, I didn’t think they were allowed to use those anymore.” Dawn said as she tried to stand, she got halfway up when she lost her balance, Spike caught her before she hit the ground, “Thanks, they must have figured out that we hang out here.”

“Bugger and I just got this place looking right.” Spike said looking a little hurt, “Well come on darlin’ we best be going.” Spike took Dawn in his arms and carried her towards the door.

“Hey, Spike.” Dawn said.

“Yea?” Spike said.

“I think I can walk now.” Dawn said looking deeply into his eyes.

Spike smiled at her as he put her down, she was still a little unsteady but she could walk on her own.

“Don’t move!” came a call from outside the crypt.

Spike and Dawn moved out of the doorway to see dozens of soldiers surrounding the crypt. They were all heavily armed Spike could even see some in the back with rocket launchers.

“Oh boy.” Dawn said under her breath.

“You are hereby under arrest by the power of the Global Military Police.” said the man in front, he was wearing the uniform of a major.

Several men came up behind them and clamped handcuffs on them, special Duranium reinforced ones that they reserved for genetically engineered super beings. They were then led to an armoured truck.

An hour later they were placed into two high containment cells in a high security facility.

“What do ya think they’ll do to us?” Dawn said, for the first time in nearly a century she sounded frightened.

“Dunno sweetie, if they’re anything like that damn Initiative back in the twenty-first, they could dissect us, or worse.” Spike answered as he slumped down to the floor of his cell.

“We want you to answer our questions.” came a female voice from the other side of the room.

“Who the hell are you, mate?” Spike asked without getting up.

“I am General Sarah Gellar, Joint Chiefs of Staff.” the woman answered.