Chapter 4

**T minus 18 hours**

“They’ve told us nothing.” General Gellar said in disgust.

“No sir, however we have found that the vampire has a primitive cerebral behaviour modification chip implanted in his brain.” a red headed female major told her.

“Is it active?” Gellar asked.

“No it appears to be inactive but the interesting thing is it seems to have become inactive only recently.” the major replied.

“Anyway to find out when it became inactive?” Gellar asked.

“Dissection, Sir.” the major answered.

“Get the medics ready, begin as soon as they are ready.” Gellar said, “How long will it take for them to prepare?”

“About 18 to 20 hours Sir.” the major informed him.

“Very well get them ready.”

“Aye, Sir.” the major said as he saluted and turned and headed out.

“Major Hannigan?” Gellar called.

“Yes, Sir?” the major said as she stopped at the door and turned round.

“The girl, make sure she knows she’ll be next if she doesn’t talk.” Gellar said with no emotion.

“Aye, Sir.” Hannigan didn’t look too happy at that.

**T minus 10 hours**

“Spike?” Dawn called.

“Yea?” Spike responded, Dawn could hear in his voice something she hadn’t ever heard from him before. Fear.

“Do you think they’ll feed us?” Dawn asked, she was getting hungry.

“Doubt it, they’re just gonna dissect us to find out what makes us tick, so why feed us?” Spike answered.

“You don’t think you could get out of your cell do you?” Dawn asked him.

“Na, it’s not worth it.” Spike sounded as if he had given up all hope.

“Don’t give up hope Spike.” Dawn said, there was something in her voice that made Spike look up and directly at her.

From Spike’s perspective Dawn was surrounded by a green glow as she faded from being and then faded back into existence in his cell.

From Dawn’s perspective there was a flash, that wasn’t really a flash, and a loud silence and she was suddenly in Spike’s cell.

“H-how did you do that?” Spike asked in astonishment.

“Space is just another dimension.” Dawn said simply with a smile.

“Then get us the hell out of here.” Spike said standing up, Dawn noticed that he had some of the color, for lack of a better word, in his cheeks.

“Your wish is my command.” she said with a smile.

“Actually you will not be going anywhere.” came a voice from outside the cell.

Dawn and Spike both turned to see who had spoken, they both gasped.

“X-Xander?” Dawn stammered.

“No, I do not know you, my name is Corporal Brendon and I am here to escort the vampire to the medical laboratory.” with that Brendon drew a stun gun and opened the cell doors, “Come peacefully and I won’t hurt you.”

“Fat chance mate.” Spike said, his face morphing as he sprang at the corporal.

“I’m sorry.” Brendon said with no trace of emotion, as he shot Spike in the chest, knocking him unconscious so he landed at his feet. Brendon closed the cell doors again and looked at Dawn, “He’s to be dissected and I have orders to tell you that if you continue to resist cooperating you will be next.”

Brendon with the help of two other corporals hefted Spike onto a hospital gurney and wheeled him out of the room.

“Dissected.” Dawn heard herself say as she slumped to the ground.

“Go to him.” she heard a voice say, it sounded a lot like she remembered Buffy’s had when she was in her early twenties.

“Buffy?” she asked.

There was no answer, she decided that it was a trick created by the military. But she realised that there was nothing stopping her from doing what the voice had said.

Dawn stood up and concentrated she though of Spike and the way he touched her and the way he felt against her and suddenly there was a flash, that wasn’t really a flash, and a loud silence and she opened her eyes and found herself in an operating room that was empty except for Spike laying there on an operating table.

“Spike!” she cried as she ran to his side.

“Oh, Lil-bit?” Spike said coming to.

“Yea, come on let’s get the hell out of here.” Dawn said helping him to stand.

“Okay but I’m gonna need some help.” Spike said his words were a little muffled as if he were talking through a wad of cotton wool.

Dawn took most of his weight on her shoulders and helped him across to the doors, she opened them a fraction and peeked out.

Suddenly the lights in the observation dome came on and there were two dozen heavily armed soldiers pointing their weapons at them, the doors were opened from the outside and General Gellar came striding in.

“Now, that’s a neat trick young lady.” she said looking at Dawn.

“And you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Dawn said, her eyes began to glow green as she focused her energies on the soldiers who suddenly shimmered and were gone.

“What did you do to my men?” Gellar asked looking around.

“I sent them to Fort Worth.” Dawn said with a smile, “And now it’s time for you. To. Go. Away.” with each word she took a step forward and Gellar took one back.

Dawn stared at her, as her eyes glowed green again. Just as she was about to send the General to Alaska she turned the power on herself and Spike sending them back to what was, five hundred years ago, the Summers’ residence, which through some sort of miracle hadn’t been torn down or changed at all.

“What a rush.” said Spike, he could now stand on his own and was looking around thinking that it was good that it was night.

“Come on Spike we have to hide somewhere.” Dawn said.

“This way, there’s a hidden cavern off the sewer, it was a bomb shelter back during WW3.” he said pointing down the street, “No one owns it so I can enter freely.”

**T minus 2 hours**

“Any sign of them major?” Gellar asked Hannigan.

“No, Sir, but we have teams out looking in all the places we know they have spent time.” Hannigan answered.

“Have you checked the house she grew up in?” Gellar asked.

“Yes, Sir, 1630 Rivelo Drive, Sunnydale. It was one of the first places checked.” Hannigan replied.

“Make sure you do a thorough search of the surrounding area, the vampire probably knows his way round there.” Gellar said as she strode from the room.

“Aye Sir.” Hannigan said quietly. She was beginning to think that the General was taking this a little too personally.

“How long can we hide out here?” asked Dawn.

“I’m betting they’re looking for us and I’m betting they’ll be very thorough about it to.” Spike answered.

He and Dawn were huddled together in the old bomb shelter that was below a house that Dawn remembered was where Jenny had lived when she was young and innocent, before she found out she was the Key and had a great and terrible destiny.

**T minus 10 minutes**

“Captain Green, this map shows an old bomb shelter under that house.” the non-com told the captain in charge of the search.

“Has it been searched?” Green asked back.

“No, Sir.” was the answer.

“Well get to it then.” Green snapped.

Four soldiers went running to the nearest manhole cover and after pulling it loose hopped down and headed for the entrance to the bomb shelter.

“Dawn!” Spike said sitting upright.

“What?” Dawn asked, she couldn’t hear anything.

“They’re coming.” Spike said, his face morphing as he got up and dropped into an attack stance.

The door burst open and in poured four soldiers all pointing their guns at them.

**T minus 5 minute**

“Sir, we have recaptured the fugitives and they are incarcerated in the special van you sent for the job.” Captain Green was reporting to General Gellar.

“Good job, make sure you have at least four of your best men with them at all times.” Gellar told him.

“Very well, sir, Green out.” he said with a salute, “Sergeant! Make sure the prisoners have a four man guard at all times.”

“Aye, Sir.” said the sergeant with a salute.

“Dawn, you okay?” Spike asked.

“Shut up, prisoner.” one of the guards said swinging his rifle at him.

“STOP!” came Dawn’s voice, “Harm him and you will regret it.”

The guard laughed and took out a knife and ran it along Spike’s cheek, blood welled in the wound. Dawn’s eyes flared bright green and the guards vanished.

“Where’d you send em?” Spike asked.

“The lunar prison colony.” Dawn answered with a smile, “Come on lets get out of here.” she focused and suddenly the handcuffs were gone, “Hold on to me.”

“With pleasure.” Spike said with a wicked smile.

Dawn glowed green and because he was holding her Spike glowed as well and suddenly there was a flash, that wasn’t really a flash, and a loud silence.