Chapter 5

“Um, where are we?” Spike asked looking around.

They had appeared in a pitch black space that even Spike with his vampire enhanced vision couldn’t see through.

“I’m not entirely sure, I just wanted to get as far away from those soldiers as possible, here hang on a sec.” Dawn concentrated on her had and it began to glow green, it cast enough light to see they were still in the bomb shelter they had been in less that ten minutes earlier.

“We’re back here again?” Spike asked in annoyance.

“No, we’re not, look there’s no lights or power hooked up.” Dawn said indicating the roof, “I think we’ve come back in time to before this was a bomb shelter.”

“Well lets get outside and find out when we are.” Spike said taking her by the hand and pulling her behind him.

“Um, we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.” Spike said when the reached the surface.

There were in the middle of a desert and no sign of civilisation anywhere.

Suddenly from behind them there was a roar. Spike and Dawn spun round to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex charging them.

“Run!” screamed Dawn and they ran.

“This way!” came a yell from a rise off to their left. Spike and Dawn glanced over and saw what looked like a wolf but it was standing on two legs. The wolf was waving at them with it’s paw. Dawn glanced at Spike and shrugged.

They changed direction and headed for the wolf, who when they got close enough led them to a cave in a nearby cliff.

Inside was a roaring fire around which were gathered half a dozen wolves like the one that had saved them.

“Wow, what are you?” Dawn asked.

“We are Lycanthropes.” answered the wolf that had saved them, “I am Ulfric, and this is my Lupa.” he said indicating the female wolf that came to stand at his side.

“I’m Dawn and this is Spike.” Dawn told them, “Thank you for saving us.”

“It was no trouble, but I have never seen a Hemovore before.” Ulfric said looking at Spike, “Nor a … Wait you are neither Demonic nor Mammalian for that matter. What are you?”

“I … I am the Key.” Dawn said a little hesitantly.

“The Key!” gasped the wolves.

“Yea, she is, what of it?” Spike asked.

“The Key is already here and under our protection, we are the Protectors of the Key.” Ulfric told them.

“You have been made Mammalian.” Lupa said in astonishment.

“Yea, to protect me from a Hell God called Glory, the monks who become protectors of the Key made me human and sent me to the slayer for protection.” Dawn told them.

“The slayer, she is here also, she was the original protector of the Key.” Ulfric said.

At the back of the cave Dawn notices a primitive looking female humanoid with what looked like black and white body paint on. She moved forward towards the slayer.

“You’re the First Slayer?” Dawn asked.

“Yes I am.” said one of the wolves, this one was standing next to the First Slayer.

“Can she not talk?” Dawn asked him.

“No she has no speech, except with other daughters of Sineya.” the wolf answered.

The First Slayer hissed at Spike who took a step backwards.

“He must die, the one’s who inhabit the night must die.” the wolf said for the Slayer

“But he walks in the daylight.” Dawn said.

“Hey, you’re right, I hadn’t noticed.” Spike said.

“I thought you had put on your sun block.” Dawn said quietly.

“No, there wasn’t time.” Spike said.

“He must still die.” the wolf said for the Slayer.

“If he dies I couldn’t go on.” Dawn said taking a step in front of Spike.

“You care for him?” the wolf asked.

“Yes, I love him.” Dawn said turning and looking deeply into Spike’s eyes, “Deeply.”

“We will let him live, but only as a courtesy to you, the Key.” the wolf said as the Slayer backed off and headed back to where she had been sitting.

“We must be going anyway.” Dawn said, “Thank you all for your hospitality.”

“The Hunter will be gone now.” said Ulfric, “Please follow me I will take you to where I found you.”

“Now, that was different.” said Spike raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, but we actually want to be in Switzerland in 1921, don’t we.” Dawn asked.

“Spot on.” Spike said.

“Hold onto your hats, because here we go again.” Dawn said as Spike slid his arms round her waist and they began to glow green and suddenly there was a flash, that wasn’t really a flash, and a loud silence.

“You know Dawn I really think we need to work on your time shifting abilities.” Spike said, they had ended up in Sunnydale, problem was they had defiantly overshot the mark. They had gone too far into the future, according to the first newspaper, or what passed for a newspaper in this future, they found, it was the year 2856.

Luckily for Spike it was night but he could now feel dawn approaching and they needed to get out of the open spaces, which was also a problem since the metropolis, because that’s what it now was, seemed to be made entirely of open spaces. The people they passed stared at their clothes as if they had never seen them before, but Dawn and Spike just ignored them.

“Okay let me try again.” Dawn said when they had finally found a sewer entrance. It had been just in time too because Spike was just starting to sizzle.

Spike took her shoulders and looked her in the eyes, “Just please try and get it right this time okay?”

“I will I think I’ve got the hang of this.” Dawn said with a cheeky smile.

“Yea, I’ll believe that when I see it.” Spike said with an equally cheeky smile.

Dawn lightly punched him on the arm.

Spike slid his arms round her waist again and Dawn concentrated and they began to glow this time there was no flash that wasn’t a flash but there was a loud silence.

Meanwhile back in 2516…

“What do you mean they just vanished?!” General Gellar screamed at the helpless soldiers, “Nothing just vanishes!”

“Sir.” Major Stewart-Head said taking a small step forward.

“If you say the wrong thing I will shoot you myself.” Gellar said, her voice had gone deadly quiet.

“Respectively, Sir, we think she has fled through time, if the transcripts of their time at the facility it seems she can move through dimensions and since time is a dimension…” Steward-Head said carefully.

“I. Am. Aware. Of. That. Major.” Gellar said taking a step towards him with every word.

Gellar’s hand moved faster than any human’s and most vampire’s and grabbed the major’s throat and lifted him off the ground, which was quite a feat due to the fact that Gellar was just under a foot shorter that Stewart-Head. Gellar threw his across the room and through the wall.

“SIR!” screamed Hannigan running up to Gellar, who simply looked at her and she went flying backwards and through that wall.

Hannigan managed to sit up and scream at the troops in the room, “The General has fallen under the spell of the enemy, she is to be taken into custody.”

“You bitch.” Gellar said looking at Hannigan, before she was jumped by fourteen marines. They all went down in a heap struggling to get a hold of Gellar.

“GET OFF ME!” it was Gellar’s voice but there was something harder running through it, “I WILL TEACH YOU TO MESS WITH A GOD!” with that the marines went flying in all directions, smashing into walls and pillars and the roof.

Gellar stood in the middle of the room and her entire figure morphed into a completely different person, this person was fine boned with shoulder length blonde curly hair and a look of insanity in her eyes.