Chapter 6
Return to Glory

“Minions!” yelled Glory, she had taken up residence in the general’s reserved luxury suite at the Sunnydale Royale Hotel.

“Yes, your glorious radiance?” a scabby demon said as he shuffled to her side.

“Find me a human, I need a brain.” Glory said.

“Yes, your magnificence.” the demon said as he started to shuffle away.

“God, I need to get out of this miserable reality.” Glory said to herself.

“Find me more brains.” Glory demanded.

“Yes, your…um…graciousness.” Drufus was running out of flattering names to call Glory.

“I am not gracious, I am a hell god and I hurt and cause pain!” Glory was almost screaming.

There was a knock at the door, two other scabby demons rushed to answer it.

“Excuse me, but I was wondering if anything was wrong?” it was the hotel manager.

The demons grabbed him and hauled him into the room towards Glory, who was jumping up and down like a little girl who was about to get a present.

When they were close enough Glory cracked her knuckles and placed her fingers on either side of the managers head and pushed. There was a burst of white light and both the manager and Glory screamed as she sucked the bonds from his brain.

Glory pulled her fingers out of his head with a flourish, “Now that was a brain.” she said with a smile.

“The clock is going backwards, the clock is going round and round backwards.” the manager started yelling.

“Get rid of that.” Glory said with disgust.

“The green has gone backwards, the clock runs in circles, the golden will follow.” the manager was whimpering now.

“What, the frick is he on about?” Glory demanded.

“The green key follows the clock in circles.” the manager said looking up at Glory, “The golden follows the circles round the green.”

“Is he talking about…The Key?” Glory asked excitedly.

“It would appear so your painfulness.” Drufus said.

“Platinum and green and golden round and round in circles inside circles and round and round the clock they go where a second is an hour but offers no relief from the snow, the clock, the clock it goes up and down and left and right.” the manager was almost singing now.

“Will someone shut him up! I need to think.” Glory yelled at the minions.

“Yes your…um…ah…” Drufus had finally run out of flattering names.

“Just do it!” Glory screamed. Four minions ran to the manager and covered his mouth, he was still trying to speak through the hands.

“Dawn where are we?” Spike asked.

“We are in the right time, I think.” Dawn said, they had arrived in a sewer and so had no way of telling where or when they were.

“Let’s head up top.” Spike suggested.

They headed down to the left using Dawn’s glowing arm as a light. They soon came to a ladder leading up to the surface.

Luckily for Spike it was early night so they were able to walk around with out him bursting into flames.

“Well , you seem to have got the right century.” Spike said.

“Ha, ha very funny, I know I got it right this time.” Dawn said with a small smile.

“Looks like you got the country right too.” Spike said with a larger smile.

“Your magnificence, what are we to do?” Drufus asked while the four minions tied up the hotel manager.

“We find a way to follow the Key to wherever it went.” Glory said, she was lounging on the deluxe couch in front of the plexi-window facing the fabulous view of the coastline, well not the actual coastline because that had been reclaimed a couple of hundred years ago.

“What would we use oh lusty feelings coursing one?” Drufus asked.

“The Chronomus Stone!” Glory exclaimed.

“The what? your greatness.” Drufus asked.

“The Chronomus Stone, it was forged by that cute little troll back in the prehistoric paradise that this mudball used to be.” Glory said.

“What does it do? oh glowing one.” the demon standing next to Drufus asked.

“It allows anyone endowed with godlike powers to move through time.” Glory said smiling like the proverbial cat that ate the equally proverbial canary.

“And your greatness is heavily endowed with godlike powers.” Drufus said.

“Well what are you waiting for, go find the stone.” Glory said waving them away.

Four hours later Drufus returned to the suite.

“Your amazing brightness, we have the stone and it will be here soon.” he told Glory.

“The wall crumble and fall the green walks through the golden, the clock still goes backwards.” the manager no longer had his gag in so he was muttering nonsense again.

“Yes, they will but you got it wrong, darling, it’ll be the gold walking through the green.” Glory said with a smile.

“No green through golden, there is no other way, but the clock going forward.” the manager said looking up at Glory

“The stone! Where is it!” Glory yelled angrily.

“It is here magnificently radiant one.” said another demon coming forward holding a glowing green gem.

“Goody, goody.” Glory said smiling and almost bouncing up and down.

She snatched the gem from the demon, “Gather round minions, we’re going on a field trip.” she said with a smile.

A dozen of the demons gathered round her and she concentrated on the stone which glowed a bright purple as it absorbed the power being feed into it. Suddenly there was a noiseless pop and a shimmer and the group vanished.

“Pop goes the weasel, bang goes the clock, poof goes the golden, ohoh goes the green and don’t goes the platinum.” the manager said still tied up.

There was a noiseless pop and Glory and her minions were suddenly standing in the middle of a square with a dozen or so people looking at them.

“This way.” Glory said striding off to the right.

“Where are we going your powerfulness?” Drufus asked.

“The local ale supplier around the corner.” Glory said.

“For what reason, your greatness?” the demon beside Drufus asked.

“Help, to set a trap.” Glory answered.

Spike and Dawn were walking down a street that looked like it came from an old black and white movie.

“Spike!” came a call from behind them, Spike and Dawn swung round to see a badly dressed green skinned demon with purple horns sprouting from either temple and pure blue eyes.

“Jimmy!” Spike said, to Dawn’s ears he sounded very happy.

“Man, it’s been a lifetime, come on there’s a pub round the corner that serves demons, they serve a wonderful pint of blood and a terrific pint of motor oil.” Jimmy said with a huge smile, “Bet they’ll even serve the half-pint here.”

“Yea, Dawn?” Spike said looking at her.

“Okay, lets go.” she said with just a little resignation in her voice.

They both followed Jimmy down the street and round into a small alleyway, where a dozen scabby demons jumped them.

“Her gloriousness has demanded you to be taken to her.”