Chapter 7
The Trouble With Traveling In Time

“Jimmy, you utter bastard, I’ll get you for this.” Spike yelled at his former friend as they were dragged away by Glory’s minions.

“Sorry mate they offered me a better deal.” Jimmy didn’t really sound sorry at all.

“Get your hands off me!” Dawn screamed at the minions., here eyes glowed green but before she could send the minions somewhere else, the one who seemed to be in charge took a small club out of his robe and hit her over the head causing her to lose consciousness.

“NO!” screamed Spike, his scream was met with a small amount of surprise and a club to the head as well. Spike should have lost consciousness too but for some reason he didn’t, but one could never call Spike a slow learner, he decided to play along so he faked unconsciousness and let his body go limp as the minions dragged them away.

Unfortunately for Spike pretending to be unconscious meant that he couldn’t keep his eyes open, he knew they were bundled into a car and driven for about twenty minutes then dragged out of the car and into a building and up several flights of stairs.

When Spike risked opening one of his eyes he could see that his surroundings were very lush. That was something he remembered about Glory, her love for lavish housing.

The minions proceeded to chain them up to some rafters so their feet were just on the floor, Dawn was still out cold and Spike was growing tired of pretending.

“Wake up, kiddies.” came Glory’s voice.

Spike heard her heels clicking over the linoleum floor towards them then he felt a hot pain across his cheek his eyes flew open to reveal his startled eyes to Glory.

“Hello.” Glory said with a happy smile.

“What do you want bitch?” Spike spat blood at her, lucky for him he missed her.

“Just what’s mine. The Key.” she answered cheerfully.

Glory walked over to stand in front of Dawn she lifted her head up by her chin.

“GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!” Dawn was barely whispering but her voice carried the same tone as Glory’s did when she got angry. Glory actually managed to looked shocked as she quickly removed her hand and took a step back.

“You little worm.” Glory said, still slightly shocked.

Dawn raised her head and her eyes flew open, they were pure green with no sign of pupil or iris or white, “You let us go and I will send you where you want to go.” she said with a smile that was not friendly nor happy.

“You mean that?” Glory said happily.

“Yes.” Dawn answered.

“Dawn! No!” Spike exclaimed.

“Be quite vampire.” Glory yelled at him.

“Will you let us go?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, yes of course.” Glory motioned to the minions to unchain them.

Dawn scowled at her and the chains holding her and Spike vanished. The minions looked worried.

“You coulda done that at anytime?” Spike asked.

“Yes.” Dawn answered simply.

“Now I want to go back to my home.” Glory said, her voice was almost demanding.

“I’ll take you home.” Dawn said as she took a step or two towards Glory, she had a very menacing look in her pure green eyes.

Dawn leaped at Glory knocking her off her feet with such force that they went sliding across the floor and through the wall. The wall was the only one that faced the outside and so they began to fall down the four stories towards the ground.

Dawn concentrated as they fell and they vanished less than three feet off the ground.

Back in the hotel room the minions had rushed to the window to make sure that their god was okay, when they saw them disappear they began running round in a blind panic.

Spike ran to the window, although he was fairly sure he knew what had happened, he still had to make sure.

“Geez Dawn, I hope you’re alright.” he said to himself.

“I’m fine Spike.” came Dawn’s voice from behind him. Spike spun round in amazement and ended up with Dawn in his arms.

“Where is out mistress?” demanded Drufus.

“Now, that is a long story, but to cut it short she is right were she should be…” Dawn went on to tell the minions what she had done.

It turned out that what she had done was she had been able to manipulate the matter in Glory’s mind and made her forget everything back to the time just before she was first banished to earth to live out her life in the body of a human male named Ben. she had then merged both Glory’s together and put them both into the body of Ben, who she knew would someday be killed by Giles.

“I never want to manipulate minds ever again.” she said to Spike, “It’s far too draining and it gives me a splitting headache.”

“We will bring the gloriousness back little girl.” said Drufus like a small child.

“No you won’t.” Dawn said spinning round on them her eyes glowed green and the minions all vanished.

“And where exactly did you send them?” Spike asked with interest.

“Where they wanted to go, back to Glory’s hell dimension.” Dawn said with a smile.

“Well then, what say we go find Jimmy and scare him into his next life? ” Spike asked.

“Is that really what you want to do?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, then we head back to our own time, coz time travel with you can be dangerous.” Spike said with a smile.

“Yea well at least the temporal ripples are very minor and I don’t think I will need to change anything.” Dawn said looking round at the damaged hotel suite.

“Yea that might be a good thing coz if you did Glory might come back again.” Spike said heading towards the door. He paused in the doorway and looked back at Dawn, “What’s up?”

“I was thinking, if Giles killed Ben and as a by-product Glory then how did she end up in the body of General Gellar five hundred years later?” Dawn stood in the middle of the damage and looked confused.

“Well could you time travelling have done anything?” Spike asked walking back to her.

“No, I don’t…” Dawn paused, “Oh my god, I’ve got it!”

“What?” Spike asked looking a little worried.

“Glory was originally banished to earth into the body of Sarah Gellar in the year 2486, then she came after me and then I put her into Ben’s body after I took her memories of being in the future, then Giles killed her through killing Ben.” Dawn sounded a little shocked at that revelation.

“Okay, here’s my question, what happened to General Gellar?” Spike asked putting his arm around Dawn’s shoulders and steering her towards the exit.

“I-I don’t know.” Dawn stammered.

They wandered round 1921 Switzerland for the next few hour until dawn was almost upon them and Dawn suggested that they should be going.

They were just about to leave when Spike spotted Jimmy.

“Hang on a sec, Dawn.” he said running towards the green skinned demon, Spike bowled into Jimmy knocking him off his feet, “I said I’d get you for selling us out.” he growled.

“Hey I had no choice.” Jimmy whimpered.

“My arse you didn’t.” Spike said as he punched jimmy in the face a couple of times.

“Spike, let him up, people are beginning to stare.” came Dawn’s voice from behind him.

Spike reluctantly hoped off Jimmy and the demon got to his feet.

“Hey, if it’s any comfort I was gonna try and rescue you.” he said.

“No that is not a comfort.” Spike snapped at him, “And if your blood didn’t taste so foul I’d drain you dry right here and now.”

“Spike we have to go.” Dawn said, “Now!”

She held her hand out to him, he took it and Dawn concentrated.

They both glowed and with a flash that wasn’t a flash they vanished .

They had been back in their own time for almost three days and Spike was still fuming over what Jimmy had done.

“Spike, he got what was coming to him, you know that.” Dawn said.

“Yea, it still bugs me though.” Spike said as he paced the floor of their crypt.

“Spike.” Dawn said.

“Yea?” he stopped his pacing and looked at her.

Dawn raised her eyebrows suggestively.

To alleviate Spike’s tension they made love, for the first time, for the millionth, it didn’t matter, they were together here and now and that’s all that mattered.