Chapter 8
Bad Legislation

19 July 2523
Global Congress Building

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been brought to the attention of this government that there are creatures that are walking among us that seem human but are not.” A man standing on a stage at the front of the room spoke into the microphone. The badge on his jacket read ‘Bob Jones, Chairperson, Department of Citizenry’.

“Excuse me, Bob, but to what are you referring?” asked a man seated to Jones’ left.

“Mr Speaker, I am referring to the creatures of myth, the creatures that inhabit the night and the darkness.” Jones paused for effect, “I am referring to Vampires, Werewolves and Demons.”

“Are you including that woman in the States, what was her nameā€¦ Dawn, the woman who should be dead but isn’t?” this question came from the blonde woman on Jones’ right.

“Madam President, we have no idea what her powers are or how she is still alive, so my answer to that question a most definite yes.” Jones said looking directly at her.

“And what of General Gellar, have the troops located her?” The Speaker asked.

“Sir, the military is still investigating her disappearance.” said a general in the front row of the government members seating.

“But you have no leads?” this was from the President.

“No, Sir, we do not, we have learned that she did in fact capture this Dawn person, but it seems she has escaped and we are missing four highly trained marines that were guarding her at the time.” the general answered.

“This is all fine and well but what are we to do about these creatures?” Jones said trying to get back on topic.

“What do you suggest?” The Speaker asked.

“Well, Mr Speaker I suggest that we pass a resolution making them illegal and have a standing order to terminate on sight.” Jones said, this was the best solution his team of experts had been able to come up with.

“Very well, but the resolution will need to be passed in a public forum.” The President said before turning to her aide, “Prepare a public vote on this resolution set the poll date for late August.”

The aide nodded, got up and left the room, The President turned back to the gathered government members.

“Well if Mr Jones id finished?” she looked at Jones, who nodded, “We will adjourn for the week.”

24 July 2523
The Grant Family Crypt
Restfield Cemetery
United States of America

“Spike!” Dawn called to her partner.

“Yea?” the platinum haired vampire called back.

“Have you seen the newspaper headlines?” Dawn called.

“Nope, why?” Spike asked coming up behind her.

“Coz we have big trouble.” Dawn said holding the paper out to him.

Spike read the headline out loud, “Public opinion sought over new anti-demonic creature laws.” Spike looked up from the paper and met Dawn’s sparkling eyes, “Oh shit.”

There was suddenly a hammering at the door, Spike and Dawn looked at each other.

“Let me in Spike, I know you’re in there!” came a voice from outside.

“What the hell’s she doing here?” Dawn asked, Spike just shrugged.

“Do we let her in?” Dawn asked glancing a the door.

“Why not she’ll just knock it down again if we don’t.” Spike answered walking over to the door and pulling it open.

Standing there framed by the doorframe and the moonlight was a young woman, no more that twenty years old.

“Come in, Jennifer.” Spike said.

Jennifer Harris was the latest slayer, and by a major co-incidence the last living descendant of Xander and Anya Harris, two of the original Scooby Gang. Since Buffy each following slayer has had a tight knit group of friends who have helped in the battle with the forces of evil and darkness. Dawn and Spike were a psudo part of this latest group, they had first met Jennifer when she had been hunting and almost staked Spike, but fortunately for him, Dawn intervened and managed to convince Jennifer to leave him alone..

“Have you seen the headlines?” Jennifer asked.

“Yea we saw em.” Spike answered, “Did the Council know anything about this?”

“No and that’s got them worried, they can’t seem to get in touch with *any* their contacts in the Global Government.” Jennifer said taking a seat beside the TV screen.

“So we go see your watcher?” Dawn asked.

“Got it in one.” Jennifer said with a smile.

“Right come on let’s go.” Spike said herding the two women out the door and closing it behind them.

From the shadows of the crypt came a quiet feminine voice, “Yes run and plan Pet, I will have my revenge on you yet.”

The gang was gathered in the Millennium Bookstore in downtown Sunnydale. The store, owned by Jennifer’s watcher, James Cole-Pierce, was filled with texts both ancient and new and, in a locked back room, hundreds of Watcher Diaries including those of the most famous watcher to date, Rupert Giles.

Also there were Jonathan Bailey, Jennifer’s boyfriend and a former high school football captain. Gillian Spence, Jennifer’s best girl friend and twelfth level witch. Janet Del Noya, Gillian’s girlfriend also a witch but only a tenth level one. James Coburn, Jennifer’s best guy friend and former sergeant in the Global Military’s high school recruit team. and Xenia Triton, James’ girlfriend and a half Spine’ch demon.

They were seated round a table in a secluded part of the store, which despite the late hour was still open, the watcher was talking, “The Council has sent investigators to find out what has happened to their contacts and they expect to have an answer in a week or so, but in the mean time they sent orders for us to continue to do our job and fight the demons and other creatures.”

“But what about this bloody piece of legislature?” Spike asked.

“They said to wait and see.” Cole-Pierce said looking a little unhappy.

“Now, that sound’s like the Watchers Council of old, I wondered how long it would take them to slip back into old habits.” Dawn said with a smile.

“Excuse me, but do you have the chronicles of the lost relic?” the question came from a short man standing at the end of the nearest bookshelf.

“Yes, we do.” Cole-Pierce answered, “Follow me.” with that he walked off towards the other end of the store.

“So, what do you two think of the new legislation?” Jonathan asked.

“Same as Xenia here, I’d imagine.” James said.

“If she’s against it 100 percent then yea I feel the same as her.” Spike answered slouching in his seat.

“Dawn, did you know that you are mentioned in the law by name?” Xenia asked.

“You’re kidding!” Dawn exclaimed, “How did you find out?”

“Mom’s got governmental contacts.” Xenia answered. Her father, a full Spine’ch demon, had been killed by a Global Military eradication team about five years ago but her mom had managed to keep her mixed heritage a secret, “She managed to get a full copy of the law and she let me see it.”

“What about me?” Spike asked.

“Nope not a peep.” Xenia told him. Spike actually managed to look hurt at that, “Sorry.”

“Madam President you must have this legislation passed with in the next two weeks.” said the overly handsome man in The Earth President’s office.

“I’m sorry but I cannot rush this, I need to have the public support.” she told him.

“You can use the special executive powers that the global constitution gives you.” the man told her.

“No I cannot that would be a breach of presidential ethics, and after the fiasco with the last president and his secretary, I will not risk that.” She said standing, “I think it is time for you to leave.”

“Just one more thing Madam President.” The man said as he got up and walked round her desk, “Your computer password what is it?” By this point he was standing behind her, he placed his hand on her head and twisted until there was a crack.

“Thank you.” the man said only he was no longer a man, he now looked exactly like the President. She placed her hand on the real president and muttered something, the Presidents body smouldered then with a poof disappeared.

The replacement President sat in the chair and tapped at her computer keyboard, she was entering the access code for the special presidential executive powers act.

“Note, on this date at this time, the anti-demonic creature law was enacted under the special executive powers act.” she paused, “Message to all law enforcement agencies, any and all demonic creatures are to be shot and killed on sight and bodies, if there are any, are to be incinerated.”