Chapter 9

25 July 2523
Presidential Suite
Governmental Headquarters

“Note, on this date at this time, the anti-demonic creature law was enacted under the special executive powers act.” she paused, “Message to all law enforcement agencies, any and all demonic creatures are to be shot and killed on sight and bodies, if there are any, are to be incinerated.”

“Your memo has been sent and received is there anything else I can help you with Madam President?” the computer’s male VIS asked. The Vocal Imitation Software was still a relatively new software program but it had quickly become an integral part of the bureaucracy that was the Earth Government.

“Yes, find me an address, Jennifer Harris, location Sunnydale California, United States.” she said.

“One Jennifer Joanne Harris resides at Apartment 23, 231 Hudson Avenue, Sunnydale, California, United States of America, there are other listings for Jennifer Harris but this is the only one in Sunnydale, California, United States of America.” the VIS answered.

“Good.” The President stood up and began to walk towards the door, by the time she reached it she was no longer the President, she was now a woman with blonde hair down to the middle of her back and an evil look in her vampire yellow eyes.

“Jennifer!” came the cry from James Cole-Pierce.

“What is it?” she asked, most of the group had broken up soon after the President’s announcement of the passing of the anti-demonic creature laws, only Cle-Pierce and Jennifer were left in the now closed store.

“Your citizenship record has been accessed and your home address was downloaded.” he told her.

“Can you find out by who?” Jennifer asked as she walked up behind her watcher.

“I have a call put into the Council, they will have the resources to find out.” Cole-Pierce.

“I am sorry James, but all our resources could not find the exact location of the data access terminal, however we were able to triangulate the approximate geographic location.” George Smithe, the head of the Watchers Council, told Jennifer’s watcher.

“Where?” Cole-Pierce asked looking at the vidscreen.

“Geneva, Switzerland.” Smithe answered.

“GlobalGov? ” Cole-Pierce said in a quizzical tone.

“Look’s like it.” Smithe said before turning his head to look at someone or something off screen, “Well James I must be going, we have a demonic spawning ground in the Amazon, we have to dispatch a disposal team.”

“Good-bye, George.” Cole-Pierce said.

“Good-bye James.” Smithe replied hanging up the vidphone.

“You heard that?” Cole-Pierce asked his charge.

“Yup, so what do we do now?” Jennifer asked getting up from the chair she was sitting in.

“I suggest you go home and get your mother out of there and over to my place.” Cole-Pierce said, “It will be safe until we find out who accessed your file.”

“VIS on.” The President of earth said as she walked into her office, of course this is not the real President but the impostor and she is back for more information, “Access addresses for the following people, James Cole-Pierce, Jonathan Bailey, Gillian Spence and James Coburn.”

“James Cole-Pierce, 1430 Redruth Drive, Jonathan Bailey, 125 Rivelo Drive, Gillian Spence, 80 Hadley Street and James Coburn, Flat 4, 2 6th Street, all located in Sunnydale, California, United States of America.” the VIS answered.

“Madam President?” came a voice from the office door.

“Yes, Mr Jones?” the false President said looking up from her computer.

“I wanted to thank you for pushing through my law so quickly.” Jones said as he walked towards the desk.

“Door close.” the false president said, the door promptly closed, “And lock.”

“Madam President what are you doing?” Jones asked with a seductive look in his eyes as he took a seat opposite the false President.

“I wished to speak with you in private.” she said getting up from her seat and walking towards Jones with her hand out as if to shake his.

“Why, whatever would you want to talk about in private?” Jones asked with a smile.

“You are a fool.” the false President said as she morphed into the blonde vampire she really is.

“Holy shit!” Jones exclaimed as he tried to move away from her.

“Move and I will rip out your spine and feed it to you.” the vampire said with no hint of emotion.

Jones tripped over the edge of the carpet and fell to the floor, the vampire pounced on him biting and draining his blood in half the time it would normally take.

She stood up licking her lips and running her tongue over her enlarged canines.

“VIS?” she asked, her voice was that of the President

“Yes Madam President?” the VIS answered.

“Place a vidphone call to the following person, The Millennium Bookstore.” the vampire requested as she morphed back into the President.

“Call in progress.” the VIS told her as she sat down.

“Millennium Bookstore, how can I help you?” the male counter person asked.

“The owner please.” the false President asked.

“One moment please.” the man said putting her on hold.

“God could they have worse music for those on hold?” she asked herself.

“James Cole-Pierce, how may I help you?” Cole-Pierce asked when she had been connected to his terminal, “Oh Madam President, what can I do for the President of Earth?”

“I need a very rare book, The Ma’leck-Nuva, can you get it?” she asked him.

“Why, yes I could but that is a restricted book it will take ten days at the very least to procure a copy.” Cole-Pierce said with a slightly concerned look on his face.

“I can get you special dispensation to by-pass the restrictions.” the false President told him.

“Very well I will place an order right away.” Cole-Pierce said tapping at his keyboard, “Is there anything else Madam President?”

“No, that will be all, I will be in LA within the next three days I will make a detour and pick the book up then.” she said before she turned off the vidphone.

“Why would the President want that specific book?” Cole-Pierce said to himself.

“Maybe she wants to work on her tan?” came Spike’s voice from behind him.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that.” Cole-Pierce said while turning round.

“Na, bugger it, that’s half the fun.” Spike answered with a smile.

“Spike, will you stop scaring the nice watcher, please.” came Dawn’s voice from behind the nearest bookshelf.

“Is there something I can help you two with?” Cole-Pierce asked them while looking straight at Spike.

“We need a text on demonic transposition, titled The Sha’Run-Tee.” Dawn said still looking through the books.

“So I’ll waive the ten day waiting period for that book then shall I?” he asked still looking at Spike.

“No, we can afford to wait.” Dawn said coming out from behind the shelf, “Can’t we Spike?”

“Yea, we can.” Spike said.

“Well, while you are here, we have a small problem.” Cole-Pierce told them.

“What?” Dawn asked looking intrigued.

“It seems some one accessed the citizen records of myself, Jennifer, Gillian and James, someone in the Global Government.” Cole-Pierce said looking worried.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Dawn asked as she walked over to stand beside Spike.

“No, but whoever did it may have been looking for you.” Cole-Pierce said looking between them, “I just thought you should know so you can be careful.”

4 August 2523
Presidential Limousine
Approaching the outer reaches of Sunnydale
United States of America

“Were are we going Madam President?” asked her security co-ordinator.

“The Millennium Bookstore.” she answered.

“I would have liked to have been informed of this plan earlier.” he told her.

“I will do what I want when I want.” the President snapped.