Cyclic History

The “true” powers of The Key have now been revealed. Dawn is able to move through time at will. She can also move through dimensions in like manner.

She has accumulated vast knowledge over the centuries. Over time, she had become very powerful. It was in the year 6666 that the “Great” change occurred. Spike had been killed in the year 6000 by a “Slayer.” All of her “family” had passed away due to the Novian Plague that had caught the human race by surprise soon after the Novian’s arrived. Very few survived.

In the six hundred years that followed she had become very very powerful, angry and bitter. In the year 6650 Dawn’s face was terribly burned, her mind began to snap. Undergoing unbelievable pain and suffering she performed plastic surgery on herself. When she was done she had been able to make a new face and hair. She was beautiful again, but didn’t look the same.

It was then that those who followed her began refering to her as the “holy one” and then Dawn decided to take her most loyal minions with her to live in an other dimension where she could rule and do what she wanted.

Her minions loved her and worshipped her. She had become a god. She entered a dimension where there were already two hell-gods. After countless centuries, she decided to make the dimension her own and a great war took place.

The hell-gods won the war and she was cast out to live her life in the body of a new-born human male. Some of her minions were sent to care for her. They call her “Glorificus.”