The Demonic War

Chapter 1
The Recruiting of Spike

“Let’s go, I want to go and save Spike.” Dawn said leading the way into the portal, which closed behind them.

The other side of the portal was completely different to any that Dawn had experienced before. It was like being pulled in every direction at once while at the same time every molecule in her body was being pushed into one place.

“Dawn!” cried Buffy, “Concentrate on Spike, think of him dieing!”

Dawn heard what she said but she couldn’t understand the words, it was as if Buffy were speaking a language she didn’t know, and there weren’t many of those.

She managed to spin herself round so she could see her sister, and suddenly an understanding dawned on her, she knew exactly what to do.

She focused her thoughts on Spike, on the way his body felt against hers and the way he smelled, the way he touched her, the way he kissed her and the way he made love to her. The fluctuating landscape around them wavered and bent until it was stable and the three could walk as easily as if they were in a dimension, they weren’t in a dimension, they were in between.

In front of them was a door, a plain wooden door, the paint was even curling off the top left corner. Dawn strode forward and opened it with such force that it almost came off it’s hinges.

Through the door the trio could see two figures fighting, one in a long leather coat with platinum hair, the other a vibrant redhead with a purple sweater.

“Stop time, Dawn.” Buffy told her.

“How?” Dawn asked before she realised that she already knew the answer.

She strode forward and time slowed to a crawl.

“My god, it took me months to learn how to do that.” Joseph said in amazement.

“Yea well, I’m not normal, remember?” Dawn said as she stopped in front of the man in the long coat, “Oh Spike.”

“You really want to recruit a vampire?” Joseph asked.

“Yes, how do I do it?” Dawn asked.

“You release him from the time freeze and then we find out if he wants to join.” Buffy said looking at Spike.

For a split second Dawn wondered how to do what Buffy had said, suddenly she realised that she knew. At a though from Dawn, Spike’s head moved, but the rest of him didn’t.

“Wha…?” Spike said shaking his head, “Dawn? Is that you?”

“Yes Spike, Do you remember when Buffy and Joseph came to us in 4525?” Dawn asked him.

“Yea, Buff needed to talk to you, what happened to you anyway?” Spike looked confused.

“Time’s changed, I changed.” Dawn said with a smile, “I’m here to offer you a chance to help us fight evil.”

“Fight evil?” Spike said even more confused.

“Do you remember when we recovered Buffy from the dimensional portal?” Dawn asked.

“Yes.” Spike nodded.

“We want you to join the Angel Legions and help us fight the forces of darkness.” Buffy said.

“Could I be killed?” Spike asked, he looked like he was going to say yes, eventually.

“You couldn’t be killed by a stake but you could if you were decapitated, that is the only way to kill any of us.” Joseph answered.

“You got a deal.” Spike said.

“We now have to move time forward a few seconds then we remove you from time and replace you with a duplicate.” Joseph said turning to face the area where the portal opened, he said something in an ancient demon language and the portal opened and spat out a figure that looked identical to Spike.

Around them time sped up and Spike flew at the woman, who was in fact the current slayer, she drew stake from her coat and was thrusting it at Spike’s heart when the angels stopped time and exchanged Spike with the duplicate.

“Come Spike.” Dawn said with a smile holding out her hand to her lover. Spike took it and she led the gang towards the portal, and as the portal closed, time resumed it’s normal course and Spike’s duplicate flew into the stake from the slayer and turned to dust.

The space in between dimensions was more stable this time and they were able to walk normally. Buffy and Joseph had taken the lead as they knew the way, but Buffy suspected that Dawn and Spike would have a few things to talk about.

“What happened to you Dawn?” Spike asked, he still looked the same as he usually did.

“When I was inducted into the army of angels, the power within me modified my body up to it’s peak form and it gave me the knowledge to fully control my powers.” Dawn told him, “We then used my powers to move us through time and we recruited you.”

“So where are we going now?” Spike said looking around at the swirling interdimensional space.

“To meet with the Angel Directorship.” Dawn said, “They are the warlords who organise the fight against evil.”

“They now have one of us.” the prognosticating demon told Lucifer.

“Spike.” came Lucifer’s growl.

“Yes.” answered the first demon, whose name was Rush’ak.

“Spike was meant to destroy the Key.” the third demon said, his name was Duv’niknik.

“Instead he fell in love with it.” the second demon said, her name was Fer’gevak.

“We need new recruits, if we are to even survive this war.” the prognosticating demon, whose name was Gabnick.

“FIND SOME!” Lucifer roared.

“From where, Morning Star?” Rush’ak asked.

“From my dimension.” Lucifer said, “Go use my access, find Loki, he will help you.”

“Loki?” Fer’gevak asked with a scared tone.

“The Demon of Death?” Gabnick gasped.

“Yes.” Lucifer said.

“But, my liege…” Duv’niknik said getting to his knee and bowing his head.

“ENOUGH! I will not discuss my plans you will do as I say, now GO!” Lucifer’s voice resonated and made the heads of the gathered demons ring.

“Honoured members of the Angel Directorship, may we present…” Buffy began.

“Spike, the vampire and Dawn, the Key.” The head angel said standing up.

They were gathered in a huge banquet hall, the main table was covered in maps and sheets of figures. There was another smaller table at the end of the room seated at it were seven figures all dressed in pure white, three were female four were male.

“Honoured Michael, you are correct, we finally have the forces to turn the tide of this war.” Joseph said.

“The forces of light can never defeat the forces of darkness, they will always do battle, for without one the other cannot exist.” this came from a figure standing behind the secondary table, the man who said it had no eyes, a birth defect, but this meant that he was a born seer, he was the most powerful seer in history, Oracle.

“My apologies Oracle, I meant no disrespect.” Joseph said.

“Now that we have the necessary resources we can begin to wage the war instead of just defending ourselves.” This from the woman to Michael’s left.

“Mary, you are thinking ahead of yourself.” Michael said with a frown.

“I think only as far ahead as you my brother.” Mary answered.

“Yes quite.” Michael said with a smile.

“We have more important matters to discuss.” said the man at the end of the table.

“Jeffery, you must learn to await your turn to speak.” Michael said, “I will give you leave this time as you are still new to this war council.”

“My humblest apologies, Michael.”

“Dawn, now that you have joined us we have a gift for you.” Mary said coming round the table and approaching Dawn.

“You’re going to give it to her aren’t you?” Joseph asked.

“It was made to be used and so far none of us can.” Michael said.

“But how do you know she can?” Joseph asked.

“Because she must.” Mary said as she walked over to a chest at the foot of the main table.

When she reached it she bent down and released the latch, she gently opened the lid sowing the contents to Dawn.

“Dawn the Angel Directorship would like to present you with … ” Michael began.