The Demonic War

Chapter 10
The End? part 2

“Yes, And guess what.” Amy didn’t wait for a reply before continuing, “I’m stronger and more powerful that ever.”

“Yea well we got the key you’re looking for.” Spike retorted.

“Not for long.” Amy said. She focused her telekinetic powers on the key in Dawn’s hand and began to pull it away from her.

“No ya don’t.” Spike leapt at the Wraith.

“Stop!” called Buffy. Spike managed to pull himself up into a crouch a few feet away from Amy.

“Wise choice slayer.” Amy snarled as the key was finally ripped from Dawn’s hands and flew to her.

“Open the doors, we will handle these angel scum.” Tu’lathina ordered her as he stepped forward.

“Bring it on demon!” called Willow, it sounded to Buffy as if she was trying to sound bigger than she really was.

“I can’t let you open that door.” Dawn said as she stepped forward brandishing her blade, “Spike?”

“Gottchya.” Spike smiled as he nodded.

Buffy knew that they were both thinking the same thing, she just wished that they would let her in on it.

Suddenly Spike sprang at Tu’lathina a sword suddenly appeared in his hand, just like Tu’lathina’s had. He brought it down towards the demon commander’s head.

“You’re too slow angel!” suddenly Tu’lathina was no longer where he had been, he was now behind Spike.

Spike tried to turn to bring his sword up to defend him self but he was, as Tu’lathina had said, too slow.

Meanwhile Dawn and Buffy had also sprung into action each taking on several of the demons cornering them in.

Willow and Tara, by this point, figured out what their job was, they were going after Amy.

From Amy’s perspective things were going according to plans, she had the key and Tu’lathina was distracting the angels, she decided that she should continue with her main mission. Getting into the dungeon and getting the power core.

Eons ago the power core had been an angel, in fact it had been the most powerful of all angels. But as thing usually go there was an accident and it was badly damaged and it would have died but in their infinite wisdom the Angel Directorship had found a way to place the body into a type of biological stasis, one from which there was no waking and no recovery.

Over the space of a hundred years the pod in which the body was stored began to radiate energy, an energy which never seemed to wear out, it seemed to keep coming. The Angel Directorship decided to use the pod to provide power for the entire Angel Directorship building.

Amy knew all the tale of the wars that had been fought over who would have control of the pod, in fact that was one of the main reasons for the war they were now fighting.

Amy also knew that as soon as she was in possession of the pod she would be the most powerful being in the history of creation.

“Stop Amy!” came Willow’s voice from behind her.

“Why should I, you don’t care about me, you showed that all those years ago.” Amy spun round and crouched into a fighting position, “You just let that cat eat me!”

“You crossed the line Amy!” Tara called as she moved up next to Willow.

“You tried to kill all my friends.” Willow said, her eyes were slowly changing color from their normal color to pure white, “I freed you from your rat form and in return you tried to kill all my friends!”

Lightning shot from Willow’s eyes and hit Amy in her chest, blasting her backwards into the wall.

“Not bad little one.” Amy snarled, her own eyes were changing color, the only difference was they were changing to black, “Mine’s better.”

From her eyes crackled black lightning, it lanced towards Willow and Tara.

“Yes, but I’ve got better defences.” Suddenly a glowing blue wall flew up in front of Willows hand, it spread to cover her and Tara. The lightning was simply absorbed by the shield.

“What the hell?” Amy said in shock. This was something she had never seen before.

“Willow! Get the key!” came Dawn’s call from down the hall, where she was fending off three shadowy demons.

“Too late angels.” Amy cried as she slammed the medallion into a recess in the nearby wall.

The doors rumbled as they slowly opened, an extremely bright white light came pouring out of the gap it washed over all the combatants.

“Noooooooooo!” screamed Tu’lathina as he cringed away from the light. His skin began to blister and burn.

The other surrounding demons were in a similar state, their skin was starting to peel off their bodies revealing muscle then this in turn boiled and slid off to reveal bone, which began to crumble to dust.

Soon the only living things remaining in the hallway were the angels, Tu’lathina and Amy.

Tu’lathina was in a bad way most of his skin had peeled off, as had most of the muscles on his arms and legs.

Amy meanwhile was untouched, “Yes!” she cried as she stood in front of the open doors

“Amy! Stop!” came Dawn’s voice.

Amy spun round to see Dawn standing there with Spike and Buffy to her left and Willow and Tara to her right. All the angels were glowing with a brilliant white light, they were also completely uninjured.

“You cannot go in there.” Dawn said.

“And you’re gonna stop me how?” Amy sneered.

“Buffy, Tara stay here guard Tu’lathina, Spike, Willow we’re going to take care of a rat.” Dawn said as she began to march slowly but surely towards Amy.

Amy was pretty sure of what would happen if Dawn captured her, “You won’t do anything to me.”

“Like you said before ‘And you’re gonna stop me how?’ ” Dawn said throwing her words back into her face.

“Like this!” Amy cried as a glowing solid purple shield sprang up covering her and the doorway.

Dawn stopped in amazement, “How the hell did she do that?”

“The light, like it repaired and energised us it must have elevated her powers.” Willow said as she carefully approached the shield and touched it, the shield gave a crackle and Willow withdrew her hand very quickly, “Ouch.”

“Together, we’re stronger.” Dawn said walking forwards, “Willow, Spike put your hands on my shoulders.”

The other two did as she ordered, they had a pretty good idea what she was planning. Dawn walked towards the shield, she reached out her hand and touched it once.

Amy’s shield began to buckle and quake, eventually it shattered fully, but Amy was no longer within the shield.

The three angels glanced into the room beyond.

“NO!” screamed Dawn as she saw Amy approaching the pod in the center of the room.

“What is it?” Willow asked staring at it.

“The power core, she cannot have it.” Dawn said.

She sprang off the floor and virtually flew at Amy, hitting her in the midsection knocking over. The two of them went tumbling over and over until they hit the wall on the other side of the room.

Willow and Spike carefully approached the pod.

“No, don’t go near it.” Dawn called to them as she continued to fight Amy.

Spike and Willow noticed something as they approached the pod. On a table in front of the pod was a body.

The body was a humanoid male, about seventy years old, with a white beard resting on his torso, he was wearing a white gown with one symbol on the right breast pocket area.

The symbol was an odd one, it looked like the symbol for the Angel Directorship but it was cruder, more generalised.

“Don’t.” came Dawn’s voice as she approached them, “Don’t touch him.”

“Why not?” Spike said.

“Because he…” Dawn began but she was interrupted by Amy as she tackled her sending her careening towards the body.