The Demonic War

Chapter 11
It’s Just The Beginning

“NO!” screamed Dawn as they fell towards the man on the table.

“YES!” cried Amy as she pushed them on.

The went barrelling into the table which fortunately was on wheels so it rolled but the jar was enough to awaken the man on the table.

The man screamed, the sound was ragged and it caused all the people in the room to clasp their hands to their ears in pain. The scream raged on and the building began to quake and dust rained down from the roof above them. The occupants of the room began, one by one, to lose consciousness, first Amy, then Spike, Willow and finally Dawn.

Under the scream a low but persistent chanting could be heard, had there been anyone conscious enough to hear it. The voice was strong but not masculine, and it carried an edge to it, an edge that could only be described as ancient.

The screaming man turned to the chant, but this just succeeded in the chant escalating, becoming more persistent and, if such a thing was possible, more forceful. It would have been obvious to anyone watching that the chant was taking a toll on the screaming man, he was becoming more and more distracted, he seemed to be losing his concentration.

Eventually the man collapsed to the floor in a heap and the chanting immediately ceased. Buffy and Tara ran into the room, being in the hall they were spared the full force of the scream, normally they wouldn’t have left a prisoner, but Tu’lathina had died a few seconds before the scream ended. Buffy ran and checked Dawn to make sure she wasn’t dead, and Tara ran to Willow and did the same.

“Dawn’s okay, Willow?” Buffy said looking over at Tara.

“Yea she’s okay, do we check Amy?” Tara asked Buffy as she moved to check on Spike.

“No let her be.” Buffy said in disgust.

“Who’s he?” Tara said indicating the man who had screamed.

“I don’t know.” Buffy said walking over to him.

“He is the creator.” came a female voice from a shadow on the other side of the room.

Buffy and Tara spun round to look at where the voice had come from, Buffy drew her sword.

“You will not need that.” the voice said as her sword vanished, “I mean you no harm.”

“Who are you?” Buffy asked.

“I am the guardian, your waking of the creator awoke me from my sleep, I was able to put the creator back into his stasis.” the voice said and a figure stepped out of the shadow.

The figure was tall with a shock of white hair, in fact Buffy was struck by how much she looked like all the pictures she had ever seen of Albert Einstein only without the moustache.

“And who exactly is this creator?” Tara asked looking down at the unconscious man.

“You know him as God, this man is the God of the Christian Bible.” the guardian said.

“God? This is God?” Buffy said looking between the guardian and God.

“Yes.” the guardian said advancing towards them.

“Why does he need to sleep?” Tara asked as she watched the guardian gently pick up the body of God.

“Because if he wakes he will destroy reality, his scream if not stopped could rip apart time and space.” the guardian said as she placed the body back on it’s table.

“The doomsday weapon?” Buffy said glancing at Tara.

“It wasn’t the Legion Council, it was us.” Tara responded.

“Yes, the disruption to space/time was caused by the scream of the creator.” the guardian said.

“But space/time was being destroyed not just disrupted.” Buffy said.

“Yes, but you have altered the future, by Dawn’s own interference she caused the creator to be woken slightly later than he would have.” the guardian said as he walked over to Dawn.

“What do you mean?” Buffy said moving to join him.

“In the timeline in which space/time was destroyed God was woken five minutes earlier.” the guardian said as he crouched down and placed a hand on the side of her face.

“And because I interfered God was woken later and this meant that you were awake soon enough to put him back to sleep.” Dawn said as her eyes flickered and opened.

“Yes.” the guardian said smiling at her.

The guardian got up and moved to Willow were he repeated the movement of his hand on her cheek.

“Oh what happened?” Willow groaned as she woke up.

“Buffy will explain it.” the guardian said.

“What about the Angel Directorship?” Tara asked.

“They will be restored, the Wraith Demon will also be restored.” the guardian said as she moved to Spike and proceeded to wake him as she had done Dawn and Willow.

“Why restore Amy?” Willow asked, her voice was full of anger and disgust.

“Because without the darkness the light cannot exist.” the guardian said as she stood, “The demonic must exist or the angelic cannot.”

“So this war will continued on forever?” Buffy asked.

“Yes, it must.” the guardian said as she walked over to Amy and placed her hand on the Wraith’s forehead.

Amy’s form wavered and slowly vanished.

“Where did you send her?” Tara asked.

“Back to the Legion Council.” the guardian said with a smile.

The angels all smiled at that.

“Have you been here since the beginning?” Spike asked with a thoughtful look on his face.

“Yes, why?” the guardian said looking at him with a look in his eyes as if he knew what Spike was about to ask.

“Well I have a question.” Spike said and then as the guardian nodded for him to continue he said, “What’s the reason behind life?”

The guardian laughed as Buffy, Dawn, Willow and Tara all looked at him as if he had gone mad.

“The reason for life?” the guardian asked with a sparkle in her eyes, “That is simple the reason of life is to life, it’s not the destination that’s important, it’s the journey to reach the destination that is important.”

“Really?” Spike said, his face looked like a five year old’s when they had just found out that there is no Santa Claus.

“Yes.” the guardian said, “I must go back to sleep now, I have been awake for too long as it is.”

“Thank you” Dawn said, “For helping”

“You are welcome.” the guardian said as she moved back into the shadow.

“Come on.” Dawn said leading the way out of the room.

When outside Dawn reached and pulled out the key and the doors began to close.

It was almost three days before things started to get back to normal at the Angel Directorship.

Mary had been restored to full health and was back ordering lesser angels around getting them to prepare. The Directorship was throwing a celebration to honour Dawn and her comrades for their efforts in defeating Tu’lathina and the demons.

Dawn was in her and Spike’s quarters she had cleaned up and was waiting for Spike to finish doing the same.

“Life is certainly confusing.” came Spike’s voice from the bathroom.

“You can say that again.” Dawn called back to him.

“Life is certainly confusing.” Dawn could hear the smile in Spike’s voice.

“Oh very funny.” Dawn called to him, “Are you ready? The ceremony’s going to start soon.”

“Yea, be there in a sec.” Spike called.

Less than ten minutes later they were in the Great Hall, a room set aside for special occasions. Mary and the rest of the Angel Directorship were seated in a line on a raised dais, most of the rest of the angel army were arrayed in front of them, lined up in their platoons. Dawn, Spike, Buffy, Willow and Tara were waiting in a side room for them to be called up to the dais.

“We owe our lives and the lives of every single living being in existence past present and future, to the efforts of five brave and true warriors.” Mary was saying.

“That’s our line.” Dawn said leading the way out into the Great Hall.

“Commander Dawn Summers, Captain Buffy Summers, Commander Spike, Wicca Willow Rosenberg and Wicca Tara Maclay.” Mary said introducing them as the walked out onto the dais.

“As a reward we, the Angel Directorship, promote you all, Buffy Summers you are hereby promoted to the rank of general.” she said as she stepped up to Buffy and handed her a medallion that identified her as a general.

“Spike you are promoted to the rank of colonel.” as she gave a colonel medallion .

“Willow Rosenberg you are promoted to the rank of sorceress.” Mary gave the redhead a belt of pure silver, the mark of a sorceress.

“Tara Maclay you to are promoted to the rank of sorceress.” she gave Tara an identical belt.

“Did you know about this?” Spike whispered to Dawn.

“No.” she whispered back.

“And finally Dawn Summers for you skill and bravery, we hereby promote you to the highest rank outside the Directorship itself.” Mary paused for effect, “We bestow upon you the rank of Warmaster.” Mary presented a helmet of pure gold to Dawn, The symbol of a Warmaster.

“We owe existence itself to these people.” Mary said as a cheer went up from the gathered forces.