The Demonic War

Chapter 14
Power Fusion

“Is there any other way?” Spike asked.

“Only one.” Dawn did not sound happy.

“What?” Buffy prodded.

“Power Fusion.” Dawn whispered.

“You can’t be serious.” Willow asked in amazement.

“What’s Power Fusion?” Spike asked.

“It’s the melding of power from three powerful sources.” Tara explained.

“Like the Key?” Spike said.

“And the power of the daughter of Sineya.” came the young woman’s voice.

“And what would be the third power?” Spike asked.

“A vampire.” Tara said looking at Spike.

“Similar to the one we preformed back when we took out Adam?” Buffy asked.

“Got it in one.” Willow said.

“How do we accomplish this spell?” Spike asked.

“We need to get as close to the center of the ball as possible, then we perform the spell and then the vessel, in this case myself, enters the ball and shuts down the energy flow.” Dawn said reading the book.

“And what happens to the ‘vessel’?” Spike asked.

“The vessel might survive.” Dawn said, she obviously wasn’t happy about that fact.

“Might?” Spike certainly wasn’t happy about the fact.

“There is a way to ensure the survival of the vessel.” the woman said as she pulled another book from the shelf.

“How?” Spike asked, he obviously didn’t want to loose Dawn.

“Add in the power of a sorceress.” the woman stated simply.

Buffy said looking pointedly at Willow.

“That would do it.” the woman said, “This book has the ritual.”

“Thanks.” Dawn said taking the book, “Come on we have to get back to the gateway.”

The gang followed Dawn out of the room leaving behind the young woman.

“Good luck you’re gonna need it.” she murmured under her breath.

The ball had increased in size, it was now almost twice the size it was when they had left.

“I was afraid of this.” Dawn said as she opened the books at the relevant pages.

Willow and Tara took a book each, Buffy and Spike stood on either side of Dawn as Willow began chanting the spell to fuse their power, as the spell progressed a strong wind sprung up blowing leaves off nearby trees and ripping blades of grass from the ground and whipping them all round forming a sphere around the trio whose power was merging.

Suddenly Willow stopped chanting and the sphere of flora fell to the ground. Spike and Buffy were gone. Dawn remained but she was different. Her clothes were gold and shimmered, as was her hair, the Slayers Blade was in her hand. This too had changed, it was now a glowing silver with a pure gold hilt.

“Wow.” Tara whistled as she looked Dawn from head to toe.

“Magnificent is it not.” Dawn’s voice was no longer her own, it was a combination of the three warriors.

“Time to add me into the mix.” Willow said with a smile. She was definitely looking forward to this.

“Stand next to Dawn.” Tara instructed reading the book. She then began chanting the spell while walking round the two other women.

The leaves and grass from the previous spell rose up and surrounded the three of them. Tara’s chanting grew louder and louder then suddenly they stopped and the sphere of flora fell to the ground for the second time.

Willow and Tara had vanished, again Dawn had remained, this time however she had grown in size she was nearly twenty percent larger. She now had a long flowing cloak hanging down her back.

“Now this is interesting.” came the combined voices.

Inside the mind of the combined Dawn, there were five separate voices each trying to talk at the same time.

“QUIET!” Dawn yelled above the rest, who promptly fell silent, “Tara, what happened?”

“I think the spell slightly backfired.” Tara sounded a little ashamed.

“You don’t have time for this.” came a voice that Dawn knew. The unknown voice that had helped her in the past.

“What was that?” Spike’s voice asked.

“A voice, it’s helped me over the years.” Dawn answered.

“Whose voice?” Buffy asked.

“I don’t know.” Dawn answered.

“You don’t have time for this.” the voice repeated.

“Fine, let’s go shut down that gateway.” Dawn said as she took control of the body.

The combined Dawn moved towards the ball of light and passed straight through it.

The world inside the ball was chaos, bits of earth, leaves, grass, twigs and bloody pieces of animals all whirling around. Dawn guided the body towards where she could feel the gateway.

Almost ten hours later Dawn woke to find herself lying on the grass next to Buffy, Willow, Tara and Spike. The other four were still out cold so Dawn looked round, she noticed the gateway lying in pieces the land around it was scorched, as though the area had been set on fire.

“Ooh what happened?” Spike groaned as he sat up.

“I don’t know.” Dawn said crawling over to him.

“That makes three of us.” Buffy said as she too sat up.

“Last I remember we were going towards the gateway and then…and then… nothing.” Dawn said, she saw Tara and Willow beginning to stir.

“Well we obviously made it to the gateway, and we obviously succeeded in shutting it down.” Spike pointed out.

“Ooh, let’s not do that again.” Willow said as she came round.

“I agree.” Tara said as she forced herself to sit up.

“We should probably get back to HQ and report in we’ve been out for a while.” Buffy said checking her watch.

“The portal’s over that way?” Spike asked pointing over his shoulder.

“No that way.” Dawn said pointing off to Spike’s left.

“I’m glad someone can sense it.” Buffy said.

Less than thirty minutes later they were back in the Angel Directorship HQ.

“You have done existence another great service, Warlord Summers.” Mary said formally.

“Thank you.” Dawn replied.

“However there is a small side effect.” Mary said as she came down from the dais to stand in front of Dawn.

“What is it?” Dawn asked.

“What you did has alerted a small faction of demons to your positions, they will be able to find you.” Mary looked very worried, “You will need to be on guard.”

“I understand.” Dawn said.

Meanwhile on Earth, in the mid twenty eighth century, in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the town formerly known as Sunnydale a conversation was taking place that would have far reaching consequences for all the angels.

“Do we have them?” asked a green skinned demon named Grick’nak asked a purple skinned demon standing next to him.

“We have a lock on their location.” the demon answered, his name was Kren’ikky.

“Where are they?” a third demon, named Fro’hik, asked.

“They’re currently in the Angel Directorship HQ.” Kren’ikky answered.

“Tell me when they move out of that dimension.” Fro’hik ordered.

“What do we do once they leave?” Grick’nak asked.

“We go after them and we get the target and bring her back here.” Fro’hik said.

“Who is the target?” Kren’ikky asked spinning his chair round to look at his boss.

“Dawn Summers.” Fro’hik said.