The Demonic War

Chapter 15
A Brief Interlude

“So what do you want to do now that we have some time off?” Spike called to Dawn.

They were in their quarters at the Angel Directorship HQ, Mary had given them all time off after the hectic adventures they’d had recently.

“We could have a picnic.” Dawn suggested from the bedroom where she was getting dressed.

“Anywhere specific in mind?” Spike asked with a smile.

“Earth.” Dawn answered instantly.

“Had a feeling you’d say that.” Spike told her.

“How about 2001?” Dawn asked as she came to the doorway.

“2001? What do you mean?” Spike looked a bit confused.

“I still have the ability to move through time, remember.” Dawn pointed out.

“Actually I had forgotten.” Spike admitted.

“You ass.” Dawn said as she walked over and sat in Spike’s lap. Dawn placed her arms around his neck and planted an extremely passionate kiss on his lips.

“And you love me for it.” Spike said pulling away from her slightly.

“Damn straight.” Dawn whispered in his ear.

They both laughed, before disentangling themselves. Dawn got up and headed to the kitchen to get together the ingredients for a picnic.

“So where do you want to go?” Dawn called.

“How ’bout the late nineteenth century?” Spike called back.

“Why?” Dawn asked sticking her head into the living room area.

“Because out in the country it was almost as beautiful as you.” Spike said smiling at her.

“Oh of course, you grew up in that time, didn’t you?” Dawn said as she withdrew her head back into the kitchen.

“Yup.” Spike sat back remembering the days of his youth.

Spike remembered sitting off the side of what he had come to think of as *the* party, the last one he went to as a human. He remembered the poetry he had been writing, and the object of that poetry, Cecily Addams.

My heart expands
’tis grown a bulge in it
inspired by your beauty, effulgent

He had ended up leaving the party with a very angry feeling, he had ripped up most of his poetry as he stormed through the London streets. Not looking where he had been going he had bumped into a figure he later found out was Angelus.

A matter of minutes later his beloved Drusilla had found him and given him a new perspective on life. As dinner.

The thought of Dru made him remember what she had seen in him.

“Your wealth lies here… and here. In the spirit and… imagination. You walk in worlds the others can’t begin to imagine.” she had said.

Then he remembered what Dawn had seen in him.

“I feel safe with you.” Dawn had said. Spike, at the time, demanded that she take it back, but she had elaborated on her statement, “I, I mean, you have that whole … superpower thing, and … you’re just as tough as Buffy is, maybe tougher.”

Of course Dawn had grown to love him once it was found that she wasn’t ageing.

“Penny for them.” Dawn said setting the picnic basket down near the door and walking over to him.

“Just thinking about the past.” Spike said with a sad smile.

“Ooh that’s worth more than a penny.” Dawn said with a smile.

“Don’t I know it.” Spike retorted.

“Come on, let’s go live some of that past.” Dawn said pulling him to his feet, “1875?”

“Sounds good to me.” Spike smiled as he kissed her.

“Where is she?” Fro’hik asked as he entered the room he had set aside for monitoring the target.

“Still at the Angel Direct…” Kren’ikky started.

“What?” Fro’hik demanded.

“They’re on the move.” Kren’ikky answered as he began waving his hands over the monitoring equipment.

The magical tracing equipment sprang into action whirring and humming as it traced Dawn’s movements.

“She’s moving through time.” Grick’nak said.

“Can we follow?” Fro’hik asked.

“Not at the moment, she’s going too far backwards.” Grick’nak said.

“Damn!” Fro’hik swore.

“So this is where you spend your misbegotten youth.” Dawn said looking round.

They had arrived in the outskirts of London in late April 1875, the air carried the scent of flowers from the woods near where they were walking. There were very few people around, and the few that there were could not see the duo as they walked off towards a clearing in the woods. Spike had once had a fling there when he was much younger.

“Well yea it was actually.” Spike said looking round and reminiscing.

He had been sixteen when he had met a young woman by the name of Serendipity, he had romanced her, wrote much poetry about her. She had looked much like Dawn, in fact he sometimes thought of Dawn as the reincarnation, physically speaking, of Serendipity.

They had spent many spring afternoons in the clearing they were now heading towards, Serendipity had been one of the few women who liked him for what he was, not his parents and their wealth, who had owned one of the major shipping lines. Of course by the time he was twenty his parents were almost broke, they had lost the shipping line, thanks to his fathers gambling problem.

He hadn’t realised at the time but Serendipity had actually been a demon, Spike had meet her again in the mid twentieth century, she had turned out to be a Grick demon.

Spike sighed.

“Problem?” Dawn asked, they were, by this point, laying out the picnic and utensils.

“No, just a little nostalgic.” Spike answered.

“Oh.” Dawn said as she passed him a plate.

“Thanks.” Spike said taking it.

Almost four hours later they were laying in the grass watching the clouds float across the sky.

“This is nice.” Dawn said, she had her head resting against his shoulder.

“I haven’t had this good a time since I was in my teens.” Spike said.

“You know I don’t think I know what your human name was.” Dawn said a little sleepily.

“Well that’s all in the past.” Spike said, “I try not to think about it much, there’s no sense dwelling on the past.”

“Of course when you can relive it that sentence has absolutely no meaning.” Dawn said with a huge smile.

“Oooh, come here you.” Spike smiled as he pulled Dawn into a passionate embrace.

The sun was just starting to set when Spike suggested that they should head back to the Angel Directorship.

Dawn took hold of Spike’s hand and began to move them back to what they considered the present.

“Fro’hik! They’re on the move, heading back to the present.” Grick’nak called to his boss.

“Good prepare the scoop.” Fro’hik said with joy.

“The scoop?” Kren’ikky, by far the dumbest of the trio, asked.

“It’ll pull her here to us.” Fro’hik explained.

Dawn and Spike had reached the early twenty first century, when suddenly Dawn vanished and Spike stopped moving.

“Dawn?” Spike called. He looked round and saw that he was in Sunnydale, in fact he was near his crypt, “Oh, oh, this could be a problem.”

“Wot the ‘ell.” came Spike’s voice from behind Spike.

Spike spun round to see himself, “Damn!”

“Now this is unreal.” the Spike from the past said.

“Tell me about it.” the Spike from the future said.

“We better go see Rupert.” the Spike from the past said.

“Good idea.” the Spike from the future said.