The Demonic War

Chapter 16
Nothing Lasts Forever

“So you’re from the future?” Giles was trying to get the facts straight in his head.

“Yes, and I can’t tell you anything more than that.” future Spike said. He and his past self were seated at the table in the Magic Box.

“So why are you here?” Buffy asked.

“I can’t tell you, but I can tell you that I really need to use your phone.” future Spike said.

“Okay, local call?” Giles said indicating the phone.

“No, collect to England.” future Spike said getting up and walking over to the phone, he picked it up and began dialling. The number was one Giles had never seen before.

“Who are you ringing?” Giles asked.

“Someone to help.” future Spike said, before saying into the phone, “Merlin, please.”

“Merlin? As in King Arthur and Camelot?” Buffy asked coming up behind him.

“It’s Colonel Spike, I need your help.” future Spike said into the receiver, “Can you come here? … Okay I’ll be waiting.”

“Merlin’s coming here? Now?” Buffy asked.

“Yes, in fact he should be walking through that door about now.” as future Spike said the last word the door to the store opened and a bearded man walked in.

“Spike it has been a while.” Merlin said as he approached the future Spike and shook his hand.

“My wife and I were travelling back to our time when she vanished and I got stuck here, so I need you to open a portal to my present and to the HQ.” future Spike was having to be fairly vague so as to keep Dawn’s future a secret as much as possible.

“I can do that, I will need to be at a psychic hot spot.” Merlin answered.

“Okay.” Giles said, “Tara and Willow can find it for you.”

Less than thirty minutes later Spike and Merlin were standing around a small stone circle in the woods just outside Sunnydale.

Merlin was chanting and a portal was forming in the center of the circle.

“The portal is now linked to your time, you can go through whenever you want.” Merlin said as he stopped chanting and the portal opened fully.

“Thank you, and you will remember the third principle commandment?” Spike asked him. He was referring to the standing order that all mortals who find out about the angels and their struggle have their memories blocked.

“I will not, would you like to know what has happened to your ‘wife’?” Merlin said, he had a funny look on his face.

“What happened?” Spike asked.

“She was kidnapped by an insane demon using a scoop.” Merlin said.

“A scoop?” Spike looked intrigued.

“A machine that takes someone out of interdimensional space.” Merlin told him.

“Okay, anymore information?” Spike asked as he moved towards the portal

“No, sorry, be careful.” Merlin called as Spike leapt through the portal.

Dawn opened her eyes to find that it was just as dark as when they were closed, she tried to move but found that with the exception of her head she couldn’t move, “Where am I?” she called.

“Locked in a machine that will when triggered kill all the angels.” came Fro’hik’s happy voice.

“What? How?” Dawn asked, she was scared as hell but she knew she had to find out all the information she could.

“It will force all the angels to revert to their original mortal forms.” Fro’hik said as he turned on the light. Dawn found that she was surrounded by a tangle of wires and plates of metal and circuit boards, “The force of it will kill most of the angels, and what do you know, there’s no limit to the range of the machine, but you … you it will kill by sucking you life force and using it to power itself.”

“You’re insane!” Dawn cried. It seemed to her that Fro’hik was taking extreme pleasure in telling her what was going to happen.

“Why thank you.” Fro’hik said with a smile that bordered on maniacal, and on seeing her face he let loose a laugh that would defiantly be described as maniacal.

Spike fell from the portal into the middle of the great hall in the Angel Directorship HQ.

“Spike? Where’s Dawn?” Mary asked standing up and walking over to help Spike up.

“Kidnapped, snatched in the middle of time travelling.” Spike told her, he noticed Buffy, Willow and Tara coming up behind Mary, Buffy looked so worried it almost broke Spike’s heart.

“Using a scoop?” Mary asked.

“according to Merlin, yea.” Spike answered.

“Then we have a chance.” Mary told them, “A scoop leaves a traceable energy signature.” Mary lead the way to the operations room.

Three hours later with the specific location of the origin of the scoop, Spike, Buffy, Willow and Tara were preparing to leave on a rescue mission.

“Take care whoever snatched Dawn knows what they’re doing.” Mary warned them as they stepped towards the portal.

“Will do.” Buffy said as she stepped through beside Spike and followed by the two witches.

“It’s time to start the fireworks.” Fro’hik said as he walked over to a control panel.

“Don’t please.” Dawn pleaded.

“No chance sweetheart.” Fro’hik retorted as he threw a switch. The machine started to rumble, low at first but it began to grow.

“Stop right there!” came Spike’s voice from behind him.

“Yea well, I’d turn it off if I could.” Fro’hik laughed, “But ya see there’s no way to turn it off.”

“Spike, get out of here now!” cried Dawn.

“Not without you!” Spike called back.

Suddenly the rumbling of the machine reached a certain point then changed pitch slightly. Dawn felt a pain deep in her stomach, she saw the other four angels double over in pain.

“Feel my wrath angel scum!” laughed Fro’hik loudly, “Soon the machine will force all the other angels back into their mortal bodies.”

“That’ll kill them!” Dawn cried, “Spike, you have to try and destroy the machine!”

Spike began moving slowly towards the control panel, Fro’hik saw him coming and brought both his hand down onto Spike’s neck, knocking him unconscious.

The machine continued its low rumbling as the four angels writhed in pain. Other angels throughout time and space were dieing as the machine forced them back into their human bodies, their souls couldn’t handle the pressure, they simply stopped working and vanished. When one becomes an angel the soul is transmutated and becomes the body in which they live, when the machine forced the angels back to their mortal bodies the soul is forced back into it’s original shell. The soul cannot transmutated a second time, so when the newly mortal angels die the soul is lost forever.

Buffy heard a roar as Grick’nak and Kren’ikky crashed through the roof from the room above and rushed at her, Spike was still out cold and thus couldn’t get out of the way of the falling stone from the roof. Buffy barely managed to get her arm up to block when a shake of the floor caused her to collapse onto the floor, and in the split second it took for Grick’nak’s spiked arm to move towards her she realised that the building was slowly collapsing. Grick’nak’s arm came smashing down and stabbed into Buffy’s chest.

She felt her ribs crack and one puncture her lung and the other tore into her heart, she felt the pain as she began to bleed into her chest cavity. She looked at Dawn and tried to say she was sorry, but found she had no voice to do so. Buffy saw in Dawn’s eyes that she knew and she understood.

Willow and Tara weren’t fairing too well either, Kren’ikky had them and he was using them as if they were drumsticks and banging their heads on the concrete floor of the room they were in. At least they had lost consciousness so they would feel less pain.

Spike had come round to find that he was trapped underneath a large block of stone that had fallen from the ceiling, he knew that if he didn’t get out from under it soon that sunlight that was shining through would be giving him a real nice tan.

Spike glanced over at Dawn, “I love you.”

Spike saw Dawn’s lips move as she mouthed the words back at him, before she lost consciousness, he could feel, actually feel, her heart slow and her breathing becoming more and more irregular.

Within seconds Dawn had stopped breathing altogether and a few seconds after that her heart stopped beating.

“Leave them and let’s go.” Fro’hik yelled as he rushed to open the door, “This whole building’s gonna come down on top of us.”

The two larger demons looked at him then at each other, “Let’s go then.” Grick’nak said.

Behind them they left Spike still trapped and about to become a rather worn pile of dust, Buffy bleeding internally, her life force slowly seeping away, Willow and Tara well and truly out cold and in immanent danger of being crushed by falling stone from the ceiling and Dawn with no heartbeat and not breath still hooked up to the machine as it sucked every last drop of life from her and the Key buried deep within her form…

Is this the end for our heroes????