The Demonic War

Chapter 19
Afterdeath Error

“Leave them and let’s go.” Fro’hik yelled as he rushed to open the door, “This whole building’s gonna come down on top of us.”

The two larger demons looked at him then at each other, “Let’s go then.” Grick’nak said.

Behind them they left Spike still trapped and about to become a rather worn pile of dust, Buffy bleeding internally, her life force slowly seeping away, Willow and Tara well and truly out cold and in immanent danger of being crushed by falling stone from the ceiling and Dawn with no heartbeat and not breath still hooked up to the machine as it sucked every last drop of life from her and the Key buried deep within her for.

Suddenly Dawn’s form began to glow with a bright white light. Spike found that it was too bright for his eyes so he was forced to look away, it was at this point he noticed that Buffy’s body was also glowing with the same light as Dawn’s.

Dawn screamed. Spike twisted back to look at her. The sound was horrific. But it was enough to break the bonds that held her.

“Buffy!” Dawn cried as she stepped out of the machine. Spike managed to look back at the slayer, who was by this point standing.

“Dawn!” Buffy called back, “We have to get the others out of here! Now!”

“Grab the other side of this.” Dawn said indicating the stone that pinned Spike.

Spike found himself fascinated by the fact that both were somehow still alive, and both were still somewhat glowing.

Buffy and Dawn, working together, moved the stone as if it weighed less than half what it actually did.

“Can you get up?” Dawn asked Spike.

“Yea, I think so.” Spike answered as he flexed his legs.

“Then get up and help us with Willow and Tara.” Buffy almost snapped.

“Okay fine, ignore my suffering.” Spike retorted as he got to his feet.

“We have no time for this.” Dawn said as she moved to check on Tara.

“Spike, you in the middle, Dawn help Tara up and I’ll help Willow.” Buffy said as they started to get the unconscious witches to their feet, “Dawn?”

As if through telepathy Dawn knew what Buffy was thinking, “Dawn we need to get them to a hospital, they’re mortal now.” Dawn could actually feel her love for Willow and her fear of losing her, and losing Dawn.

Dawn began to concentrate on opening a portal, it always took a lot more effort to open one where there wasn’t a hot spot. Suddenly Dawn found that it was easier. She had help. She had her sister. She had Buffy.

The portal sprang to life and Dawn and Buffy bundled the other three through.

Dawn felt her sister’s thoughts as to where they were going. “We’re going to the Angel Directorship, they have the best hospital facilities in the entire timeline.” Dawn thought to herself, but she knew that Buffy had the same thought, as if any thought Dawn, herself, had was duplicated in her sister’s mind. Maybe it was, she thought, we share souls maybe we share more than that.

The trip took less than a quarter of the time it usually took, so Buffy and Dawn weren’t ready when the popped out into the hospital wing of the Angel Directorship.

“Doctor!” called Buffy.

“They’ll all be dead or dying.” Dawn pointed out.

“Can you work the regen pools?” Buffy looked quizzically at her sister.

“Yes.” Dawn answered as she moved over to the large pool full of pale purple liquid, “Place them in it.”

Buffy moved to do as her sister ordered. Once Spike, and the two witches were fully submerged, Dawn moved over to the console and turned the healing waves on.

“They will need at least another four days in there to be back to full health.” Dawn told Buffy, “Do you remember what happened?”

“Yes, we died.” Buffy simply answered.

“Do you remember the dark place, where we met?” Dawn asked, she sounded a little frustrated at Buffy’s answer.

“Yes.” Buffy answered warmly, looking at her sister with great love and understanding.

Dawn realised that she could feel Buffy’s love for her and as an undercurrent she could feel her worry over Willow and Tara.

“Can you…?” Dawn didn’t need to finish the question, Buffy was already nodding as she was walking towards Dawn.

When Buffy reached Dawn she placed a hand on her right cheek, Dawn knew that she was meant to mirror the movement. Warmth rushed up her arm as soon as her skin touched her sisters.

Buffy too could feel the warmth rushing up her own arm, she closed her eyes and knew that Dawn was doing the same, she whispered, “I love you.”

“And I you.” Dawn whispered back.

That was enough, the two sisters fell into each others arms, they held each other in an embrace so loving it glowed.

In fact their bodies really did glow, the light moved as though liquid, it flowed through the corridors of the Angel Directorship, washing over the dead bodies of the angels.

When it reached the portal room, all the portals opened at the same time and the light flowed through them to wash over all the world where angels had died as a result of the Fro’hik’s machine.

The light passed over countless demons, who noticed nothing, as did the other life forms it passed over. Angel’s throughout existence who had died or were dieing began to slowly come back to life.

“Buffy?” Dawn whispered into her sister’s ear.

“Mmm?” Buffy responded, she had her head resting on Dawn’s shoulder.

“What’s happening?” Dawn asked.

“There is a bond between us, the bond has provided the conduit for the repair of the timeline.” Buffy murmured, she sounded as if she were almost asleep.

“We are truly sisters?” Dawn asked.

“No, we are more than sisters.” Buffy pulled back to look into Dawn’s sparkling spectrum blue eyes.

Dawn looked deep into Buffy’s eyes, she saw reflected there her own face. In some detached part of her mind Dawn noted that Buffy’s eyes were no longer the colour they were when she was alive, they were now a deep blue, almost what one would call ocean blue.

“We are soul mates.” Buffy said, still looking into Dawn’s eyes.

Suddenly the light flared to bright for them to keep their eyes open, both Buffy and Dawn screwed their eyes shut.

When Buffy could open her eyes again she found that Dawn was no longer had the body of a 25 year old, she one again had the body of a innocent 14 year old.

“W-what?” was all Dawn could say.

“Love. It can change time.” came an echoing voice.

“What do you mean?” Buffy asked looking round to see where the voice came from.

“Your love for each other has turned back time, physically you are now what you once were.” the voice answered.

“Umm who are you?” Dawn asked looking round.

“This is the voice of the Powers That Be.” the voice answered.

“You’re kidding.” exclaimed Buffy.

“No.” the voice said, “You have saved existence more times than any other beings in creation.”

“Yes so?” Buffy asked.

“It has bee decided that you are both to be imbued with additional powers to help in your fight against the forces of darkness.” the voice told them.

“What about the rest of the angels?” Buffy asked.

“Most cannot be regenerated.” the voice said, “Those that you have helped will be restored to full health.”

“And the rest?” Dawn asked.

“They will be remembered.” the voice said, it held a twinge of sadness.

“And us?” Dawn asked looking at her sister.

“You can do what you want, when you are together you can do anything.” the voice said as it faded away.

“Anything?” Dawn whispered.

“Anything.” Buffy confirmed.

“I love you.” Dawn said looking deep into her sister’s eyes.

“And I you.” Buffy replied.