The Demonic War

Chapter 2
The Slayers Blade

“Dawn the Angel Directorship would like to present you with the Slayers Blade.” Michael said.

In the chest was a sword it’s blade was blood red and it’s handle was a pure gold color. It was about three and a half feet long with precious jewels embedded in the handle. Beside it lay a scabbard, it was also a blood red color and was encrusted with jewels.

“The Slayers Blade?” Dawn said in awe.

“Forged by Sineya, herself, in the time before Earth.” Michael said with a touch of pride.

“Before Earth?” Spike asked.

“Before humanity gained a purchase on that dimension, before the demons lost theirs.” Mary said.

“But it is called the Slayers Blade, should not the slayer wield it?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, but none of the slayers we have in the army can, the sword rejects them.” Michael said.

“It is waiting.” Oracle said, he had come forward, so he was standing between the small group around the chest and the rest of the Angel Directorship.

“Waiting for what?” Spike asked.

“Waiting for it’s owner.” Oracle said.

“For me?” Dawn asked in amazement.

“I believe so, try to pick it up.” Michael said.

Dawn knelt on one knee and placed her hand on the sword’s hilt, it felt slightly warm and a spark arced between it and Dawn’s hand, but not to push her away but to pull her into it.

She lifted the sword out of it’s case and suddenly the blade glowed brightly.

“She is the one.” Oracle said in an awed voice.

“I do believe you are right.” Michael said, he also sounded awed.

“How? She’s not a daughter of Sineya” Buffy asked.

“The Key is older than Sineya, it was in existence before creation.” Mary said.

“But how would that matter?” Spike asked.

“The Slayers Blade was forged from energy, the same energy which was used to forge the Key.” Mary said staring at Dawn.

“Warmaster! We have a report of a demonic incursion in the Pynaya dimension.” one of the other Angel Directorship members called to Michael.

“Perhaps it is time to test out our new warriors?” Michael said looking at Dawn and Spike.

“We’ll provide backup.” Buffy said.

“Very well.” Michael said.

“Access to Pynaya, granted.” came a voice from nowhere.
“Portal to be opened in…”
“5 …”
“4 …”
“3 …”
“2 …”
“1 … portal opening.”

Off to the side of the room a portal opened with none of the usual quaking.

“After you.” Joseph and Spike both said indicating their respective partners, then smiled at each other.

“Wait.” called Mary.

“What?” Spike asked.

“You are not properly attired.” Michael said looking him up and down.

“What do you mean?” Spike asked looking at his clothes.

Michael stared hard at him and his clothes began to glow and change.

When they had finished they were similar to Joseph’s. Pure white duster, white leather pants and a white sweater. There was a sword attached to his back it was identical to Joseph’s.

Dawn meanwhile was attaching the Slayers Blade to her back in it’s own sheath.

“Ready to go?” Joseph and Buffy asked in unison.

“Ready, willing…” Dawn began.

“…And able.” Spike finished smiling at Dawn.

“Ye god’s that’s annoying.” Joseph said.

“And a little disconcerting.” Buffy said throwing her sister an evil glance.

“Then glow with our blessing and return soon.” another member of the Angel Directorship said.

“We’re gone.” Spike said leading the way into the portal.

The passage through the portal was calm and they emerged into a bright sunshine lit forest less than three minutes later.

“Dawn, Spike go that way and scout, we’ll go this way.” Buffy said pointing to her left then to her right.

Dawn and Spike rushed in the direction she had indicated. They moved faster than they would have if they were still human.

Spike was struck by a thought just as they reached the tree line, “Hey, why am I not on fire?”

“Because you’re not a vampire anymore, you’re an angel.” Dawn said with a smile.

“Really, wow.” Spike said in a happily amazed tone.

“Yea, it comes in handy for fighting angels.” came Buffy’s voice.

Dawn and Spike both looked around for the slayer, found no one.

“Buffy?” Dawn said tentatively.

“Telepathic communication, another advantage of being an angel.” came Buffy’s voice again, no they thought about it Dawn and Spike both realised that the words were bypassing the normal route and just appearing in their heads.

“I’ll say it is, It’s not working all the time though is it?” Dawn thought at Buffy.

“No, when you need it just think at the person you want receiving it.” Buffy thought back.

“Anything over your way?” Spike thought at Buffy.

“Nope, yours?” Buffy thought back.

“Nothing, do we know what sort of demons we’re dealing with?” Dawn thought at the other three.

“I can sense some Devorshak demons some where close.” Joseph thought.

“Description?” Dawn thought.

Joseph sent a mental image of the demon in question to Dawn, Spike and Buffy, it was big with orange skin, gigantic blue horns on it’s temples and no nose. It’s eyes were completely purple.

“We got movement over here.” Spike said, he was looking off to his right.

Dawn followed his gaze, she saw about twenty Devorshak demons they seemed to be inebriated, “Can these things get drunk?” she thought at Joseph.

“No, why?” he thought back.

“Coz these ones look drunk.” Dawn thought.

“Huh, hang on a sec, this may feel a bit weird.” Joseph thought as Dawn began to feel her optic nerve tighten, suddenly she had a sense of someone else inside her own head.

“Damn, they’ve been drugged.” Joseph thought.

“What was that?” Dawn almost said that out loud.

“Sorry, I borrowed your optic nerves for a while.” Joseph’s thoughts sounded apologetic.

“That was an unusual feeling.” Dawn thought back.

“Back on topic people.” thought Spike.

“We’re swinging round to meet up with you.” thought Buffy.

“Roger that.” Dawn thought at her, then at Spike, “I’ve always wanted to say that.”

Spike just smiled at her.

The Devorshak demon let out a howl, Dawn realised that they were laughing, one of them had apparently told a joke.

“Are we going to ambush them?” Spike thought at Joseph.

“No they aren’t the target, they’re the bait.” Joseph thought back.