The Demonic War

Chapter 3

“Bait for what?” Spike thought.

“Look about four miles behind the Devorshak.” Buffy thought at both Dawn and Spike.

Obediently they did as they were told, and there they saw following the Devorshak demons were three of what looked like eight feet tall turtles walking on their hind legs. The only other distinctive feature about them was their tails, they were about six feet long and dragged through the grass.

“What are those?” Dawn thought.

“Those are Turtals demons.” Buffy thought at them, “The turtle’s of the twentieth century are descended from them.”

“Wow, they’re magnificent creatures.” Dawn said.

“But they’re deadly, one bite will introduce a powerful poison into the victims, the poison kills humans with in two minutes, it affects other being differently, it can kill angels.” Joseph thought.

“Wait a sec, you said the only way we can be killed is by decapitation, so how can this poison kill us?” Spike thought.

“It spreads through out our nervous systems and will rot them from the inside out, even angels need a nervous system.” he answered.

“Eww.” Dawn thought at the other three, “So how can we kill them?”

“The Turtals can only be killed by cracking their shells.” Buffy thought as she and Joseph crept up behind Dawn and Spike.

“Any crack or a large one?” Spike asked in a quiet whisper.

“Think it, don’t say it.” Joseph’s thoughts sounded a little angry.

“Sorry.” Spike’s thoughts didn’t sound at all sorry.

“Any crack in their shell will kill them almost instantly.” Joseph thought at them.

“You know you angels really should watch your flank more.” came a gruff voice from behind them.

All four of them spun round to see three demons, each one was well over nine feet tall. Two had three arms each while the other had four, they looked like they were from the same species but it was hard to tell from the vantage point of the angels.

“And the lot of you should pay more attention to what’s happening in the world around you.” came a yell from behind the angels.

“Bloody hell, Devorshak demons!” cried the demon with four arms.

“Yea an’ ya really shoulda paid more attention to ya backs.” came the lead Devorshak demon’s voice.

The two groups of demons began circling the angels glancing between them and the opposing force.

Suddenly there was a loud pop and a cloud of gas engulfed the three groups rendering them unconscious within seconds.

“Dawn?” it was Buffy’s voice that brought Dawn round. She tried to stretch her arms, but found them tied behind her back.

“Dawn?” came Buffy’s voice again.

“What?” Dawn tried to say, but she found that it just came out as a croak.

“Concentrate, speak in your mind.” this was Joseph’s telepathic voice.

“What happened?” Dawn thought at them as she tried to open her eyes.

“Hanoy Gas, a powerful knockout gas.” came Spike’s thoughts.

“Why? Who?” Dawn thought, she was beginning to panic, she suddenly realised that her eyes were open, the location they were in was so black. There was absolutely no light at all.

“Don’t know, Hanoy Gas is illegal under the code of demonic combat, so I’m betting it was the rebels.” Joseph thought.

“There are rebels?” Dawn thought in astonishment.

“In every war there are three sides, three opposing sides.” Joseph thought, his thoughts seemed to have a touch of humour to them.

“It’s like the truth.” Dawn thought.

“What?” came Buffy’s thoughts.

Spike began thinking the phrase, his thoughts were smiling as he did so, “The truth is like a three edged sword…”

Dawn could feel her mouth muscles moving into a grin, “… there’s your side, their side and the truth.”

“That’s still disconcerting.” Buffy thought at them.

Dawn managed to actually croak a laugh out loud.

“Bkd’n jelhl?” came a voice from across the room, the words were spoken in a demonic language but they arrived in Dawn’s head in plain English, “Who’s there?”

Dawn coughed, before managing to say, “Who are you?”

“Demoztac, I’m a Devorshak, who are you?” the voice answered.

“We’re from the angel army.” Buffy answered.

“Can you move?” Demoztac asked.

“No, you?” this time Joseph answered.

“No.” Demoztac said, “You scum, you able to move?”

It took Dawn a few second to realise that he wasn’t speaking to them, but to the rest of his kin that had been captured.

“Naw boss, we not goin’ nowhere.” came another voice.

All this conversation, Dawn realised, was being spoken in different languages but it was all being understood.

“Uck that was terrible grammar.” Dawn’s bout of teaching English took over for a second, “Sorry, force of habit.”

“No prob bob, we get tellings like that all time.” came the voice again.

“Hey, how many of you are there?” Buffy asked, to Dawn she sounded like she was getting a plan.

“Bout six.” came Demoztac’s voice.

“Buffy, what are you planning?” Dawn thought at her sister.

“Razor sharp horns.” Buffy thought back at her, sending along a mental image of what she was planning.

“Oooh now that’s a plan.” Spike thought, he had obviously been listening in.

Dawn couldn’t help but smile in her lovers direction, she realised at that point that she could feel Spike just off to her left, if she concentrated she could almost see him.

Suddenly Dawn realised that the room was very slowly being lit by an extremely faint green light.

“What that light?” came a new voice.

“Dawn? You’re glowing.” Buffy said out loud.

“Dawn? as in Dawn Summers?” came yet another voice, this one wasn’t human or Devorshak.

Spike looked over at the far wall and saw a thin shadow, “Who’s asking?”

“I’m Tu’lathina, I’m a Corshack demon.” the shadow told them.

“How long have you been here, mate?” Spike asked.

“Two thousand six hundred and thirty nine years.” he answered.

By this point Dawn was glowing brightly enough so they could all see. The demon who had spoken looked human, except for his build, which was tall and skinny, and his eyes, which were silver.

“You are Dawn Summers, you are the Key.” Tu’lathina said in amazement.

“How do you know of me?” Dawn asked.

“All the angel legions know of the Key.” Tu’lathina answered.

“You’re and angel?” Buffy asked.

“In principal if not in fact.” Tu’lathina told her.

“Of course Corshack demons cannot form relationships, that’s why you’re a dieing species.” Joseph said.

“To true, unfortunately.” Tu’lathina answered.

“So can anyone move?” Spike asked, he sounded a little exasperated.

“I can, but until now I had no way of escape, with you here maybe we have a chance.” Tu’lathina said walking over to Dawn and using his preternatural strength to break the ropes holding her.

They both began to free the others, with in ten minutes the eleven demons and angels were free and looking suspiciously at each other in the light from Dawn.

“What now?” Spike asked.