The Demonic War

Chapter 4
Escape & Retribution

“Now we get out of here?” Dawn said.

“Agreed.” Tu’lathina said walking towards the door, well what passed for a door it looked more like a stone slab in a stone wall, the only thing that distinguished it from the rest of the wall was the slight discoloration around the edges.

“If only we had the Slayers Blade.” Joseph said.

“But we can.” Dawn said in a faraway voice.

Spike looked at her eyes and saw that she was going, “Dawn, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to get the blade.” Dawn answered as her eyes turned grey and lifeless, Spike caught her as she collapsed.

“Dawn!” Buffy cried as she rushed to her sister.

Dawn could feel her spirit for lack of a better word leaving her body and following a call she hadn’t realised she had been hearing. The call of the Slayers Blade.

Her spirit flew through walls and floors up and forward through over ten floors. There shouldn’t have been this many floors, she thought.

“You think we got someone worth trading for, this time?” it was a voice coming from the next room Dawn thought that the voice sounded like Tu’lathina’s.

Dawn floated towards the room and as she poked her head through the wall she saw three demons that looked identical to Tu’lathina.

“Yea, I think that second female the brunette is the Key.” the one on the right said.

“No kidding? The Key?” the one on the left said.

“Bro’lathina, Alu’lathina we must keep focus.” the third said.

“Yea, yea Hos’lathina, it’s not hard to keep an eye on eleven out of it prisoners.” the first one, presumably Bro’lathina, said.

“But Tu’lathina isn’t out of it, is he?” Hos’lathina said with a scowl.

“Yea but he’s mentally challenged, you know that.” the second one said. He must be, by process of elimination, Alu’lathina.

“He doesn’t believe like us, that doesn’t make him mentally challenged.” Hos’lathina snapped.

Dawn meanwhile was looking round the room, specifically looking for the Slayers Blade, which she could feel in the room somewhere. As she was looking around she noticed a watery red glow coming from a chest off to the right of the room.

“Hey, that funny swords glowing again.” Alu’lathina said, taking a step towards the chest, “It’s goodness is repulsive.”

Dawn ran to the chest, she found that her hand passed right through the lid. Inside she felt the sword, the one thing she had been able to feel since she left her body. She wrapped her hand around the hilt and lifted.

The sword came right through the lid, the glow from the chest stop, the demon took a step backwards.

Suddenly the chest exploded, sending splinters outwards. While they passed right through Dawn, the demons were nowhere near that lucky, several pieces struck Alu’lathina in the throat, while the other two faired a little better, with splinters striking them in their arms and legs.

Dawn stood there watching the mayhem the explosion had caused. The sword was still in her hand but like her it seemed to be insubstantial.

“Dawn.” it was Buffy’s voice but it was so faint she barely heard it.

Dawn looked around to see if Buffy had somehow gotten out of the room, but she couldn’t see her anywhere. So she turned at headed back to the room where the others were being held. Dawn found it a little hard to retrace her steps but she trusted the sword so she followed it’s lead.

“Dawn?” Buffy gently stroked Dawn’s hair.

Suddenly Dawn’s body stood up, it’s eye’s flew open, they were still blank and lifeless.

“She’s here.” Tu’lathina said looking around the room.

Dawn could feel Tu’lathina looking at her, but she couldn’t see anything. Off to her left she felt Spike and straight ahead she felt her body.

“Go to it.” came a voice she had never heard before.

She did as the voice told her, she walked forwards toward her body.

Spike was looking directly into Dawn’s eyes when suddenly they burst to life with a bright green flash blinding Spike temporarily. Just as suddenly the Slayers Blade appeared in her hand.

“Oh my.” Joseph said looking at Dawn, whose eyes were still glowing green.

“They’re your people, that are holding us here.” she said turning to Tu’lathina.

“Yes, my brothers, they believe like most of my kind that this war is wrong, that both sides are fighting over nothing.” Tu’lathina said hanging his head.

“And you believe differently?” Dawn said walking towards him.

“Yes, I believe that the war is necessary, that the Angels and the Demons must fight, to find the dominant religion.” Tu’lathina said looking Dawn in her glowing eyes.

“Dominant religion?” Joseph said, coming to stand behind Dawn, “This war isn’t about theology.”

“Yes, it is, only you don’t know it.” Tu’lathina said changing the focus of his gaze.

“You are all going to come with us.” Dawn said spinning round to face the door.

Taking several steps forward towards the door she raised the sword and carved an X in the door then shoved the blade through the center of it.

The door, under that sort of pressure couldn’t hold so it did the only thing it could. It crumbled into dust.

Dawn strode through the hole left by the door, and headed towards the stairs just beyond. She stopped at the foot and turned to face the rest of them, “Well, are you coming?”

“You bettcha boss.” said one of the Devorshak demons. then as one the six of them walked to and climbed the stairs.

“Now those are some weird demons.” Spike said.

“Tu’lathina, you next, I’m not letting you out of my sight.” Dawn said waving the sword at him.

The tall demon did as he was told.

“Dawn? What’s going on?” Buffy asked.

“There’s more to this war than we’ve been told.” Dawn said.

“And so what? Your gonna do something about it?” Spike asked.

“The Angel Directorship is holding out on us, and I can’t let that happen. Ever.” Dawn said, the glow in her eyes was finally fading. She turned and stalked up the stairs after Tu’lathina.

Buffy looked at Joseph, who shrugged and proceeded to follow Dawn.

“Don’t bother looking at me.” Spike said, “She’s never acted this way before.”

“I know and that’s what bothers me the most.” Buffy said heading after her sister and her lover.

Ten minutes later they were out in the fresh air. The Devorshak demons were milling around as if at a loss as to what to do.

“Joseph, can you open a portal to the Angel Directorship banquet hall?” Buffy asked.

“No, I’ve been trying to for the last two minutes, something’s blocking my attempts.” he answered, he looked worried.

“Stand aside.” Dawn said. She moved to where he had been standing and began moving her arms in a circular motion, round and round and faster and faster.

Soon her arms were moving faster than anything living could do, her arms were a blur, in the center a green glowing dot appeared and began growing.

Within seconds the dot was larger than Dawn. When it reached about eight feet in diameter it stopped growing.

“Right Devorshak demons first then Tu’lathina, Buffy and Joseph bring up the rear.” Dawn’s voice carried with a resonance that only an experienced military general could have.

The group all piled through the portal.

“Our operative has been placed with the Kay and the vampire.” Rush’ak told Lucifer.

“Good, will he succeed?” Lucifer asked looking at the gathered demons.

“We…we cannot know.” Gabnick said looking sheepish, which for a ferocious looking demon is very hard.

“This is not good.” Lucifer said.

“The operative has already altered the perception of the Angel Directorship in the minds the angels.” Fer’gevak said.

Lucifer smiled, the gathered demons cringed.