The Demonic War

Chapter 5
Truth & Lies

Dawn had somehow in the interdimensional spaces ended up leading the group of demons and angels, so when she emerged from the portal she was the first to see bowing down in front of the members of the Angel Directorship, an old man with a flowing white hair and beard, wearing what looked like a gown covered with stars.

“Merlin, you have done…” Michael was saying, he broke off mid-sentence as he saw first Dawn then the Devorshak, then Tu’lathina and lastly the other three angels.

“We have to talk.” Dawn said menacingly, her words were made even more forceful due to the fact she had the Slayers Blade drawn, She didn’t remember drawing it but it was there nonetheless and she felt good about it.

“You have no right to demand anything from me.” Michael said standing and walking towards her, “Or this council.”

By this point he was within arm and sword length’s reach of Dawn.

“You presume too much, Michael.” Dawn punctuated the statement with a swish of the sword. A line of blood welled up on Michael’s cheek.

“Sacrilege!” cried Jeffery leaping to his feet.

“Sit down.” Dawn swished the sword in his direction. A cut opened up on his arm.

The rest of the Angel Directorship clamped their lips together, none wanting to anger Dawn any further.

“You sent us into an ambush.” Dawn said as she began pacing in front of Michael.

Merlin meanwhile had gotten to his feet and quietly walked over to stand behind Oracle.

“You knew that we would get caught.” Dawn said. Michael hadn’t moved, the blood from his cut was running down his chiselled chin and dripping onto his white toga style outfit.

“Why?” Dawn stopped pacing to stand directly in front of Michael.

“We did not know for certain that it was a trap.” Michael said, his voice was firm and steady as it usually was.

“But you, personally, did.” it was a statement not a question.

“No.” Michaels voice wavered slightly.

“You’re lying.” this from Spike as he came to stand just behind Dawn.

“Yes, he is.” Oracle said as he walked forward, “How did you know? more importantly, why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“I…I…I…” Michael could only stutter.

“You, the head of the Angel Directorship, withheld vital information from us all?” Mary said staring at him.

“That…that isn’t possible.” Jeffery managed to say.

This whole affair had shaken everyone in the room.

“The possible is always possible, if the right circumstances are present.” Dawn said, “Buffy, could you take the demons to the holding cells?”

Buffy nodded and with Joseph’s help managed to herd the Devorshak demons and Tu’lathina out of the room.

“Dawn, you cannot take over this council.” Jeffery said standing.

“She has the power to do it.” Spike retorted.

“And she has the backing on myself.” Mary said standing and turning to look at Jeffery.

“Then we have two opposing views, that demands that a vote be taken.” a third member said.

“All those in favour…” Mary began.

“Stop.” Dawn’s voice was barely a whisper, but it resonated around the room, making everyone clasp their hands to their ears and making Michael collapse to his knees.

Michael looked up at Dawn, the fear was plain in his eyes.

“I do not want control of this council.” Dawn said looking at each of the members.

“Then what do you want?” Mary asked.

“The truth, and nothing else.” Dawn said looking at her.

“The council did not know it was an ambush, we received a report and we dispatched you.” Mary said, “I do not know what Michael knew.”

“Answer me.” Dawn said looking Michael in the eyes.

“T-they came to me and a-asking me to s-send t-the K-Key to t-them.” Michaels voice was cracking, as it seemed was his mind, “The twelve, the black and blue twelve.”

“His mind is going.” Mary said staring down at the pitiful wreck that was Michael, once the most powerful member of the Angel Directorship.

Michael gave a ferocious roar, suddenly a sword appeared in his hand. He rushed at Mary, whose back was now turned away from him.

Dawn, although his vision was obscured by Mary, knew what was about to happen, she pushed Mary aside bringing up the Slayers Blade to meet Michael’s blade with a crackle of energy.

“Don’t.” Dawn said quietly.

“H’ii l-hii q’do s’ii.” Dawn realised that Michael was speaking in Angelic, of course like every other language it was arriving in her brain fully translated into English, I’ll kill you all he had said.

“Why?” Dawn asked in angelic as they circled each other swords at the ready.

“For the truth.” Michael lunge at her, trying to impale her on his blade.

“What truth?” Dawn parried his blow sending him off balance. Dawn used her fist to hit Michael on the back of the neck.

“The truth of the lies.” Michael cried as he leapt to his feet and came at Dawn again.

“What lies?” Dawn was getting really pissed off at his answers. She smashed her blade down on his causing it to become embedded in the floor.

“The lies that cover the surface of a world in peril.” Michael snarled as he tried to free his sword.

“Explain!” Dawn lifted her sword to rest just under his chin.

“No, the truth must be free, it must be free of lies.” Michael threw himself backwards away from her sword.

Michael should have checked behind him.

Standing there with his sword drawn was Spike, when Michael threw himself backwards he impaled himself on his sword.

Dawn walked slowly towards the trapped Michael.

“Why have you tried to sabotage this war?” Dawn asked as she raised her sword and pointed it at his throat.

“The Legion Council has powers beyond anything we ever imagined, they have capabilities that eclipse ours.” Michael said. He was trying to move forward.

Suddenly he jerked himself forward. Dawn’s sword went straight through his neck coming out the back.

Dawn yanked the blade to her left severing most of Michael’s head from him body, she then swung the sword back taking the rest of his head.

Without his head Michael’s body began to rapidly turn to dust, slower than a vampires yet faster than a normal human.

It had been several hours since Dawn had taken Michael’s life, the Angel Directorship had elected Mary to the post of Warmaster.

Dawn was sitting with Spike in front of the members, who were pronouncing the findings of their investigations into Michael’s betrayal.

“It is the judgement of this panel, that the angel Dawn acted in the correct and right manner, she has helped uncover the plot to destabilise the war effort from within.” said Mary who as the head of the Directorship was seated at the center of the table.

Dawn just nodded and gave a small smile.

“The demon, Tu’lathina, having helped Dawn escape capture by the rebel forces is hereby promoted to field operative, and assigned to the training facility in the dimension Trulack’e.” Mary continued.

“Thank you.” Tu’lathina said bowing his head.

“Then, this tribunal is dismissed.” Mary said hitting a gravel that had appeared out of nowhere on the table.

“Our contact on the inside has been killed.” Rush’ak informed Lucifer.

“I know, that was part of the plan.” Lucifer rumbled in reply.

“What about the undercover agent?” Fer’gevak asked.

“He will be in place soon.” Rush’ak said. Of course for the Legion Council soon could mean anywhere between two days to three centuries.

“And the recruiting?” Lucifer asked.

“It is progressing admirably.” Duv’niknik answered, “Loki is supplying us with a steady stream of fresh blood, no pun intended.”

“Good.” Lucifer smiled.