The Demonic War

Chapter 6

“Field Operative Tu’lathina, reporting as ordered, Sir.” Tu’lathina said as he approached the general in charge of the training facility.

“We’ve had reports of D.U.O’s out on the perimeter, I want you to take a squad and check it out.” ordered General Gorathis, he was the highest ranking angel army member to ever be placed in charge of a training camp.

“Aye, Sir.” Tu’lathina said saluting and turning to leave.

“I suggest taking Beta Squad, they’re the only squad with actual combat experience.” the general said.

“Understood Sir.” Tu’lathina said before leaving the command tent.

He stood outside in the dusk like light of this world. The camp was a buzz, there were rumours of an all out assault being launched by the Legion Council on several command stations throughout several dimensions.

No confirmation was forthcoming from the Angel Directorship, apparently there was some sort of problem in communications, either getting to or coming from the war-room.

Tu’lathina knew the truth, he knew that the rumours were in fact very true, the Legion Council was launching an all out assault on the angel army. He knew this because he was an undercover operative for the Legion Council.

“Beta Squad! Form up!” he shouted at the top of his voice. Twelve rather worn looking demons and humanoid shaped rushed to stand at attention in front of Tu’lathina.

“Right, boys we’re on a recon mission to scout the training camp perimeter.” he yelled at them.

“Sir?” came a voice from the end of the row.

“Yes?” Tu’lathina said looking at the demon.

“We were wondering if the rumours were true, Sir.” the demon said.

“What rumours would those be, soldier?” Tu’lathina asked.

“The ones concerning the other outposts, Sir.” the demon responded.

“We cannot confirm those rumours, and even if we could it is of no concern to you.” Tu’lathina lied. He had found that this lie got easier and easier with each telling of it.

“Understood, Sir.” the demon said saluting.

“Right troops, move out!” Tu’lathina said.

Dawn, Spike and Buffy were stranded.

They had gone on a recon to the demon dimension of Pyth’agorus, Joseph had been forced to stay behind to take care of some personal business. The recon was a bust there were no demons of any sort in the dimension, that they could find, neither native nor alien.

Dawn had tried to open a portal to their second mission for the day, a scout mission to the dimension of Truthandilles, where the Angel Directorship had stationed a secondary Directorship there in case the main one was hit. The secondary Directorship stopped responding three days earlier.

The portal opened but the trio found that they could not enter it. It seemed that the interdimensional space had been closed off to all travellers.

“I really hope no one was in their when it broke down.” Spike said peering into the portal.

“It hasn’t broken down.” Buffy said, “It just stopped working.”

Spike gave her a withering look, “Oh that’s helpful, that really is.”

“Quiet.” Dawn spoke up. She was sitting cross legged on the ground meditating.

“What is it?” Buffy looked at her sister with concern.

“The interdimensional travel routes have been shut down.” Dawn said.

“And your point would be?” Spike asked.

“My point is that I have to concentrate so I can forge new routes.” Dawn snapped without opening her eyes.

Spike and Buffy both moved out of earshot of Dawn, then began to look around the area.

“Can she do it?” Buffy asked.

“Yea, with the control of her powers that being an angel has given her she can do almost anything.” Spike said.

Tu’lathina had done as he had been ordered to do. By both his commanders. The angel general had ordered him to patrol the perimeter for demonic activities. His Legion Council contact had ordered him to take care of his squad and then head to the command camp.

He was acting like he was badly injured, with a lot of help from a demonic makeup artist. He limped through forest towards the camp.

“Do what you must to convince them to send out the rest of the squads.” were his orders.

Tu’lathina felt nothing about leading those who had tried to befriend him into the jaws of death. In fact he didn’t feel anything ever that’s what made him the perfect operative.

He glimpsed through the trees the front gate to the camp so he began to limp faster.

“Help!” he cried as he got within shouting distance.

“Sound the alarm, Sergeant Tu’lathina’s at the front gate.” th sentry cried as he opened the gate.

Medics rushed to help him but he shrugged them off, “I’m okay, I’m already healing.”

“What happened?” the general was approaching the gathering.

“Ambush, it was an ambush, they have masses of demons waiting out there.” Tu’lathina gasped out.

“How many?” the general asked.

“I-I don’t know.” Tu’lathina said the wounds were slowly disappearing from his body.

“Major, mobilise the troops, we’re going on a demon hunt.” the general roared at the angel that was standing nearby.

Tu’lathina smiled to himself, “Come into my lair said the spider to the fly.” he thought

“Buffy.” Buffy and Spike were patrolling the area near the portal when she heard a voice calling her.

“Did you say my name?” Buffy asked Spike.

“Nope.” he answered, “I didn’t hear anything.”

“Buffy.” came the voice again.

“Yes?” Buffy answered.

“This is Merlin.” came the voice again.

“Where are you?” Buffy asked looking around.

“I’m on Earth, at Stonehenge, I’m tapping into the magicks of creation, it was the only way to reach anyone.” Merlin answered.

“Ah, psychic audio projection.” Buffy said. Up till this point Spike had been looking at her like she was mad, now realisation dawned in his eyes, “Could you reach anyone else?”

“No, and that’s worrying me.” came the ancient man’s voice.

“Do you know what’s happening?” Buffy asked him.

“No, I cannot open a portal, I was hoping you would have better luck, but obviously you haven’t.” Merlin said, the resignation was audible.

“Dawn’s says the interdimensional travel routes have been closed.” Buffy told him, “She’s trying to forge new routes.”

“She will succeed.” Merlin said, Buffy thought he did so more to reassure himself than anything else.

“How can you be so sure?” Buffy asked.

“She has to.” Merlin’s voice carried a determination that Buffy didn’t feel.

Buffy noticed Spike moving back towards Dawn, “Merlin, I’ll have to get back to you.”

“Take care, watch your back, if the interdimensional travel routes are closed then something’s terribly wrong.” Merlin said removing his presence from Buffy’s mind.

Dawn was concentrating on the interdimensional spaces when she hit something. Something solid. Something huge.

She groaned as her mind was forced out of the nothingness and back into her body.

“Dawn?” Spike’s voice broke through her concentration.

“Ooh, Spike? … There’s something in there, it’s stopping all travel.” Dawn said, her voice was croaking slightly.

“Something like?” Buffy asked as Dawn opened up her eyes.

“A rip.” Dawn said in a shocked voice.

“A rip? You don’t mean … a temporal tear?” Buffy asked in an equally shocked voice.

Dawn could only nod.