The Demonic War

Chapter 7
The Rip

“Are you sure it’s a temporal tear?” Buffy asked her sister.

Dawn still couldn’t find her voice so she just nodded.

“Buffy? What’s going on?” Spike asked.

“There were rumours that the Legion Council had developed a doomsday weapon.” Buffy said slumping down onto the ground, “They called it a Temporal Disrupter, it takes space/time and rips it apart.”

“And they’ve triggered it?” Spike could barely believe his ears.

“Not yet.” Buffy said looking at him, “If they had we would no longer exist, the rip will be moving backwards through time from when it was triggered.”

“Everything’s going.” Dawn managed to croak out.

Buffy scooted over to place an arm round her sister, “It’s alright Dawny.”

“So the rip won’t have reached, say, three hundred years ago?” Spike said, he had a funny look on his face.

“Probably not.” Buffy said wondering where Spike was going with that train of thought.

Spike seemed to realise this so he began outlining his thought, “Dawn can move through time.”

“I can’t, not at the moment.” Dawn said. Spike realised that she was crying.

“What do you mean?” Buffy asked looking at her.

“The rip is affecting my powers.” Dawn said, she sounded helpless.

“Sire, there is a rip in space/time.” Duv’niknik said as he entered the presence of Lucifer.

“What?” he asked.

“We have located a rip in space/time.” Duv’niknik repeated.

“It is affecting all the dimensional portals?” Lucifer had a huge frown.

“Yes.” Duv’niknik hung his head.

“The doomsday weapon?” Lucifer asked.

“We think so.” Duv’niknik said still looking at the floor.

“Our operative?” Lucifer stood and walked across the room.

“We are unable to reach him but he should be proceeding with the plan.” Duv’niknik said turning to face Lucifer.

“We could be in trouble.” he said stroking his goatee.

“Buffy?” it was Merlin’s voice.

The three angels were sitting on the ground Buffy still had her arm around Dawn. Spike meanwhile was watching the surrounding woods, he had thought he had heard a sound a while ago.

“Yes?” Buffy answered.

“Do you know what’s happening?” Merlin asked.

“There is a rip in space/time.” Buffy told him. As she was talking Buffy got up and moved a discreet distance away from Spike and Dawn, in her absence the former put his arm around the latter.

“The doomsday weapon.” Merlin said in amazement, “I never thought we would drive them to it.”

“Well obviously we did.” Buffy said with a harrumph.

“Can Dawn travel ahead of the rip?” Merlin asked.

“No, she says her power is being affected.” Buffy answered with a worried look over at her sister.

“I’m going to take a risk and send you some help.” Merlin said with a determined edge to his thoughts.

“How? We can’t get out of this dimension, and you’re in the same predicament.” Buffy said.

“I’m going to use the last of the creation magicks, it will be dangerous but if I don’t none of us may get out of this alive.” Merlin said as he pulled his presence out of Buffy’s head.

Buffy shook her head as she walked back to Dawn and Spike. Dawn looked up at her sister as she approached, she had stopped crying but her eyes were still red rimmed.

“What’s going on?” Spike asked.

“Merlin’s sending some help.” Buffy said.

“How?” Dawn asked in a hushed voice.

“He’s tapping into the creation magicks.” Buffy said.

Several feet away the air began to ripple and bend as a highly charged portal opened. This portal was different to the normal ones, it had none of the ground quakes nor any of the flashes of light.

From the heart of the portal came two black shapes that were gradually growing larger and larger until the formed the shapes of two women. One a redhead the other blonde.

“Willow!” cried Buffy running to her best friend.

“Tara?” Dawn cried as she sprang to her feet and rushed to the blonde witch.

Both witches were enveloped in hugs from their friends, while Spike stood back watching.

In the time since Spike and Dawn had become angels they had only had the chance to see Willow and Tara once, just after Dawn had killed Michael, the former head of the Angel Directorship.

“Merlin thought you could use some help.” Willow said, her red hair was long again and flowing down the back of the white robes she was wearing.

“He said there’s some sort of problem in the interdimensional spaces?” Tara said, he own hair was also long but not as long as her wiccan lover’s, “He neglected to tell us what it was.”

“To busy training his knights?” Spike spoke up.

“Yea, the Order of Knights has gotten a lot of new recruits lately and of course Merlin’s trying to train them all personally.” Tara said with a smile.

“Figures.” Buffy said, “Dawn knows what the problem is better than us.”

Buffy led the other four towards the main portal.

“The main routes stopped working, and I was forging new ones when I hit a rip.” Dawn said.

“A rip … in space/time?” Tara asked.

“Yea.” Dawn sounded very depressed.

“How big?” Willow asked.

“Big. Very big.” Dawn answered.

Willow and Tara stopped in front of the portal and peered in.

“You see that?” Willow looked at her lover.

“That ripple?” Tara asked as she peered closer.

“Yup.” Willow said tearing her eyes off Tara, “The rip’s giant, and it’s growing.”

“Can you help Dawn move backwards through time?” Buffy asked her two friends.

“Yea, is the rip stopping her?” Willow asked.

“Got it in one.” Spike said.

“The German spell?” Willow asked looking at Tara.

“You read my mind.” Tara said with a huge smile.

The trio of angels stood together with the two witches walking circles around them chanting…
“Augen des Grüns,
Anblick unseen,
verschieben Sie diese Leute,
durch die Blickbohrung.”

Their chants grew louder and louder as their movements grew faster. A wind kicked up out of nowhere blowing everyone’s hair. The clouds began moving fast across the sky, light turning to dark then back again.

The chanting went on for several minutes as did the cloud and light movement suddenly Willow and Tara collapsed and everything stopped. Things stopped so suddenly that the trio that had been standing still fell over as if they had just jumped off a moving truck.

“Wow.” breathed Spike.

“Tell me about it.” Buffy said as she crawled to Willow.

“Ooh that hurt.” the witch said as she sat up.

“Did it work?” Tara asked as she too sat up.

Spike meanwhile was sitting up and turning to look at Dawn when he noticed something was wrong. Dawn was gone.

“Um, where’s Dawn?” he asked.

They all scrambled to look around but Dawn was nowhere to be seen.