The Demonic War

Chapter 8

“Dawn!” Buffy and the gang ware calling her, she could hear them.

“Buffy! I’m over here!” called Dawn from where she had landed in a patch of shrubbery.

“Dawn! Where are you!” Spike yelled from less than three feet away.

“I’m right here!” she called to him.

“There’s no sign of her.” Spike said turning to look at Buffy.

“Thing’s can’t just vanish into thin air.” Buffy said, almost stamping her feet.

“They can actually, especially when you move things through time.” Willow said walking up behind her best friend.

“Somehow Dawn must have been dropped off a fraction of a second before the rest of us.” Tara said.

By this point Dawn was walking round the rest of the gang, she even experimented by putting her hand through Spike’s torso.

“We felt some drag while we were performing the spell, it could have been the Key.” Tara continued.

“So how do we get her back?” Spike demanded, actually stamping his foot like a child.

“I don’t know, this has never actually happened before.” Willow said, her voice betrayed the worry she felt over Dawn.

“Possibly if Dawn is conscious she could perform the spell and she could join us here and now.” Tara said with a thoughtful look on her face.

“Are we far enough from the rip for Dawn’s powers to work?” Spike asked what Dawn herself had been thinking. Obviously even out of phase they still though alike.

“We should be.” Willow answered wondering what Spike was thinking.

Buffy and Tara realised it at the same time, “She could use her power…” Buffy began.

“…To phase back into our timeframe.” Tara finished.

“Ya know Buff that is disconcerting.” Spike said with a smile.

Buffy said nothing she just gave him a withering look.

Willow cupped her hands around her mouth and called, “Dawn! If you can hear me then use your powers bring yourself into phase with us.”

Dawn heard alright, but she had no idea how to do what Willow had asked.

“How?” Dawn asked herself.

“Concentrate on yourself, make your body real.” came a voice from nowhere.

“Who are you?” Dawn asked looking around and seeing no one.

“Concentrate on yourself, make your body real.” the voice repeated.

“Yea, yea.” Dawn said as she did as she was told.

Willow and Buffy were looking at a random spot on the ground when a see-through version of Dawn’s feet faded into view, their eye’s flicked immediately up her body to her head.

“Dawn.” breathed Buffy.

At his beloved’s name Spike’s head spun round to look straight at her, “Dawn.”

Dawn smiled as she got more and more solid.

“She did it.” Willow said in triumph.

“Yes I did.” Dawn said as she became fully solid, “What say we get out of her and back to Earth?”

“Now that’s the best idea I’ve heard in the last thousand years.” Buffy said smiling.

Dawn walked over to where the portal opened and began waving her hand in circles until there was a rippling and a portal opened with a rumble.

“After you.” Dawn said indicating that Buffy and the two witches should go first.

“Thanks.” Buffy said in a slightly sarcastic tone as she entered the portal followed closely by Willow and Tara.

“Spike, can you bring up the rear?” Dawn asked looking at her lover.

“Yea, I love watching your rear.” Spike said with a suggestive smile.

Merlin stood in the middle of Stonehenge, the year was 1753 and something was wrong.

“Master, should you not contact someone?” a knight asked as he approached him.

“No, things will work out.” Merlin said watching as a portal began to form, it moved slowly which was very unusual for an interdimensional portal.

Merlin focused his mind on it and he felt something moving towards the opening, something powerful.

When the portal reached full size three figures emerged. The first was a short blonde woman dressed as a knight, the other two were dressed as witches, one was a redhead and the other a blonde.

The second they left the portal another two people emerged, the first was a stunning brunette woman with bright blue eyes also dressed as a knight, and the last was a male with a very white color hair he too was dressed as a knight.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Merlin demanded of the first blonde woman.

“We’re from the Angel Directorship.” Buffy answered.

“The Legion Council has done the unthinkable.” Dawn said.

“The doomsday weapon?” Merlin asked.

The five new arrivals nodded.

“Follow me.” Merlin said turning on his heels and leading the way down the slight slope towards a nondescript paddock. When the reached the fence the air rippled and they were suddenly standing in a massive military style camp with hundreds of tents and knights milling round some gathered round fires roasting slain animals.

“What is this place?” Spike asked.

“This is the training ground for the Order of the Knights.” Buffy answered.

“The order of the Knights? You mean Hunter’s lot?” Spike asked.

“Yes.” Dawn answered.

“Most of the trainees are orphans or volunteers who have no family to worry about them.” Merlin called back, “I do not know of this ‘Hunter’ you speak of.”

“A future recruit.” Buffy firmly stated. Her tone conveyed that this line of discussion should be stopped.

“I see.” Merlin said as they reached what seemed to be the main tent, inside they found many magickal and spiritual items including in the center a rather large crystal ball.

“And what is that for?” Spike asked pointing to it.

“A long range communications device.” Merlin answered as he alked straight up to it and began to say the incantation to connect with the Angel Directorship.

“Wait.” Dawn said, “Buffy, outside for a sec.”

“Sure.” Buffy said following her sister out of the tent.

“Should we really let him contact the directorship?” Dawn asked.

“Why?” Buffy asked back.

“Michael’s still in charge.” Dawn pointed out.

“Oh, so we should try and do this in the Q.T.” Buffy said realisation dawning in her eyes.

“So what do we tell Merlin?” Dawn asked.

“That this mission is being conducted under comms blackout.” Buffy answered.

“A comms blackout mission?” Merlin sounded a little dubious, “Haven’t had one of those in a long time.”

“We need to tap the power of creation to send us to the Angel Directorship HQ.” Buffy said.

“Okay that shouldn’t be too hard.” Merlin said leading the way back to Stonehenge.

“You can do it.” Willow said, “We have faith in you.” what Willow didn’t mention was that she and Tara had already seen him do it at least a dozen times during their time stationed here.

Soon they were gathered in front of the portal with Merlin casting a spell to bring up the most powerful force in the universe, the power of creation, the same power that had brought life to this small piece of rock called Earth.

As the power began to flow into the portal it changed from being a purplish color to a bright yellow. Dawn could feel the pull of the energy, she realised that it was because she was made of the same energy.

“The portal is fully powered and you are ready to go.” Merlin said.

“We’ll see you round.” Spike said as he ushered the women into the portal ahead of himself.

“Yes you will.” Merlin said as the portal began to shrink behind them, “I just hope you can stop the darkness that’s coming.”

Merlin stuck a finger into the portal forcing it to open again, “Jason!”

Suddenly his most trusted student was at his side, despite the fact that just seconds ago he was on the other side of the camp, “Yes Merlin?”

“Follow them, keep them safe.” the great mage said, “Take the cloak of Ober’jein.”

“The cloak?” Jason asked.

“It will obscure you from sight, there is no know force in the universe that can penetrate it’s field.” Merlin said as the cloak suddenly appeared in his hands.