The Demonic War

Chapter 9
The End? part 1

Dawn led the way towards their destination. Jason admired the way she just seemed to take charge, almost as if she was more than human.

“We’re here, is everyone ready for anything?” Dawn said stopping and turning to face the group. Jason stopped a few feet away securely shrouded from view by the cloak.

“Ready.” Buffy said nodding.

“Willing.” Willow said also nodding.

“And able.” Tara finished.

“Oh my head, you three are bad.” Spike said rolling his eyes.

“Now you know how we feel when you and Dawn do it.” Buffy said smiling.

“Okay are we quite done with the annoying?” Dawn said placing her hands on her hips and tapping her right foot.

“Sorry.” Willow said.

“Right, arm up.” Dawn said, the Slayers Blade suddenly appeared in her hand.

“How do you do that?” Tara asked.

“Magic.” Dawn said with a smile.

Spike and Buffy had also drawn their blades and Willow and Tara had gotten what looked like magicians wands out of the pouch attached to their belts.

“Let’s go.” Dawn said opening the portal that led to the Angel Directorship HQ.

The scene on the other side of the portal was not what any of them were expecting, there were headless bodies piled on the floor, the tables had all either been turned over or smashed, all the intricately done stained glass windows had been smashed as had the alter on which were usually stored the holy relics, which were nowhere to be seen.

The group heard a whimpering from under a pile of bodies.

“Hello?” called Buffy.

“Buffy?” came an answering call from under the bodies, Buffy recognised the voice as Mary’s.

“Mary? Are you okay?” Dawn said running to the pile and pulling bodies off it.

“Yes, but the demons they came in through a portal and started killing all the angels they could find, I only managed to survive by hiding my head under a body, I-I don’t know whose.” Mary’s voice sounded scared.

“Grab my hand.” Spike told her as he reached for hers and pulled her to her feet.

Mary’s pure white outfit was covered in semidry blood and a few bits that were thick and gooey looking.

“Did you see who was leading them?” Willow asked.

“Yes, Field Operative Tu’lathina.” Mary said.

“Tu’lathina? Isn’t he on our side?” Dawn asked looking confused.

“Of course, undercover agent.” Spike said, “That’s what I’d do.”

“That’s a good point, do we have any operatives in the Legion Council forces?” Buffy asked.

“A couple, but they are under strict no com orders.” Mary answered.

“Is there anyone else alive in here?” Tara asked the room at large.

“We’ll check the rest of the building.” Buffy said as she and Spike headed towards the door.

“Watch your backs.” Dawn called.

“How many demons were there?” Willow asked as she helped Mary to one of the few remaining chairs.

“Lots, maybe three or four dozen.” she answered.

“How did they get past the magickal barriers?” Dawn asked.

“They had a Wraith Demon.” Mary answered.

Buffy and Spike burst back into the room, “There are a couple of dozen demons heading downwards towards the dungeons.” she called.

“The dungeons?” Mary said, she sounded horrified, “You have to stop them! Take this.” she pulled what looked like a medallion from around her neck, “Go down through the east passage, you must hurry.”

“Why?” Dawn asked taking the medallion.

“They will wake him.” Mary was sounding like she was loosing her grip on sanity.

“Him who?” Dawn pushed.

“Him, the grea…” Mary was cut off by a disc of sharp metal that slammed into her neck, chopping off her head.

The gang spun round to see a shadow vanish through the door.

“After it!” cried Dawn taking off after the shadow.

Buffy and Spike ran after her and after a quick glance at the body of Mary so to did Willow and Tara.

Tu’lathina was waiting outside the dungeon door for his Wraith Demon ally to return from getting the key.

His mission should have been simple, the intelligence had said nothing about needing a key, but, as with any war, intelligence in undercover operatives is not a requirement only a preferred skill.

A shadow moved swiftly down the hall towards him.

“Did you…?” he didn’t finish the question when the shadow turned out to be one of the other undercover operatives.

“Colonel?” the demon asked as he became solid.

“I thought you were the Wraith.” Tu’lathina told him.

“Oh, has it not returned yet?” the demon asked looking round.

“What do you think?” Tu’lathina snapped.

“I am sorry sir.” the demon said hanging his head.

“And so you should be.” Tu’lathina snapped, “Go guard the other end of the hallway.”

“Yes sir.” the demon said merging with the shadows again and heading away from the angry Tu’lathina.

“Stupid idiot.” Tu’lathina mumbled to himself.

“Report Tu’lathina.” came Lucifer’s voice from nowhere.

“We have breached the Angel Directorship defences, we have reached the dungeon, we only await the key to gain entry.” Tu’lathina told the thin air.

“Our intelligence said nothing about a key.” Lucifer said.

“Yes, my liege, but you know how hard it is to get good intelligence.” Tu’lathina said.

“Yes.” Lucifer rumbled.

“Was there any further orders sire?” Tu’lathina asked.

“Yes make sure that Dawn is dead before you leave there.” Lucifer rumbled before removing his presence from the area.

“Guard!” called Tu’lathina.

“Yes sir?” the shadow said as it moved back towards him.

“If you see Dawn, kill her.” Tu’lathina said. His face showed absolutely no emotion.

“Can I get confirmation of that sir?” the demon wasn’t sure if he had heard right.

“I said kill her!” Tu’lathina yelled, this time his face showed a lot of emotion mostly anger and hate.

“Yes Sir!” the demon said as he quickly withdrew from Tu’lathina’s presence.

“Bloody idiots, I’m surrounded by bloody idiots.” Tu’lathina mumbled as he began pacing.

He was remembering when he had first meet Dawn, she had not known it but he had been disguised as a school class mate when Dawn had been very young, she had held such promise that the Legion Council had wanted to keep an eye on her, and of course he, being the best undercover operative he was sent in.

She had soon befriended him and that was when he had first met Buffy, he had known as soon as he saw her that she was the slayer, he had also known that if he continued to hang around Dawn that Buffy would find out his true nature. So he had been forced to abandon his surveillance, he had been severely punished for that.

Tu’lathina was startled out of his thoughts by the approach of the Wraith.

“Colonel, I failed to retrieve the key to the dungeon.” came a female voice from the shadowy form, “Dawn and her troop were there, they have the key.”

“And of course they are following you?” Tu’lathina made it an angry question.

“Yea, we are following it.” came Buffy’s voice as the demon standing guard flew through the air hitting the wall so hard his neck broke.

“Ahh Buffy, so good of you to join us.” Tu’lathina said sarcastically. Suddenly his sword was in his hand, “Surround them!”

Suddenly from out of nowhere Buffy, Spike, Dawn, Willow and Tara were surrounded by dozens of demons who hadn’t been there a second before.

“Oh I’m glad we’re not playing friends anymore.” Buffy said angrily, “Because I’m going to kick your arse.”

“Thank you for sharing.” the Wraith said.

“Ahh yes, I believe you know our Wraith Demon?” Tu’lathina said indicating the shadow.

The shadow became solid and took the form of a young blonde woman, who Buffy remembered from her days at Sunnydale High.

“Amy Madison.” Buffy said grimly.