Timeless Again!

Chapter 1
Incursion part 1

It was early in the year 2300 and while many things had changed Sunnydale had seemingly remained the same.

Dawn sat on a bench atop the outcrop overlooking what was once the small town of Sunnydale. Her thoughts, as they did so often these days, centred on the past, and on her family. It had been over 200 years since the last member of the Scooby Gang had passed beyond. Xander had lasted longer than any of the others, maybe because he had romanced a demon for so long.

Dawn felt a tear trickle down her cheek as she remembered all the fun things that she had done with her friends, from the birthday parties, to the demon research.

She heard someone moving up the hill behind her, “Hi Spike.”

“Hey luv,” the bleached blonde vampire responded as he sat beside her, “I thought you might be here.”

“Where I always am,” Dawn said sadly.

“And thinking about what you seem to always think about I’d bet.”

“Yeah,” Dawn answered with a sad laugh, “The past.”

Spike moved closer to the brunette beauty, sliding his arm round her shoulders and pulling her to him. He could feel her silently sobbing. His heart ached for her, ever since he had gotten his soul back he had found himself drifting away from the woman he thought he’d loved and closer to her sister. When the Watcher’s Council had discovered that Dawn wasn’t aging, and after they determined that it was a side effect of the mystical energy flowing through her veins, Spike found himself spending more and more time with Dawn, and falling more and more in love with her.

Twenty years after the discovery, Spike and Dawn had been married in a ceremony under the full moon on the summer solstice. The whole gang was there, her sister Buffy, Willow, Xander, Anya, Giles, Angel even came from LA for the ceremony. Willow and Giles had given Dawn the greatest gift they could, using their magicks they had called the spirit of her mother back from beyond so she could be there on what would possibly be her daughter’s biggest day.

That was the last time they had all been together, Giles had returned to England and was killed in a vampire attack less than a month later. Buffy was the next to pass beyond, she was taken by a heart attack of all things a year after Giles, next was Willow, she died as the result of a spell that backfired in 2050. Anya and Xander both lived for many years after the rest, but even vengeance demons age and die, and Anya passed on at the ripe old age of twelve hundred and one, Xander passed on less than a year later, it seemed to Dawn that he died of a broken heart.

“C’mon luv, Lil’ Dru’s waitin’ back home,” Spike said as he moved Dawn away from him slightly.

At the sound of her daughter’s name Dawn seemed to rebuild herself, in front of Spike’s eyes her face became the smooth one, the beautiful one he usually woke up to.

“She must be worried about me.” Despite being only 10, their daughter Drucilla was a very insightful young girl; she seemed to have an almost supernatural ability to know what other people are feeling.

“Yeah, why else would I be here?”

Dawn laughed, not a sad laugh this time, a happier one, the one Spike had loved hearing all those years ago.

“C’mon luv,” Spike said as he stood and held out his hand to Dawn, “Dru’s waiting.”

Dru had been one unexpected consequence that no one had thought could happen, it was a well documented fact that vampires couldn’t have children, but somehow both Angel and Spike had somehow had it happen to them, and the only thing in common they had was the fact that both vampires had human souls. The Watcher’s council had decided that based on the Connor incident that a child conceived from either one or two vampire parents should be kept under surveillance, so to that end they had dispatched a surveillance team to Sunnydale to keep an eye on the family.

The Summers residence had survived the transition from modern to more modern, thanks largely to the influence of the Watcher’s Council. As Spike pulled the car up in front of the house, Dawn noticed that the front door was ajar.


“I see it luv,” Spike said as he leapt from the car and rushed, followed closely by Dawn, to the door, “Dru!”

“Sweetie?” Dawn called out.

“Mommy?” came an almost musical voice from upstairs.

Dawn looked up to the top of the stairs, standing there was a young girl, with flowing brunette hair and icy blue eyes.

“Dru, why was the door open?” Spike asked sternly.

“The monsters opened it,” Dru answered in that innocent voice that all ten year olds can do so perfectly.

“The monsters?” Dawn glanced at Spike, “What monsters?”

“Those ones,” Dru said pointing behind them.

Spike and Dawn spun round to see standing in the doorway several demons, one in particular Dawn wasn’t really happy to see.

“Spike, old buddy, long time no see,” the demon with loose hanging skin and floppy ears said as he took a step forward.

“Clem!” Spike said cheerfully as he stepped forward and clasped the demon’s hand.

“Hiya Dawnie, how ya been?”

“Fine Clem, just fine, and you?”

“Eh, cain’t complain, although Spike’s old crypt needs cable,” Clem answered with a short laugh.

“And who are these?” Dawn asked looking at the other two demons.

“Max and Bob, We’re looking for a fourth,” Clem answered.

“A fourth for what?” Dawn asked.

Clem reached into his pocket and pulled out a mewling kitten, “Poker,” he announced cheerfully.

“You can deal me in then,” Spike said.

“Spike!” Dawn said in disbelief.

“Wot?” Spike flashed her his most innocent look.

“Alright, but not snacking, okay?”

“No snacking? Can I have a beer?”

“Yeah okay, but the kittens don’t get hurt okay?”

“Aww, but…” Clem began.

“No buts, this is non-negotiable,” Dawn said putting her hands on her hips.

“Aww, darn it, okay, ya got a deal.”

“Okay, go then, just try to bring my husband back in one piece.”

“Sure thing Dawnie,” Clem said with a huge smile.

“Don’t be too late,” Dawn said as she hugged Spike goodbye.

Dru came flying down the stairs and latched herself onto Spike’s leg, “Bye daddy.”

“Bye sweetie, I’ll see you later,” with that Spike turned and walked out of the door.

Dru padded her way over to Dawn and wrapped her arm around her mother’s leg.

Dawn glanced out the door and looked at the sky, the sun was beginning to set, “Come on Dru, let’s get you to bed.”

Dawn was sitting on the couch watching the television, and drifting slowly off to sleep. She wasn’t sure what it was that made her sit up and glance around. When she tried to focus on the feeling she realised that it seemed like a case of déjà vu.


Dawn, sat on the overlook, watching transports fly by. It was a beautiful day, a cool breeze blew in from the north. Sunnydale stretched for miles, no matter which way one looked. It was quite different from the beginning. Dawn felt a tear trickle down her cheek as she reminisced about Buffy and the others. A sense of overwhelming loneliness once again edged its way to her conscious.

It was over 400 years since the last of the Scooby gang passed away. But Dawn still clung to those early memories.


“Oh, hi Spike,” Dawn turned and looked at Spike coming up the path.

“I was worried about you, ” Spike said softly as he settled down beside Dawn.


Dawn opened her eyes and found herself lying on her back on the floor, “What the…”


Dawn looked at Spike with her still stunning spectrum blue eyes, leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“I just wanted some time to think.”

Dawn looked at Spike. He didn’t appear much older than he did when she first met him. Incredibly, neither did Dawn. She still looked much like a fourteen year old girl. It was learned several years after the “Beginning,” that Dawn wasn’t aging. Even though everyone else kept getting older, Dawn kept her radiant youth. This was something no one had expected. The Watchers surmised that the mystical energy within Dawn was keeping her from getting older. At the root of her being, she was still “The Key,” which was almost as old as time itself.

“We are going to have to leave, you know”

“I know,” Spiked sighed. “After all these years, who would’ve thought that our biggest worry would be the government of all things.”

Flash! “BANG!”

“Must be 7:30,” said Dawn looking up as she watched the faint vapour stream begin to form as the moon liner descended far above.

“Do we have our tickets?” asked Dawn, looking at Spike.

“Ya, no problems, paid plenty for em. Took most of our reserve.”

“Even though it has changed a lot, I will still miss this place.”

After all these many years Dawn and Spike had to leave. With the newest technology and the government’s ability to track of its citizens, they had become noticed. Some clerk in the bureaucracy had noticed that Dawn should be dead, according to all records, but when it was learned she was still alive and looked like a young girl all hell broke loose. Dawn found herself dealing with some local government officials who were asking too many questions, then the federal investigators showed up and the nightmare started.

Spike and Dawn were escaping. They had their tickets and were scheduled to be on the next moon liner, the onto Mars. Hopefully, they could get lost in the “water rush.” Water had been discovered on Mars and everyone wanted in on it. Fresh water was at a premium, millions could be made. Settlers on Mars were being encouraged. Not many questions asked.


“Dawn?” Spike’s voice intruded into her hearing.


“What happened? I came home and you were on the floor, out cold.”

Dawn flashed Spike a very frightened look, “I… I don’t know.”