Timeless Again!

Chapter 10
Air Borne

As they watched the purple dragon opened it’s mouth and let out a scream.

“The mother of all dragons?” Dawn asked when the echoes ended, “You mean…?”

“That all dragons come from her.”

“Dear God.”

“She’s not happy, is she mommy?” Dru asked, she actually seemed to be enjoying the show.

The appearance of the purple dragon had caused havoc with both the red and green dragons, there were several midair collisions and a lot of near misses, but by now the dragon armies had reorganized and the knights riding them were preparing for something.

“What are they doing?” Dawn said in a hushed voice.

Spike glanced at her, “I don’t kno…”

As Spike broke off the two armies of dragons let rip a barrage of fireballs at the purple dragon, who was too large to move out of the way.

The purple dragon’s scream was heard half way around the world. Her skin was alight and burning, Spike, Dawn and Dru could all smell the stench of burning flesh and were covering their noses to try to block it out.

The purple dragon gave a small scream before plummeting to the ground. She hit the ground so hard the shockwaves could be felt for miles.

“NOOOOOOO!” screamed Dawn, she could feel the pain of the world as the dragon died. She curled up into a ball to try to hide from the pain.

“Dawn!” Spike gently pulled her up and turned her face towards him, when he saw her face, he let out a small gasp, “Dear God.”

Dawn’s eyes were completely green and glowing.

“They are destroying the magickal balance, they must be stopped,” with that she shoved Spike away and got to her feet.

“Dawn? What are you doing?” Spike asked, Dru was still sitting back watching.

“Teaching them a lesson,” she growled.

As Spike watched, Dawn began to float up off the ground.


“Stay out of this, vampire.”

“Mommy?” Dru’s voice carried a lot of fear in it.

Spike moved to hold his daughter, “It’ll be okay luv.”

Dawn flew upwards towards the dragons, “YOU WILL STOP!” despite the fact she was barely whispering, her voice echoed so much it could be heard for miles.

The lead knights of both sides stared at this seemingly young woman floating between them, unarmed and undefended, both could see that she could be a thread to both sides.

“Fire!” the both yelled at the same time.

The two armies unleashed a slew of fireballs at Dawn, who being a lot smaller than the purple dragon was able to duck and dodge the fireballs.

She flew right towards the lead dragon for the Scottish army.

“Will you stop?” she called.

“Never! We will never yield,” came the response.

“Then die!” Dawn thrust her arms towards the lead dragon. Bright green fireballs leapt from her hands and struck the dragon full on.

The force of the fireballs was so strong they blasted the molecules of the dragon apart.

On seeing their leader destroyed the rest of the green dragons went crazy, wheeling and turning to surround Dawn, in seconds she was surrounded by the entire dragon army.

Dawn glanced around her, “You will want to get away from me. Now!”

When no one moved, she snarled, “Fine!”

Dawn curled up into a ball concentrating on pulling all her energy into herself, before flinging her arms and legs out. As she did a bubble of bright green energy.

As the bubble expanded and hit the dragons surrounding her, each dragon it touched burst into flames then dust, like a vampire. Soon there were no green dragons left.

But the energy didn’t stop there, it kept expanding.

The red dragon knights saw what was coming and wheeled their steeds round and moved as fast as they could away from the area, but to no avail, the energy just moved faster to catch up with them.

Minutes passed, all the dragons were dust, there was not a living thing within miles of Dawn, except Spike and Dru, they had been spared.

“Dawn!” Spike cried as Dawn plummeted from the sky, he ran to catch her.

“Mommy??” Dru cried as she ran after Spike.

Spike managed to catch his wife as she fell, “Dawn? Dawn! Wake up!”

“S-Spike?” Dawn mumbled as she opened her eyes slightly.

“Yeah luv, it’s me.”

“I killed them, I killed them all,” Dawn sounded disgusted with herself.

“You didn’t do it on purpose luv.”

“I did,” Dawn looked up at Spike, the look of horror in her eyes chilled him to the bone, “I wanted them dead, I wanted them to hurt and I enjoyed it.”

“Oh luv,” Spike hated the look in her eyes.

“Get away from me!” she cried as she pushed herself out of his arms and away from him.

“Dawn, luv, it’s okay.”

“Mommy?” Dru was looking on worriedly.

“Keep her away from me!” Dawn cried as she backed away from the two dearest people in her life.

“Dawn, it’s okay, it’ll be alright.”

“NO!” Dawn screamed as she balled her hands into fists and pressed them to the sides of her head, “SHUT UP!”

Spike looked at her with deep concern on his face.

“I have to go,” Dawn felt herself fading.

From Spike’s point of view Dawn glowed bright green for a second then vanished.

Dawn felt herself leave the world and enter the void, that dark place, somewhere between then and now, and now and then. As she drifted her mind wandered back to the past.


Dawn sighed in annoyance as she watched Buffy walk into the Magic Box, She walked around a little, then went back and peered between the blinds. Inside the shop she could see Buffy, Tara and Willow standing around as Giles kneeled beside a body.

“Whatcha doin’?” came a voice from behind her.

Dawn turned with a gasp to see a scruffy older man standing there, unshaven, his tie loose.

“What are you doing here? You can’t loiter. There’s no loitering,” the guy said, he sounded rather crazy.

The guy advanced on Dawn, as he did she backed up, scared.

“That’s why I’m a cat. Quiet. See, cat’s in the cupboard,” the guy said as he made cat-scratching gestures with his hands, “but they find you there anyway, and it hurts.”

Dawn found her back up against a van. She looked around, scared.

“Please, make it stop,” the guy sobbed, before changing his tone, “Shut up, shut up, they’ll hear you!”

“Buff-” Dawn tried to cry out but broke off in a shriek as the guy put his finger on her lips.

“I know you. Curds and whey,” the guy said, Dawn looked shocked, “I know what you are, you … don’t … belong … here.”

Dawn shook her head, she felt like she was on the verge of tears.


Dawn drifted through the void she had to come to terms with this power inside her, in the hundreds of years she had been alive, she’d never felt the kind of power she had displayed when she’d killed the knights.

How could she accept that she could easily kill that many people?