Timeless Again!

Chapter 14
Absolute Power

In the void Dawn floated, from her point of view she had been floating for almost a century, trying to accept the harm she had caused, she knew she should have more control over her powers, she had spent almost a century training to control them.

“How could I kill them?” she asked herself.

“To Sleep perchance to dream,” Dawn could hear a voice saying to her, “But now is not that time, you must awaken yourself, we cannot do it for you.”

“What?” Dawn said, startled, she began looking around.

“Awaken your power.”

“Willow, we need you to help us, it seems you have the power to access The Key energy locked inside Dawn,” Jason explained, “To use that power to retrieve Dawn, the older Dawn, from the void she has banished herself to.”

“But what if something goes wrong?” Willow asked, she was really uncomfortable with the things he was asking of her.

“Then I’m here to help.”

Willow looked at Giles for support, “It’s up to you, Willow.”

Willow sighed, “Okay, I’ll give it a go.”

“Thank you, I promise that things will be okay.”

In a dim office in a old brick gentleman’s club a phone rang.

A hand picked up the receiver, “Yes?” His voice resonated with a deep British accent.

“It’s Fronhiem,” a male, cultured British voice came from the receiver, “The vampire is here, in England.”

“How did he bypass our security net?”

“It seems he has come with a sorcerer, they used the Ghost Roads.”

“Is the Slayer with him?”

“Yes, as is the Slayer’s younger sister, she came through the Ghost Roads with them.”

“How did she do that? She is not magickally touched.”

“It would appear that she is, sir.”

“We need to find out how, she could be important.”

“Yes, sir, what do you suggest?”

“Maintain surveillance, I’ll inform the Board of Directors.”

“Yes, sir.” Fronhiem said. A second later there was a click as the phone was disconnected.

“So they’re here.” Came a female voice from further in the room.

“Yes, the vampire, the Slayer, and the Slayer’s sister.”

“She is here? The Slayer’s sister?”

“Yes, Ms Manheim, why?”

“She is The Key, we need her for the plan,” Ms Manheim said as she stood and walked towards the desk, “Mr Chambers, she is vital to the Board’s plans.”

“I know,” Mr Chambers said, he reached for the phone, “I will have to contact Mr Travers, he will want to know.”

The phone rang twice before it was picked up, “Quentin Travers.”

“Mr Travers, the Slayer is here in England.”

“When? And who is accompanying her?”

“A short while ago, her, the vampire, Spike, and the Slayer’s sister arrived at a manor in the countryside.”

“Rupert’s estate?” Travers asked.

“We believe so, yes.”

“Convene the Board, this is a disturbing development,” with that he hung up the phone.

Three hours later Quentin Travers was staring out of the window of his office.

“If the Slayer is here then we may need to step up our plans.” He said to the other occupant of the room.

“I know Quentin, but we must keep the faith that things will work out,” the man stood up and walked to stand next to Travers.

“I know, but if the Slayer and the vampire are here then they must be either protecting The Key, or looking for it.”

“Then we will have to relieve them of that responsibility won’t we?” the man said, “Now I must go, we can’t have a board meeting without the chairperson can we?”

“Yes, yes, quite right,” Travers said absently still staring out the window.

The other man turned and walked towards the door.

“George?” Travers called.

“Yes Quentin?”

“We are doing the right thing aren’t we?”

“Yes we are,” with that he walked out of the room.

“Why do I not believe that?” Travers said to himself.

“This meeting of the Board of Directors of The Watchers Council of Britain is called to order, Chairman Robert Bruce presiding,” called the board crier.

“Gentlemen, we have a situation,” the man from Travers office, obviously Robert Bruce, said as he stood at the head of the table, “The Slayer is here in England, along with the vampire Spike, we believe that they are either here to find, or to protect The Key.”

“The Key? It is here?” asked a portly man sitting to Bruce’s right.

“We believe so, we believe it is currently located at Rupert Giles’ manor in the country.”

“Has a retrieval teem been dispatched?” asked a man further down the table.

“No, there may be some complications.”

“What sort of complications?” the portly man asked.

“We believe they are in the company of a sorcerer and the Slayer’s younger sister.”

“How did they slip past our security net?” another man asked.

“The Ghost Roads, we are aware this means that the Slayer’s sister has some magick in her.”

“One little girl like that could ruin our plans.”

“I know, we must find a way to retrieve The Key without turning the Slayer against us, we need to avoid contact with the vampire as much as possible as well.”

“I agree Robert, but how…” the portly man was interrupted by the trilling of a phone.

“Yes?” Bruce said as he answered the phone, “Yes, the Board is here now … No we didn’t know that … Are you sure? … I see … Yes that is a disturbing development … No continue surveillance … Yes, we will be in touch with new orders soon,” Bruce hung up the phone receiver.

“It seems,” he said looking around the table at the men seated there, “That we have a problem, the vampire, Spike, is still in Sunnydale.”

“I thought you said that he was here in England?” the portly man said.

“Yes, he is, we have surveillance on both of them, we have confirmed that they are both identical, with one small exception, the one in Sunnydale is, in the words of the watcher, crazy as a loon.”

“Then who, or what is the one here?”

“It would appear that we have a visitor,” Bruce said as he sat down.

“A visitor?” the portly man asked.

“It is possible that if they do have The Key then it is entirely possible that they can use it to transcend time itself.”

“Move through time?” another man asked.