Timeless Again!

Chapter 15
Corrupts Absolutely

“If they can move through time then we could have an even bigger problem.” Bruce said to the gathered board members.

“They have access to The Key.”

“Yes, and they have worked out how to use it.”

“If that is true, then we must get The Key, everything depends on it.”

“True, send an extraction team,” the portly man said.

“It will be done,” Bruce said nodding to a man standing just inside the door.

“Willow?” Buffy called for her best friend as she walked out of Giles’ Manor, “Will?”

Buffy glanced around but couldn’t see the redhead anywhere.

“I’m over here Buffy,” Buffy turned to her left and caught a glimpse of Willow leaning up against a tree.

“I was wondering where you went.”

“I needed to think.”

“How are you?” Buffy said sitting down next to her.

“Scared, I keep thinking ‘what if I turn evil again?’ ”

“Then we’ll bring you back,” Buffy said with conviction.

“Buffy, I almost destroyed the world the last time, I can’t let that happen again.”

“I know.”

“Buffy, something’s coming, something huge.”

“I know,” Buffy sighed.

“You do?”

“Yeah,” Buffy sighed, “I had a dream, something is coming, from beneath us.”

“The Hellmouth is stirring.” Willow said looking at her, there was fear in her eyes.

“The apocalypse is coming?”

“Yeah, I can feel it, it’s like a chess game, good and evil are positioning their game pieces.”

“What happens when they’re in place?”


“It’s the Endgame,” came Jason’s voice from behind them, “The Endgame is coming, will you be ready?”

“The Endgame?”

“You were right,” Jason said sitting down, “It is the apocalypse, however it’s the ultimate one, the apocalypse to end all apocalypses.”

“Can it be stopped?”

“No one knows, it’s not even known if anyone or anything will survive.”

Dawn was sitting in the middle of a meadow looking out over the lovely English countryside.

“Hey luv,” came Spike’s voice from behind her.

“Hi Spike.”

“How’re you doin’?”

“I’m a bit overwhelmed, I mean, I can save the universe, that’s the biggest responsibility ever.”

“I know, luv, I know,” Spike sat down beside her.

“How did you manage it?”

“I managed because I had to, because my Dawn asked me to.”

“You’d do anything for her wouldn’t you?” Dawn looked at him.

“Yeah, I’d die for her… For you”

“Me? But I’m not her? I’m not your Dawn.”

“Yeah you are, you’re a version of her, close enough.”

“She’s had years to get used to the idea of being The Key, I’ve had what? A year and a half?”

“And you’ll come to terms with it too, just take life one day at a time, things will fall into place.”

“But you need me to accept the fact now so you can rescue the other Dawn.”

“Yeah, I know, but remember, the power is in you.”

“I can’t tap into The Key, you know that.”

“I wasn’t talking about The Key, luv,” Dawn looked at him with a confused look on her face, “I was talking about you, inside you is the power to help people, simply because they need help, you demonstrated that when you were going to sacrifice yourself to close Glory’s portal.”

Dawn just stared at him for a second before looking away.

“That power is still inside you, you’ve tapped into it once, you can do it again,” Spike said as he got up, “Think about it.”

As Spike moved off, Dawn’s mind began to drift.

The knife cut a thin slash through the material and into her skin. Dawn cried out and sobbed in pain.

“Shallow cuts…” Doc said listening to Dawn crying, “Shallow cuts…” He made another cut and Dawn cried out again, “Let the blood … flow …” Blood dripped down over Dawn’s toes, “…free.”

“Dawn.” Came Buffy’s voice from behind Doc.

“Buffy!” Dawn gasped in pain.

Doc whirled around as Buffy strode forward, “This should be interesting.”

Buffy didn’t even pause, she just walked right past Doc, and gave him a push as she past. He fell over the edge. Buffy moved to Dawn, who continued to cry.

“Here,” she said as she untied Dawn

“Buffy, it hurts.”

“I got it. Come here. You’re gonna be okay.”

A few drops of Dawn’s blood dripped over the edge. In midair they landed on something, and a small circle of light appears, it began to grow quickly.

Buffy led Dawn limping across the platform to the tower entrance. Dawn stopped and turned to Buffy.


“Buffy, it’s started.”

Buffy turned. They could both see the light of the portal.

A huge bolt of lightning opened an enormous hole in the middle of Main Street. People screamed and ran away.

A large building was hit by lightning and burnt to a shell in an instant. In the walls of the building weird creatures screamed in pain.

Buffy turned back to Dawn as Dawn continued to stare at the portal.

“I’m sorry,” Dawn said tears in her eyes.

Floating in the void Dawn sobbed “I’m sorry.”