Timeless Again!

Chapter 16

Floating in the void Dawn sobbed “I’m sorry.”

Her mind flashed back to when she was surrounded by the dragons, and to what she’d told Spike afterwards.

“I wanted them dead, I wanted them to hurt and I enjoyed it.”

“I enjoyed it, I enjoyed killing people.”

“Spike!” screamed Dawn as she sat straight up.

“What is it luv?” Spike said as he rushed back across the meadow towards her.

“Your Dawn, she’s in a black void.”

Spike stared at her in amazement, “What?”

“I… connected with her, I could see where she was.”

“Come, we’ve got to find Jason,” Spike said pulling her to her feet.


“Because if you can connect with her now, we may be able to use that,” Dawn could hear the hope in his voice.


“What?” Spike asked a little impatiently.

“Dru, your daughter, is she… a good girl?”

“Yeah, why?”

“No reason, I just wanted to know, c’mon, let’s find Jason then.”

Jason was standing under a large ancient tree looking out across the English countryside.

“Is a lot of your world like this?” he asked as he heard someone coming up behind him.

“Some of it,” Giles answered.

“I think I’d like it here, if I can stay.”

“It’s not always a nice place to live.”

“I know, there is not one single dimension I’ve been to that is,” Jason’s voice held a touch of sadness.

“How many have you been to?”

“Around eighty four thousand,” he said matter-of-factly.

“My word,” Giles said in an amazed tone.

“One of the advantages of having lived a few hundred years.”

“A few hundred?”

“Granted, not as many as Dawn and Spike have.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask how long have they been alive?”

“Well, I do believe they come from around the year 2300.”

“Oh my,” Giles breathed.

“Jason!” came Spike’s voice from behind them.

Jason turned to see Spike and Dawn walking rapidly towards them.


“Dawn contacted my Dawn.”

“She did? How?”

“I dunno, I just kinda let my mind drift, I remembered being atop Glory’s tower and seeing the portal opening, then suddenly, I could see her, floating in the void and sobbing,” Dawn said nervously.

“I see,” Jason gazed at her, suddenly his senses were assaulted by forces he’d never felt before, something forced it’s way into his mind and showed him flashes of places and people.


Dawn, sat on the overlook, watching transports fly by. It was a beautiful day, a cool breeze blew in from the north. Sunnydale stretched for miles, no matter which way one looked. It was quite different from the beginning. Dawn felt a tear trickle down her cheek as she reminisced about Buffy and the others. A sense of overwhelming loneliness once again edged its way to her conscious.


As Spike and Dawn settled into their comfortable seats the pilot came on over the intercom (some things don’t seem to change). “Welcome aboard Moon 143.” We will be leaving earth in about ten minutes. Our flight to the moon will take approximately twenty-four hours. We hope you will enjoy your trip.” They felt the gentle lift feeling, like being in an old elevator, and the surge of power slowly pushing them back in to their seats.


“Oh Spike, I had the weirdest thing just happen” as she ran over and put her arms around him and put her head up to give him a kiss.”

“Hey, wha, hey, what are your doing! My god, Buffy sees you doing that and she’d run a light pole though my chest!”

Dawn, backed up, staring at Spike. “What, what do you mean? God Spike we’ve been making love for over 400 years, what do you mean?


“So Dawn, we are lovers, you and me, in the future I mean?”

“Yes Spike, ” said Dawn looking at Spike with a twinkle in her eyes. “I will see you again, I promise.”

Spike looked at Dawn and began to understand, “I will miss you” finding that he suddenly had developed a lump down deep in his throat.

“Not for long, really.”

Dawn placed the mirror on the wall. She knew she had to do this, she had to make it right. She looked at Spike and realized how much she loved him and felt the emotional surge, she began to glow, she looked into the mirror, she knew what she had to do, for all of them, there was a flash, not really a flash, but something occurred.


“What is it Dawn?” Spike had asked with that slight upturn of the corner of his mouth that Dawn liked so much.

“Just thinking.” had been her reply and Spike seemed to realise that it was something that she wasn’t ready to share. But that was three days ago and now … Now Dawn was ready to tell him what had happened.

“Spike?” Dawn whispered in his ear.

“Mmm?” Spike said without stopping the nuzzling he was doing.

“Spike. Stop.” Dawn said more forcefully, “I have something to tell you.”


“No, we can afford to wait.” Dawn said coming out from behind the shelf, “Can’t we Spike?”

“Yea, we can.” Spike said.

“Well, while you are here, we have a small problem.” Cole-Pierce told them.

“What?” Dawn asked looking intrigued.

“It seems some one accessed the citizen records of myself, Jennifer, Gillian and James, someone in the Global Government.” Cole-Pierce said looking worried.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Dawn asked as she walked over to stand beside Spike.


“I don’t know what else there is to do. I guess we better get started.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Spike giving Dawn that side glance.”

“Yes, but hold me first”

Spike gave Dawn a long tender hug and a gentle kiss. “Let’s get to it then.”

They had obtained the use of a laboratory with a rather large replicator. At this point, Dawn now held three doctorates and a medical degree and was well known for some of her own theories. Some believed that it was Dr. Summers who actually invented the replicator itself. They were not far off.


Spike glanced over at Dawn, “I love you.”

Spike saw Dawn’s lips move as she mouthed the words back at him, before she lost consciousness, he could feel, actually feel, her heart slow and her breathing becoming more and more irregular.

Within seconds Dawn had stopped breathing altogether and a few seconds after that her heart stopped beating.

“Leave them and let’s go.” Fro’hik yelled as he rushed to open the door, “This whole building’s gonna come down on top of us.”

The two larger demons looked at him then at each other, “Let’s go then.” Grick’nak said.

Behind them they left Spike still trapped and about to become a rather worn pile of dust, Buffy bleeding internally, her life force slowly seeping away, Willow and Tara well and truly out cold and in immanent danger of being crushed by falling stone from the ceiling and Dawn with no heartbeat and not breath still hooked up to the machine as it sucked every last drop of life from her and the Key buried deep within her form…


“Jason!” Dawn cried as he fell to the ground

“What is it?” Spike asked as he came up to the sorcerer.

“My God, The Key, I never realised, No one did,” Jason stared at Dawn, fear filling his eyes, “Dear God we have a larger problem.”