Timeless Again!

Chapter 18
A Spell To Cast

Willow stared out at the passing countryside, her mind was a whirl with thoughts of things going wrong.

“You okay?” Dawn asked.

“Mmm?” Willow hadn’t really heard her.

“I asked if you were okay?”

“Oh, yeah, I guess.”

“You don’t sound too sure,” Dawn looked at the redhead with a quizzical look.

“I’m not,” Willow confessed, “I’m worried that things’ll go wrong, and you’ll all be hurt.”

“They won’t, things will go according to plan,” Jason said with absolute confidence.

“How do you know that?”

“Let’s just say I’ve seen what is to come,” Jason looked round at Dawn.

“Why are you looking at me?”

“No reason,” he turned back to watch the road.

Dawn stared at him.

The car pulled up into what looked like a clearing, it had obviously been used as a parking lot often. The gang piled out of the car.

“It’s this way,” Jason said pointing towards a dirt path.

“How do you know?” Spike asked.

“I can feel it, the place of power is pulling at me.”

“Like an itch at the bottom of your head? A dull ache at the bottom of your spine?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, you can feel it can’t you?”

“Yes I can,” Dawn looked towards Jason and suddenly her vision clouded and when it began to clear she was looking at a scene unfolding at Giles’ manor.

“Rupert, where is the Slayer?” asked the large man with a German accent.

“I don’t know,” Giles said, “And I suggest you leave, now.”

“No chance Rupert, we’ve come for the Slayer, the vampire and The Key.”

“They aren’t here.”

“They? You said they?”

“No, no I didn’t.”

“The sister, she is The Key isn’t she?”

“No, she isn’t, you leave Dawn alone.”

“Thank you Rupert,” Leowitz reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small gun and aimed it at Giles, “The council wishes you well, in your next life,” with that he pulled the trigger…

Dawn’s vision clouded over again and this time when it cleared she was back looking at Jason.

“You saw that?” Jason asked her.

“Giles? They… Did they… ?”

“Yes, just now, we have to hurry, come on!” he took off down the track pulling Willow with him.

Dawn felt numb, she couldn’t believe it, the watchers had killed Giles, shot him in cold blood.

“C’mon luv,” Spike said taking her gently by the arm.

“Spike, they killed Giles, the Watchers, they shot him,” Dawn said looking at the vampire, there was a lot of fear in her eyes.

“They what?!” Buffy said moving to her side.

“I saw it, they shot Giles, he’s dead.”

Buffy stared at Dawn in horror.

“C’mon, we can fix it if we can get my Dawn back,” Spike said.

“Are you sure?” Buffy asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure, we can fix everything if we can get her back.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Minutes later the 5 people were arrayed around the Wiccan altar.

“We must form a circle,” Jason instructed.

They clasped hands and Jason began to chant, “Light of Aurora guide your most treasured daughter back from the darkness, bring her back into the fold of those who love her.”

As he chanted a portal began to form in the middle of them, however this was unlike any portal they had seen before, the edge was crackling with a dark purple lightning while the center was a calm and serene blue.

“Bring her forth, bring forth the daughter of Aurora!”

Suddenly Willow’s voice chimed in, only it was tinged with a metallic sound and in some language none of them recognised.

Dawn glanced at her, the redhead’s eyes were completely black and her hair was beginning to turn black again, Dawn turned back to Jason to say something when she say him shake his head a little as if to say don’t speak.

Willow’s voice grew stronger and more powerful as she chanted, the portal responded to her chanting and grew calmer and larger until it was the size of an average human.

“My turn,” Spike said as he moved forward and into the portal.

Spike found himself in an area of pitch blackness and darkness.

“Bugger,” he said quietly.

He frowned, somewhere he could hear sobbing.

“Dawn!” he cried.

“Spike?” came a weak reply from his left.

“I’m coming luv,” Spike said as he began moving towards her voice.

“Spike?” cam a voice from behind him.

Spike stopped, how could there be two Dawns in the void? He asked himself.

“Dawn, answer me!”

“I’m over here Spike!” came the reply from in front of him.

“Spike! I’m here!” came the reply from behind him.

“Bugger it,” Spike swore as he tried to decide which Dawn to go after.

“Come on Spike,” muttered Jason as he stared at the portal, he was becoming concerned for Willow, she was channelling some powerful black magic to keep the portal open. Is worry had lessened slightly when her hair had reverted back to it’s normal red color, but her eyes were still black.

“Should it be taking this long?” Dawn asked him.

“No, it shouldn’t.”

Spike decided to head for the Dawn in front of him, she seemed like the easiest bet.

As me moved towards the sound he could feel the void pressing in around him, it was as if the place itself were alive and it didn’t like his presence.

Up ahead he saw a form, growing larger.

“Dawn?” Spike called out.

“Spike!” she responded, looking up and seeing him coming towards her, “I thought you were a delusion.”

“No luv, I’m here to rescue you, your knight in bloody armour,” Spike said with a smile as he reached her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Oh Spike, I’m sorry, I killed all those dragons, I can’t deal with…”

“It’s okay luv, we have a solution that will fix all the problems, we just have to get you out of here.”

“Okay,” Dawn didn’t sound too sure, but she followed Spike as he lead the way back to the portal.

“Here they come,” Willow said in her metallic edged voice.

Seconds later Spike and Dawn emerged from the portal and Willow muttered a few words and the it closed with a silent pop.

“Willow?” Buffy asked looking at her with a concerned face.

“I’m okay, I just need to calm the powers.”


The two Dawn’s looked at each other, now that they were standing next to each other the differences were blindingly obvious, the future Dawn had pure brunette hair while the present day one had blonde tints, the future Dawn had more life in her face, while the present day one looked more innocent.

“Buffy, Willow, take your Dawn and get back to Sunnydale,” Jason said as he waved his hands and opened a portal to the Ghost Roads.

“What about you?” present-Dawn asked.

“We have something to take care of here.”