Timeless Again!

Chapter 19

After Willow, Buffy and present-Dawn had left Jason turned to Spike and future-Dawn.

“We have to get back to the manor and open a portal.”

“Why?” Dawn asked.

“Because we’re about to restore the multiverse to the way it’s supposed to be.”

“Restore it?”

“Yeah, c’mon,” he led the way back to the car.

“Mr Giles?” Dawn called out as they piled out of the car.

“He’s dead, the watchers killed him,” Jason said as he led the way to where the portal needed to be opened.

“Dead? They killed him? Why?”

“He wouldn’t tell them where you, Spike and Buffy were.”

“They killed him over that?” Spike asked.


“Dear god,” Dawn gasped.

“We’re here,” Jason declared as he stopped suddenly.

“What do we do now?” Dawn asked looking at him.

“I open the portal,” Jason waved his arms and chanted a few syllables and suddenly with a quiet pop a portal opened in front of him.

“C’mon we need some supplies,” Jason said as he led the way back to Giles’ manor.

“What sort of supplies?” Spike asked.

“Root of Jasmine, Sage, Opium incense and lemon essence.”

“Why?” Dawn asked.

“We are going to have to make a ward to help protect us.”


Dawn marvelled at the style of the manor, in all her years alive she had never seen a place as stylish as Giles’ manor.

“So who’s going to look after this place now that Giles is dead?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Spike answered.

“The Watchers will probably come and take it over,” Jason said as he walked into the room.

“You found what you needed?” Spike asked looking at him.

“Yes, now we have to head out to the portal.”

“How is this going to work?” Dawn asked.

“Well, there are only two things now that can restore the multiverse, one is the ritual we’re going to perform, it involves utilising the power of The Key and reinforcing the fabric of existence.”

“What’s the second way?” Dawn asked.

“A blood letting ritual.”

“Like the one Glory used?”

“Similar, only this one would completely drain the life-force out of you, you’d die,” Jason said as they left the manor.

As Dawn, Spike and Jason emerged from the house with the supplies they didn’t notice the two figures lurking in the woods, the missed one of them pointing in one direction then in the other, then they missed one of the figures moving off in the first direction and then the other figure moved in the second.

As they walked towards the portal they heard a voice cry out, “Don’t move!”

They looked in the direction of the voice and saw a man in a suit aiming a pistol at them.

“By order of the Watchers Council of England, you are under arrest.”

Dawn glanced at Jason who nodded, with that she ran away from Jason and Spike, heading towards the portal.

“Stop, ma’am, stop or I’ll shoot!” called the watcher aiming his pistol at her.

“No!” Spike cried, he rushed forward and got between the watcher and Dawn.

Suddenly there was a loud noise like a crack.

Dawn spun to see what had happened. The watcher’s gun was smoking and Spike was falling slowly to the ground.

“Dawn,” he breathed quietly before there was a quiet roaring noise and Spike turned to dust.

“NOOOOO!” screamed Dawn as she began to move towards where he had been.

“Dawn go for the portal, now!” Jason yelled as he dashed forward so he was between Dawn and the watcher, but before he got there, another shot rang out, this one from off in the trees somewhere, a surprised look came over Jason’s face and he stopped moving. A red stain began to flow into his clothing, right around where his heart was.

Dawn just stood there in shock, her husband and ally were both dead.

A third shot rang out, Dawn felt a sharp pain blossom on her right shoulder as she was spun round by something. She pressed her hand to her shoulder as she fell.

She hit the ground hard, it jolted her hand away from her shoulder. When she looked at it, she saw it was covered in blood, her blood.

“The portal,” Jason gasped with his last breath.

Dawn turned to look at the portal, it was wavering, she knew she had to get to it.

She got to her feet painfully, and made her way towards the portal.

“Ma’am, stop, now!” the watcher called as he levelled his gun again.

“No!” Dawn cried as she tried to move faster.

The watcher pulled the trigger again and the shot rang out.

Dawn felt a sharp pain in her right leg and she fell to the ground, unable to move her leg at all.

She gasped in pain but still struggled to get to the portal, dragging her right leg painfully behind her she limped towards the portal.

“Ma’am please!” the watcher pleaded.

Dawn ignored him and kept moving to the portal, she was almost in range.

A radio crackled, “Take her out!”

“Affirmative,” the watcher replied as he aimed his gun at Dawn again, this time at her head.

Dawn was almost to the portal when the shot rang out and she felt a pinch on the side of her head followed quickly by a sudden numbness as she pitched forward to land with her head just inside the portal.