Timeless Again!

Chapter 3
Incursion part 3

Dawn stared up at Victoria, “Victoria? Rosenberg?”

“As in Willow, yes,” Victoria nodded.

“What are you…”

“Doing here? I was sent to warn you, there’s something wrong, the seers have been in a panic for the past week, they were finally able to localise it to here… to you.”

“Me? What? Why?”


“It is done.” Joseph said.

Dawn felt a tingle all over her body, which had started to give off a bright green glow. Her body began to morph, it looked to Buffy and Joseph as if her body was aging. Soon her body reached it’s peak age of 25. She felt her powers increasing and her control of them improving. Her hair took on a glow that made sunlight look dark. Her clothes changed too, they became pure white and more elegant.

Dawn felt something hard pressing against her back, she moved her arm backwards already knowing what it would find. Her hand wrapped round the handle and she drew her sword, it was pure green and glowed in the light, she stared at it with a smile on her face.

“Wow.” her voice was different it had a quality that made the hair on the back of people’s necks stand on end.

“Glad you like it little sis.” Buffy said, “And now it’s time to go.”

“The duplicate will be identical to me?” Dawn asked.

“Yes it will act and think like you it is essentially you, we have done something similar to what you have when you brought your family back.” Joseph said.

“Let’s go, I want to go and save Spike.” Dawn said leading the way into the portal, which closed behind them.

The duplicate Dawn took her seat and began reading the reports that were on the desk.


“It happened again didn’t it?” Victoria asked.

“Y…yes, the future, I think.” Dawn began to bring her hands up to rub her eyes when she noticed that they were glowing a faint green color, “What the…?”

“I don’t know you’ve been like that for a few minutes, Spike could you go get a glass of water for Dawn?” Victoria asked as she helped Dawn get up onto the couch.

“Sure thing,” Spike moved off towards the kitchen.

“Dawn whatever is happening to you is destabilizing the timeline, the seers can see danger approaching.”


Dawn found herself back in the black place, only this time the whimpering was coming from in front of her, very close to her in fact, so close that if she just reached her hand out… There, her hand touched cloth. She wrapped her hand around it and pulled whatever it was to her.

It turned out to be the body of a teenager, her face was covered by her blonde tinted brunette hair. Dawn stroked the hair away from her face to reveal…


Suddenly Dawn was sitting on the couch with the other woman curled on her lap

“Dawn? What the…?” Spike dropped the glass she he saw who she was holding.

“Help her, please,” she pleaded.

Cradled in her arms was… herself, only there were differences between Spike’s Dawn and the other one. The new Dawn had blonde tints to her hair as well as a slightly less mature look to her.

Victoria move to take the new Dawn from Dawn’s arms, “Let me take her, go and get the Watchers from the grey Sedan, tell them code 65-Red.”

“I… I… No, I have to stay with her.”

“We can’t help her if we can’t examine her, please, you wanted us to help, let us.”

“O-Okay,” Dawn let go of the new Dawn and stood up and made her way to the door, “S-Spike, go make sure Dru’s asleep, we can’t have her seeing this.”

“Dru’s gone to spend the night at Jen’s house,” Spike told her.

Dawn knew that Jen was Dru’s best friend and lived just two houses down the street, but Dawn didn’t remember Anything about Dru spending the night there, and she said as much.

“No, it was after your first… episode, I decided that she’d be better off there, you did say goodbye to her, and gave her a hug,” Spike gave her a confused look, “You really don’t remember do you?”

“No, I…”

“The Watchers! Now!” Victoria called urgently.

In a rush Dawn disappeared out the door and returned in less than a minute followed by two men that could only be described as official. They had the look that most 20th century FBI agents had.

“What’s a code 65-red?” Dawn asked as she sat back on the couch.

“It’s a supernatural occurrence that could unravel the fabric of reality, believe it or not but you’ve been at the center of 3 code 65-reds, more than anyone else on record.”

“She’s still breathing,” announced the first man, he was a portly man with a receding hairline.

“Her quantum reading is off though,” the second man said, he had attached what looked like a bulky watch to the other Dawn’s wrist.

“How off?” Victoria asked.

“Uh 297 years, huh, that puts it in…”

“2003,” Dawn interrupted.

“But you didn’t look like that in 2003,” Spike said, “You never had tints added to your hair.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Then how…?”

“Quantum universes,” Victoria said, “There exist an infinite number of universes each one splitting off from every decision ever made, there’s no way to know where this Dawn came from.”

The other Dawn began whimpering again as she curled up tightly into a ball.

“We should get her to a hospital, she’s dehydrated, and I think she may have neurological problems,” the second man said looking pointedly at Victoria.

“Okay, take the Sedan, get her to Sunnydale Emergency Medical Center, I’ll take the Mercedes and follow you,” Victoria said, “I’ll bring Dawn and Spike.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the first man said as he and the other man lifted the other Dawn up and manoeuvred her out the door.

“Take care of her, please,” Dawn pleaded.

“We will ma’am,” the first man said before he disappeared out the door.

“Are you sure there’s no way of finding out where she comes from?” Spike asked.

“Yes, there is absolutely no way, as far as the Watcher’s Council know,” Victoria sat down on the couch.

“But there is a way I can find out,” Dawn said as she took the seat opposite the couch.

“How?” Victoria and Spike both asked in unison.

“I can…”


It had been four days since Dawn had travelled back through time and she was feeling a little uncomfortable around Spike, it was as if her subconscious was pleading with her to tell him what she had done. She had tried to tell him the day after she got back but she found she didn’t have the words to do it.

“What is it Dawn?” Spike had asked with that slight upturn of the corner of his mouth that Dawn liked so much.

“Just thinking.” had been her reply and Spike seemed to realise that it was something that she wasn’t ready to share. But that was three days ago and now … Now Dawn was ready to tell him what had happened.

“Spike?” Dawn whispered in his ear.

“Mmm?” Spike said without stopping the nuzzling he was doing.

“Spike. Stop.” Dawn said more forcefully, “I have something to tell you.”

Spike leaned back in the chair he was sitting in. They were where the spent most of their time these days, back in Spike’s old crypt.

Dawn, who was straddling Spikes legs looked at him and remembered the exact moment she realised she was in love with him. She shook her head and went on.

“Spike, I have to tell you, about what happened four days ago…” Dawn told him everything where she had gone what she had done and why she did it.

“So, it’s begun?” Spike said in a funny tone.

“What’s begun?” Dawn asked looking puzzled.

“You can move through time, I was dreading this day.” Spike said picking her up off his legs and standing her on her own legs.

“Why? What’s going to happen?” Dawn asked looking even more puzzled.

“Do you remember about five hundred years ago, when we were attacked by that Devsh’k demon?” Spike asked, he was pacing now looking worried.

“Yea, that was the one that tried to get you to help him right?” Dawn said taking Spike’s seat after a moment thinking.

“Yea that’s the one, well just before I got ‘recruited’ by him I was in Willie’s place talking with an old friend, Jimmy, he’s a Corlake’a demon, I first met him about three years after I became a vampire but in 1921 he was in Switzerland, and so was I apparently and I was with a companion that he had never seen before, I didn’t have time back in 2001 to ask him about it but I caught up with him in 2034 and got the full story from him.” Spike paused looking at Dawn, “The companion he described was a young looking humanoid shape, but not human, she, according to Jimmy was powerful and she had the most stunning spectrum blue eyes and brunette hair.” he finished staring at Dawn’s stunning spectrum blue eyes and brunette hair.

“Me?” Dawn asked in amazement.


“… move through time,” Dawn finished before falling to the ground out cold.

Spike leapt to catch her, “Dawn!”