Timeless Again!

Chapter 5
Back to the Past

“Dawn wait!” Spike rushed after her, “You have no idea how to move through time, you don’t even know if you can!”

“I know I can, I know how, The Wiccan Council showed me how back when the righted the Earth’s orbit.”

“What? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Back in 2001, The Wiccan Council used the powers of The Key to correct a flaw in the Earth’s orbit, if they hadn’t the Earth would have frozen and all life ceased centuries ago.”

“Dawn, that never happened!”

“What?” Dawn spun round to face him.

“That didn’t happen, none of it.”

“Then… But I remember that happening, I remember…”


The leader looked at Dawn. He was measuring out his thoughts and taking time to explain, yet there was a sense of urgency.

“Dawn, you are The Key.”

“I know,” said Dawn, starting to feel a little uneasy.

“There is no other way to say this. Recently, we set time back for you to correct an incident that had taken place. Of this you are not aware.”

“What!” exclaimed Dawn. “How, did…”

“Because we did that,” the elderly man continued, “A change occurred in the earth’s orbit, the earth is moving away from the sun. If we don’t do something in the next hour, every living creature, including us, will eventually perish.”

At that point, Dawn began to notice how dark it was outside and suddenly felt very, very cold. A twinge of fear also began to grow from deep inside as she realized that since she was the cause of all this, maybe they would be making another trip to the tower.

“If, if I have to give my life, to, to save, I mean, I will,” said Dawn, her voice beginning to crack, she was trembling, and tears were beginning to stream down her cheeks.

The elderly man looked astonished.

Giving Dawn a look of deep affection and tenderness, “Dawn, we are not asking for you to sacrifice yourself.” At that point, he went over to Dawn and gave her a warm hug saying, “Though I know you would.” There were tears glistening at the corners of his eyes. Looking at Dawn, he knew how precious she was and was so very glad that they had done what they had done, even though it created the present problem.

“Dawn, you are the only being alive with the power that can possibly change the current events.”

“How, how, what do I need to do?” asked Dawn, feeling a little better now that she knew she wasn’t about to be sacrificed on the tower.

“Dawn, your powers are dimensional. You are able to move things between dimensions. We do not fully understand all that you are capable of and I will not pretend that we do. However, we want to try and use your power to move the earth through another dimension and back to its original orbit.”

Dawn stood there speechless, then whispered, “move the earth!”


“Actually Dawn, it will be us, we just need to use your power.”

Dawn was beginning to feel a little uneasy again, maybe it would have been better to have been sacrificed, this could be worse, she was thinking.

“Dawn, we cannot do this without your willingness to let us.” There was a pause, then he continued, “Dawn, we will need to enter your mind. It is the only way, but we can only do this if you let us.”

“What do I do?”

At that moment several more people appeared. They moved a comfortable chair to the center of the room. The leader spoke with the others. There was another flash and he held a small flask.

“Dawn, please come over here and sit in the chair.”

Dawn did as she was asked.

“Dawn, we are going to give you something to help you relax yet at the same time, hopefully amplify your powers by boosting a level of deep emotion.”

Dawn’s eyes became big and round, “You mean I have to dream again, like about Kevin?” Blushing.

“No Dawn, we are aware that strong feelings bring about your powers.” There was a pause while he looked intently at Dawn, then continued slowly, “we want you to think of your sister, Buffy.”

Dawn was not prepared for that. “What?”

We need to evoke the most powerful emotional state we can, we need for you to think about Buffy and how you feel about her, but first drink this.

Dawn suddenly knew she wasn’t going to like this. “How could they ask me to do this?” she thought to herself as she took the flask. Looking at everyone, she put it to her lips and drank all that it contained, the sweet tasting fluid seemed to slowly float down her throat. “There!”

The Arch Warlock began speaking in his deepest, most sonorous voice that seemed to penetrate her very being, “Dawn, relax, let yourself become very relaxed, think of your sister while you feel yourself slipping into the sleep, you are going to have a dream about your sister Buffy and all that she means to you. Now, relax, relax, let yourself fall asleep, think of your sister…..”

Dawn felt herself becoming limp, “I don’t want…..” her head fell back, caught by waiting hands. She felt herself falling back, back, “Oh god, Buffy!”

All of those present formed a circle around Dawn and the Arch Warlock.

Dawn found herself on the tower with Buffy. Buffy was telling her that she loved her and that she must be brave and live. Dawn felt herself giving into the overwhelming emotion of the moment.

In the room, an awesome sight was unfolding. Willow and Tara were watching from outside the circle. They had not been included because even as powerful as they were, the powers of those who made the circle were many times greater. As they watched, Dawn began to glimmer, then suddenly began to give off a beautiful shimmering greenish glow, then the glow of the pure energy turning brighter until they could no longer look. In the center of the energy, barely visible now, sat Dawn, tears streaming down her cheeks as she dreamed of all that was Buffy.

She became aware of a presence with her. She was a small child and was being held in Buffy’s arms, Buffy was stroking her hair, telling her how much she loved her and missed her. Caressing her cheeks, gently kissing her on the forehead, telling her she was not alone and that she was loved. I will always be with you. Then a voice, “Dawny, I miss you so much. Dawn was looking at her mother.”

Dawn opened her eyes. Her checks were wet as was her shirt. She had been crying. The sun was shining bright. It seemed warm. Standing next to her was the Arch Warlock, he was holding her hand and smiling.


“It happened, I know it did, and I know how they did it.”

“This is nuts Dawn, you have no idea what you’re planning to do, what’ll you do when you get back there?”

“I don’t know.”

“What if you meet yourself?”

“I don’t know.”

“What if someone else sees you?”

“I don’t know goddamn it!”

“Then take me with you, I can help, remember I’m an expert at hiding.”

“I can’t, my power isn’t that strong, I can take me and that’s it.”

“And what if you can’t get back?”

“I’ll find a way, I can always ask the Wiccan Council for help.”

“This is crazy!” Spike exclaimed.

“Yes, it is, but crazy times call for crazy measures, and these are crazy times,” as Dawn stood there looking at Spike her thoughts floated back over their long life together, she felt her emotions increase in intensity, she felt herself grow light-headed and she saw the room around her glowing with a brilliant white light.

“Dawn!” Spike cried as he looked at her, “Dawn!”

“Stay back Spike, you cannot help me now,” even to her ears Dawn’s voice sounded faint.

“Spike! No!” Victoria came running up to him and reached him just in time to stop him from leaping after Dawn, “She has to do this alone.”

“Why?” Spike demanded of her, “Why does she have to do it alone?”

“Because it’s her destiny, her and her sister’s.”

“Buffy? What’s she got to do with it?”

“She is destined to help Dawn, just as Dawn was always destined to do what she’s doing, setting history back on it’s track.”

Spike glanced at Victoria before staring at the place where Dawn had stood, “But can she do it?”