Timeless Again!

Chapter 9
Out of Time, Out of Place

Spike was stunned but Emissary’s revelation, “Us? Why?”

“You three make up the sum total of the power of The Key, Dawn unknowingly gave up some of the power when she bonded with you, then more when she gave birth to Dru.”

“I still don’t get it,” Spike said looking confused.

“Very well, allow me to enlighten you,” Emissary reached into his tunic and pulled out a glowing orb, holding it in his right hand he extended it towards Spike, “Place your hand on the orb.”

Spike did as he was told, and as soon as his skin touched the orb the glow expanded to envelop his entire body.

Spike saw a barrage of images and felt something worming it’s way into his brain. Spike realised that it was new information, information that would be necessary to the mission ahead.

The seconds ticked by, although to Spike it seemed like hours, Then suddenly the orb stopped glowing and Spike could move again.

“Wot was that?” he asked, his accent thicker than usual.

“A Remember Orb, one of only 3 in existence,” Emissary said secreting the orb back into wherever it came from, “You know what you need to do, now please go.”

“We will,” Dawn said moving to stand by Spike’s side, “Dru, sweetie, come here.”

As the young girl skipped towards them, Dawn noticed for the first time how much she looked like she had when she was that age, not that she was ever really that age, so maybe, she thought, that should be what I remember looking like.

“Yes mommy?” Dru asked.

Dawn knelt down so she was level with Dru, “We’re going to go a small trip.”

“Where to mommy?”

“It’s a surprise, sweetie.”

“Okay mommy,” Dru said a huge smile creeping across her face, “I love surprises.”

Dawn smiled at her daughter, then looked up at Spike, “You ready to go?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Spike said reaching his hand to her.

“Then let’s go,” Dawn took Spikes hand and stood up.

Dawn gently spun Dru in between her and Spike, Spike let go of Dawn’s hand and took hold of Dru’s free hand.

There was a silent pop followed by a flash of darkness and suddenly Emissary was alone in the house.

“Oh no,” he said quietly.

“WHAT IS IT?” boomed a voice. In front of Emissary appeared what looked like a stone head.

“Did you see what happened when they left?”




“As am I, My Lords, may I return?”


“My life at your command, My Lords,” as he spoke the words Emissary became translucent and slowly faded into nothing.

Spike, Dawn and Dru fell for what seemed like ages before suddenly they felt a pull in a certain direction, following it they stepped out into a field. In the distance was a huge looking castle.

Dru heard a noise above them and looked up, “Mommy, daddy, look,” she said pointing into the sky.

Dawn and Spike followed her pointed finger. Wheeling around in the sky, firing balls of flame at each other were two sets of flying creatures.

“My God, are they what I think they are?” Dawn asked.

“Dragons,” Spike breathed, “Red ones and green ones.”

Dru clapped her hands and jumped up and down in joy, “Yippee.”

As the watched a green dragon close to them turned and began to head towards them. As it got closer they noticed that there was what looked like a giant saddle on it’s back, riding in it were two men, both clad in armour similar to Emissary’s however this armour looked more well worn, and even had touches of rust in several places.

“By the Sages, who are ye?” called the knight, his voice carried with it a strong Scottish accent.

“We have been sent by The Powers That Be,” Dawn answered.

“The Powers? Aye? They be sending us emissaries?”

“Not quite, we are here to balance the forces of magick,” Dawn told him.

“The balance of magick? Aye, ye can, but first ye’ll ‘ave to tell that to the bloody English mad-dogs,” the knight pointed to the red dragons.

“Wot’s going on?” Spike asked.

The knight stared at Spike, “The Powers send us a bloody English dog? To hell, wit The Powers, they can send us a Scotsman,” with that the knight tugged on the reigns and the dragon wheeled and took off back to join the battle.

“Damn, bloody fools,” Spike said angrily.

“Why are they fighting mommy?” Dru asked tugging on Dawn’s hand.

Dawn knelt so she was level with Dru, “They’re fighting because one side want’s to take the other’s land,” she explained, keeping it simple for her daughter.

“That is a silly thing to do, land belongs to itself, not to people.”

Spike looked down at both of them, “Out of the mouths of babes,” he said with a smile.

“Yeah, do you think they’d listen?”

“Oh hell no, they’ve been fighting for a long time I believe,” Spike said looking up at the fighting dragons.

As they looked on a red dragon was struck with a fireball and with a scream that could have shattered windows it fell from the sky, as it fell Dawn gently turned Dru’s head so she couldn’t see it when it hit the ground, hard.

“Dear God,” Dawn breathed.

“No wonder the balance of magick is upset,” as Spike said the words another dragon fell from the sky.

The sky began to darken and turn a deep crimson color.

“And the sky runs red as with blood,” Spike said.

As they looked on a red liquid like look came over the sky, and then a wet but warm rain began to fall. A red rain.

Dawn wiped some of it off her face and looked at it, “Blood?” she asked looking at Spike.

Spike sniffed the air, “Yes.”

As the watched the blood spread further across the sky. As it did so, Dawn felt a twinge of pain in her stomach.

Set against the background of the blood the dragons kept fighting, and as another fell to the ground, Dawn screamed in pain.

“Dawn?! What is it?” Spike cried as he rushed to her.

“They’re destroying this world, each dragon they kill unravels the fabric that binds this world together,” Dawn said looking into his eyes, fear showing in her own.

“And if they don’t stop?”

“Magick will be destroyed forever.”

“Mommy? Look!” Dru called from where she was sitting.

Spike and Dawn followed the line of her finger.

Between the two sets of fighting dragons, a giant purple dragon was fading into being. This dragon must have been nearly ten times the size of the others.

“Dear God!” Spike uttered in surprise.

“What the hell is that?” Dawn asked.

“That is the Mod’ro de Drago.” Spike said, he sounded like he was in shock, “The mother of all dragons.”